Tuesday, 16 March 2021

Teaching Kids Culture

Today was my first day in my new role.

Employed to be a “Koori Cultural Inclusion Officer” one day a week teaching prep to year 9 students Australia’s true history, languages, lores and immersing them in the oldest indigenous cultures in the world customs and traditions is such and honour and a privilege. 

This type of curriculum was never taught to our generation or any generation before ours so it’s exciting to be a part of this brand new education adventure raising this next gen to know of a culture that has been invisible for long enough. 

Today Sarah and I had preps and taught them the story of “Tiddlick the Frog” through reading, visual (video) and puppet making. 

We also taught the students what the colours of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander flags represent and loved the way they could identify and recall what they learned out at lunch time when looking at the flags flying in the school yard. 

But the best part of my day was teaching the kids about the Aboriginal artefacts including the use of ochre. 

Sarah and I painted our faces and the kids loved the way it changed colour when watching it dry on their arms. 

I am absolutely in awe of Sarah and what she gives the students of the school! She is absolutely amazing to do what she does day in and day out and I’m so proud to now be a part of it also! 

Bring on Tuesday’s 

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Monday, 1 March 2021

My Mum's Life Mattered

She was Beautiful
And taught me to love myself

She was Understanding
And taught me to embrace people from all walks of life

She was Brave
And taught me how to stick up for myself and others even if that meant standing alone 

She was Generous
And taught me how to give to those who have less than us

She was Loving
And taught me how to love those in this world whom are hard to love

She was Real
And never hid the good, bad and ugly world from us

She was Homeless
And still looked out for those living on the streets with her

She was Happy
And she never let the hardships she endured in her life stop her smile shining through

She was Scarred 
And yet she bravely embraced each new day

She was Scared
And yet found a way to survive years of isolation and abuse

She was Clever
And taught us how to think for ourselves and trust our own judgement. 

She was Empathetic 
And absolutely nothing surprised her allowing us and others to open up to her

She was Powerful
And taught me how to use my voice for those who couldn't

She was Invisible 
And lived in her own light, shining on those around her

She was my Mum
And although the world judged her for living on the streets, having drug/alcohol addictions and selling her body for money to support herself, she was, is and always will be loved by those who actually got to know her and understand her heart.

The lessons you left behind live on through me

Thank you for every one of them
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Saturday, 27 February 2021

Feeling Jazzy 🎷🎢🍷

Last night my new partner David and I went to Paris Cat Jazz Club in the city. Partly because it was on David’s bucket list and partly to celebrate my new position as a Koori Cultural Inclusion Officer. 

Sitting across from a man who loves me, enjoying a glass of Pinot Nior with some dinner all while enjoying a beautifully soulful jazz band “Cannonballs” made for a perfect night out. 

I still can’t believe sometimes that this is my life now.

Looking forward to all things this year has to offer and also checking off some more things off each of our bucket lists!

Thankful to God for all that was, is and is to come!

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Sunday, 14 February 2021

Valentines Day Challenge 2021

This challenge is circulating on Facebook but I thought I’d bring it here for you guys to read! This is our story, please share yours! 

How’d you guys meet?
On an online dating site.

First Date? 
Torquay, Anglesea, Geelong

How long have you been together? 
7 months in three days


Children together? 
None together

Age difference? 
I am three years younger

Who was interested first? 

Who is taller? 

Who said I love you first? 

Most impatient? 

Most sensitive? 

Who is the loudest? 

Most stubborn? 

Falls asleep first? 

Cooks better?

Better morning person? 

Most competitive?


Who is more social? 

Where was your first kiss? 

Who initiated your first kiss? 

Do you get flowers often?

Plans date night? 

Who picks where you go to dinner? 
Me or both

Who is the first one to admit when they’re wrong? 

Who wears the pants in the relationship? 

Who has more tattoos? 

Who sings better? 

Hogs the remote? 
No one, we watch the same thing

Spends the most? 

Did you go to the same school? 

Where is the furthest you have travelled to together? 

✨ Post an old picture/picture(s) of you and your partner ✨

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Saturday, 2 January 2021

2021 Goals

A brand new year after a year like ours is somewhat exciting and refreshing. 
2020 saw more tears then any other year that I have had to endure in all my whole life.
Heartbreak and defeat became a part of my every day life and I had to learn to love myself and trust God more than ever before.
Trusting God through the thick of it He answered my heart in the form of a man named David.
And the more I needed love and support the more love and support I received through friends, my community and my church. 
I have been so incredibly blessed.
Getting a job was very much a good distraction from being in my own head.
But there are still a few things I want/need this year..

  1. I'd like to move to Geelong, a fresh start with the man I love. 
  2. A New Car, something more reliable.
  3. A Job, an income to afford moving and a new car.
This year I'm going to keep things short and sweet.
Anything more than these three things will be a bonus.
I really am looking forward to a happier 2021.

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Friday, 25 December 2020

Christmas Day 2020

This Christmas was by far my favourite Christmas ever. 

Having a small Christmas morning was a beautiful change for the better. Having my man by my side while the kids unwrapped the little I could afford to give them and appreciate the effort I did go to for them just to receive what they did proved that I’m raising some pretty wonderful kids!

David went to see his daughter Bridgette Christmas morning before we both made the drive to the east side to meet at his Mums house for Christmas Lunch. 

Meeting his family was a pretty nerve racking experience and although I’m usually a pretty confident type of person, Christmas Day had me shaking like a leaf. 

Lunch was nice, meeting his family and best friend went well and the kids really enjoyed their time there. 

Jie ended up staying the night with David at his Mums house for a “boys night” of gaming while Nevaeh and I went to see my Dad. 

Christmas Day was for all the emotions. Excitement, love, laughter, nerves and complete and utter sadness. 

I’ll never get used to seeing my Dad so weak. 

But I loved being at Dads place. There is just something special about your parents home that makes you feel safe and that you belong. David has that at his Mums place in the house he grew up in while I find my peace at Dads. 

Sitting and chatting with Dad while listening to him take the piss out of the news was exactly the type of day I needed. Just to be in his presence, listening while watching his little ways. They’re the things I miss the most about him. 

Merry Christmas to you all, please pray for my Dad. It’s inevitable that he will pass soon but please pray he will give his heart to the Lord and pass peacefully. 

I love and miss you already Dad. 
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