Friday, 23 December 2011

Family Christmas Advent Activities: Day 22

Today after another two hour shop Uncle Al started a war which quickly escalated into a water war! Why is it that my kids always want to be on their Uncle Al's team is what I want to know?.. But there was a last minute change when Nevaeh thought my bucket on my head was a great idea to trade in uncle Al's cup for his bucket! Better late then never I guess..

As part of our advent today we were meant to go Chrissy Light looking but here in Victoria because of daylight savings it never gets dark until after 8pm. Jiedyn put himself to bed at around 7 after his Uncle left and Nevaeh went soon after. They were both so tired! 

Tonight/Early this morning I'm getting things prepared for a visit from the kids Grandparents. Cleaning and baking during the wee hours of the morning..
"O Star of wonder, star of night
Star with royal beauty bright
Westward leading, still proceeding
Guide us to Thy perfect light"
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Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Family Christmas Advent Activities: Day 20

Our Advent Calender for 2011 had us looking and Luke 2:22-32, but our activity was more specifically based on Leviticus 12 which talks about the purification after Childbirth. During the first week of December after creating our advent for this month I decided I was going to find a sheep, two doves and two pigeons to hang from our tree.. But.. in a small town like this it would have to have taken a small miricle.. So I had to think out side the box and while searching through Etsy and after buying this [Inspired by this post] for my son for Christmas..

I finally decided that feathers and wool would be more than perfect! They were delivered relatively quick from where I brought them from and in no time at all I was hot glue gunning fishing line to make loops for our tree..

So much more has happened today too.. Last night Jiedyn and I started our very first bible study together! Jie is so eagar to learn and was making sure I missed no words as we flicked through the books after Nevaeh went to bed. At the end of a few teachings Jiedyn was encouraged to learn a bible verse from this book..

and made no mistake as he woke up this morning excited that he remembered it:

I was so super proud, partly because he memorized it but more because he is just 6 years old and so full of joy to be learning the word of God!! He truly is inspiring!
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Sunday, 18 December 2011

Family Christmas Advent Activities: Day 18

Today we have had a wonderful day filled with praise, prayer, worship and love. Not just any kind of love - Warm, fuzzy, generous and wholesome love! This morning we went to Church and it was awesome. I love how personal it is..
At our other church, I would be too afraid to ask for more guidance in areas I didn't understand but at The Living Word Church, I love that I can so freely ask for more information or just verify my interpretation of what has been said.
I couldn't believe my Jie today too.. He prayed for the very first time in a group, and was so natural at it. I struggle with prayer in a group but not my son.. he even prayed again before his lunch after we all said grace together. All in all it was exactly what we needed.

When we got home Nevaeh went down for a sleep while I started my first bible study in a long time. Jiedyn relaxed watching 321 Penguins before we got a message saying some really great boys had found some pine cones for today's advent. We felt so lucky and Jie was so excited that he finished his one before Nevaeh even got up [As seen in photo 1] Nevaeh ate more peanut butter than she put on her pine cone.. it was kind of gross but all part of the fun!

Tonight all of us were still so full from lunch, so we decided on a late quiche for tea after Christmas carols and our craft activity [As seen in photo 2] it's now 9pm and the kids are still up playing beautifully together. Our kittens where the muck makers today, they have ripped open 3 of Nevaeh's presents.. I have had to flip the holey presents and pile others on top as I have ran out of wrapping paper to re wrap them. My next idea is to just sticky tape the rips, which will make it hard for the kids to open them Christmas morning! Lets hope they survive just another 6 days..

I'm sorry that I haven't shared many of our advent.. I plan to do another post of everything you have missed but for now this has to do as it's thunder storming and Nevaeh is stressing a little over it so I better log off.. Just keep an eye out for it!

Please Note: To make a simple Bird Feeder you'll need a pinecone, peanut butter and Wild Bird Seed.. To view better pictures please click on them!!
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Friday, 16 December 2011

A day of scissors and styles..

Back in July we gave Nevaeh a fringe {Blog post here} but today Nevaeh has a new do..

I was fussy with what I wanted as I still wanted to keep her curl but wanted it off her neck.. I couldn't be happier, it must feel different for her too because she kept running her hand through the back of her hair this afternoon.. I just love it!

Jiedyn also got a new hair cut, but he choose it himself. He went for a more slick look with a bit of a comb over at the front. It's definately not something I'd pick but he is getting old enough to make his own decisions when it comes to self appearance so this was what he wanted..

I felt proud as punch with two neat looking kids at my side shopping today! It's amazing how something as simple as a hair cut can bring such joy and happiness to a family..
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Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Raising Kids..

This past year I have changed so much as a person. I have struggled more than I ever have as a single Mum but have also accomplished so much as well..

The power of prayer.. What a miraculous tool to transform lives..

This year I have prayed more than any other too.. How great is our God, always listening and knowing what your about to say before it leaves your mouth. Always hearing and giving in his time - not yours..

Since April I have constantly prayed about Jiedyns education. Should I home-school or put him into the public school here in Bacchus Marsh? I thought my mind was made up when I saw the neighbours kids [students of the primary school] on bikes and scooters cussing and bullying other kids in the street in September. I then thought my mind was made up when I went for my first interview with the School Principle, Ian Wren and on the subject of religion he laughed it off quite offensively saying that the last R.E (religious education) teacher moved on quite quickly a few years ago.. I wasn't at all amused.

Last night I scribbled in the boxes of the enrollment forms for Jiedyn to attend Bacchus Marsh Primary School in 2012.. I did it feeling like I was signing my sons spiritual life away, feeling like I was only going to see my son before and after school each day with him resembling the reckless kids I see at the local skate parks or the brats I see throwing tantrums in the shopping centre's at his age. I did it feeling I would no longer be in control of my son and what he is exposed to..

