Wednesday, 1 January 2020

New Year ~ New Me

Today's title inspired by LadBaby! If you havent seen their videos, watch them! And thank me later! I just finished watching their video on Facebook entitled New Year New Me and while I'm not wearing a wig or even committing to a change of diet and/or exercise regime, what I am doing is committing to..

  • Church More
  • Doing a bible study with friends 
  • Helping Jeanette get her Learners
  • Advocating for a New House (This year is THE YEAR we box up and move into a space we all desperately need)
  • Stomach Surgery (New year-New Me)
  • Saving for a Gold Coast Holiday in Feburary 2021 
  • Being a Bridesmaid for my best friends Wedding!
  • Spending more quality time with my Dad (whom has terminal Cancer)
  • To Blog more than I facebook and play games.. (tough stuff)
  • Plan a trip to our Ancestral Lands in the Torres Strait
  • At least 2 family weekends away together in 2020
  • New Blog design!
  • More Fishing trips
  • More time with Max
  • Start Working
  • Use my diary more (meaning organizing my weeks)
I don't for a minute think I can or will achieve all these things, but its good to have goals. It's nice to reevaluate where your at in life and set goals to get to where you want to be. I do these every few months and kick myself at opportunities that I have been given but cant take. It's easy to veer off course because you don't feel like adulating, I think I had that for a few weeks (not days, weeks) last year where I just felt like that. Committing to nothing but just getting through that day. Not growing, not healing, not loving, not inspiring but through that time I found myself understanding myself  a little more. For me that was a season of self love. People could look at that time and call me lazy but what it actually did was allowed me to be. Just be. And in that moment I reevaluated my life again. Committed to getting help and loving myself and those around me again. No one knew I what I was going through, the kids saw my lows but used the tools of independence I have taught them to look after themselves and each other through my trying time. It was amazing the way they were there for me the way I had been there for them on their hard days. It made us all that little bit closer. Because of the hard times I appreciate the good times and set my sights on what I want for my future. the kids look to us and how we live, they see all that we do and learn from us. I hope they learn to always set goals, create steps towards their hopes and dreams for their own lives. And I hope that you do too.. Life is not easy, if it was we'd never have needed Jesus. But with Him all things are possible and that is my reason to get up and show up each and everyday on this earth!

So here is to the next 365 days of our lives...

What is on your bucket list this year?

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Tuesday, 31 December 2019

A final message..

Going into 2019 and coming out of 2019 has been a bit awkward and surreal for me! Going into 2019 I couldn’t understand how a close friend I loved and cared a lot about could slander and say such horrible and hurtful things about me, how they could band together with others to curse my name and get on social media trigger others to hate on me. Throughout this year Carmen and I have mended our friendship, our families have become close again and I have forgiven her for all the hurt caused. As we leave 2019 behind we are bringing in the new year together, I am definitely not the same person I was! Hurt by everything that’s happened I’m still healing and still learning to trust. Not just this relationship but all of my relationships. If I have a piece of advice for anyone going into 2020, it would be to apologize to those you have hurt either by words or actions. You don’t realize the damage you do to someone you “hate” on.. and you don’t have to be best friends again, but maybe.. just maybe.. you’ll gain a piece of you that you were before! I know I did! 

Dear Carmen, Thank you for your friendship, love and support throughout our whole friendship over the years! Thank you for all the little things you do for me and my family and for teaching me forgiveness! I’m so glad to be doing life beside you once again! I missed this.
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Wednesday, 25 December 2019

Photos of Christmas Day!

Thank you Carmen for a wonderful Christmas!
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Christmas Morning!

Christmas is the day we celebrate the birth of our Saviour Jesus Christ. For our family Christmas day is a day to give as he has given, love as he has loved and to remember all that he came to earth to do. What an amazing life we have because of the greatest gift the world has ever received. With thankfulness, this year more than any other year, I poured love and thoughtfulness into the four gifts each of my children received as a sign of how much I love and listen to them.

Want - Bank Account / Driving Lessons
Need - Foot Spa
Wear - Bathers
Read - Fitbit Inspire

Want - Black Air Force 1s (Shoes)
Need - Massage Voucher
Wear - Bathers
Read - Fitbit Inspire

Want - Dragon Ball Z Xbox game
Need - New Bed
Wear - Boardies
Read - Fitbit Inspire

Want -2k20 Basketball Xbox game
Need - Basketball Size 6
Wear -Branded Socks & Bag
Read - Fitbit Inspire

Want - Furreal
Need - Giant Teddy Bear (for her anxiety)
Wear -Jewellery
Read - Fitbit Inspire

Want - Baby Alive Doll
Need - Educational Books
Wear -New Dresses
Read - Frozen II watch

While they are just 4 small materiel things that they'd asked for throughout the year, they don't understand what I went through for them to wake up with such expensive and wanted gifts.

But what they do know is the gift of a family, of a home, of a bed and of a beautiful life such as the one they wake up to each and every day. Safety, security and unspeakable love we all share.

Praise be to Jesus!

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Sunday, 22 December 2019

Christmas Movie night with Friends

Who: Jaspa, Jorja, Jeanette, Janai, Jie, Justine, Noyah, Nevaeh, Nat, Carmen and myself!
What: Watching Jingle all the Way 1 & 2 
Where: Carmens House
When: 20th December 
Why: Christmas Advent Activity

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