Today I attended a meeting with Jiedyn's new school Principle, Mr Wren, his year co-ordinator, Mrs Hookie and his very first school teacher, Mrs Newton.

Mrs Newton showed Jiedyn around his new Class room, how to use the bubble taps and the outside grade Prep area. Jiedyn was so excited! After talking to his teacher for some time I realized where I had seen her before - Church! A piece of me got excited too.. What were the odds of my son having a Christian teacher teaching him his very first year of School? Yipee....

So today I am thankful! Thankful that God is alive in our lives, thankful that he listens to our prayers and that he knows my our needs and gives us the tools we need to live the best possible "Earthling" life we can!

Thank You Lord!
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Tuesday, 13 December 2011

One For Us & One For 10 Of You..

Who loves getting rewards?
Me & Kelly!
Who loves giving rewards?
Me & Kelly!

On the 11th, I received the Kreativ Blogger award from Miss Kelly-Marie via her post here.. As part of this award, I must reveal 7 things about myself so here we go..

  1. My nickname is Balissa
  2. I counted to 100 yesterday with my son
  3. I want to go to the Plaza Hotel in NYC before I die
  4. I love D'Arcy Doyle paintings
  5. For the past 6 years I have been pushing a pram
  6. I am afraid to get my licence
  7. I made my first purchase on Etsy last week

and now, without further ado.. to mention 10 of my most favorite bloggers to pass the reward onto..
From the bottom of my heart - Thank You All 
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Sunday, 11 December 2011

Family Christmas Advent Activities: Days 10 & 11

We're Cancelled..

But we did go out for tea last night and watch carols by candle light at the Bacchus Marsh Village. Here are some of my favorite shots I snapped up tonight..
Jiedyn showing Nevaeh something

A kind lady stepped forward to help an elder of the community 

Beautiful bright eyes

My son on my lap singing with me

My two blessings from the lord
and Jie wearing some pretty cool glasses from his showbag on the way home..
It was another fabulous night which we all enjoyed together, and the best part was that the whole night was based around Jesus and not santa! Bible readings, prayer and hymns.. It was great!!
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Saturday, 10 December 2011

Family Christmas Advent Activities: Day 9

Today as part of our advent activities we had to make angel notes, things we love about each other, sealed with a kiss. After dinner we read out our angel notes to each other.. Mine from Jiedyn read "I love you because your always happy and dance with us, and because we both love God" Jiedyn's to Nevaeh read "I love you because you love me and you always make me smile, and sometimes laugh too.." Mine to Jiedyn read "I love you because your always keen to have a go, you have a kind heart and your always eager to help me and your sister with odd jobs around the house" Mine to Nevaeh said "I love you because you challange Mum everyday, you give the bestest cuddles and your stubborn personality reflects your Mummies at your age" They were each so special and unique..

Our Family activity was cancelled, It was hot again today and we weren't all that keen on sitting down for a movie in a hot house. I'm looking into buying an air conditioner but after finding out that its going to cost me over $350 to get both the kittens desexed, vaccinated and registered and Jiedyns new school uniforms are going to set me back $28 for a polo Shirt and $32 for a pair of cargo shorts and $38 for a school jacket I don't think it will happen this summer.. 

Another event that happened today was that Matthias and Altius had they're first bath. I know, everyone keeps telling me that cats clean themselves but today we had a bit of a sticky situation.. two words: Nevaeh and a Candy Cane.. Need I say more?

Do/did you ever clean your kittens/cats?
Matthias not at all enjoying his bath
Altius was a good boy for his and loved being hand dried

Nice and clean kitties!
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Thursday, 8 December 2011

Family Christmas Advent Activities: Day 8

Write encouraging things with Chalk on the footpath [in 10 different locations]..?

We sure did!
  1. Love who you are!
  2. Merry Christmas!
  3. Sing with joy in your heart!
  4. Merry Christmas!
  5. Open your bible!
  6. Merry Christmas!
  7. Jesus loves you!
  8. Merry Christmas!
  9. You were made with a purpose!
  10. Merry Christmas!
Have you seen any of our artwork around today?

Tonight we also played hopscotch and created a rainbow serpent because it was too hot to go to bed early.. Our house is an oven after a hot day, and to make things worst I made a cottage pie for tea.. silly me!

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Saturday, 3 December 2011

Jiedyn's Pirate Hat Picnic Party..

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Friday, 2 December 2011

Family Christmas Advent Activities: Day 2

Because we did all our shopping yesterday there was no need to go down again so today we enjoyed our day at home building a gingerbread train. It was a new experience for us all and the kids had a great time sneaking [yes, Mum knew you were eating some] fingers full of frosting and the odd bite of yummy candy balls.

The kids had a great time decorating our "J Train"
I think it looks fabulous and Nevaeh's finger texture on the front adds an extra pa-zazz to it don't you think?

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Thursday, 1 December 2011

Family Christmas Advent Activities: Day 1

Please excuse Nevaeh's Face, we were running behind schedule today - all day since Jie decided that 12:45pm would be a grand time to wake up this fine 1st of December. We had one million and one things to get done today and.. well.. surprisingly we got them all done! Sending Christmas cards/postcards, we printed out our advents for December at the library, did shopping for Jiedyn's pirate hat birthday picnic on Saturday,  brought everything on our list we need for our advent activities this year, we brought our kittens food and kitty litter to last them the next three months and did our grocery shopping. All of which took 4 hours.. we had to wait over an hour for a taxi on top of that and I don't think I have ever been happier to lay down at last.. the trolley was so heavy!

So finally after dinner the kids got to finally enjoy they're first craft advent activity this year..

They made colorful, glittering Angels!

How did you and your family spend your 1st of December?
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