Saturday, 12 January 2019

{Day 12} Accomplished

Just a few pics of our Saturday..

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Wednesday, 9 January 2019

{Day 9} Facetiming Dad

Just four months after my Dad's last birthday the doctor diagnosed him with terminal cancer. I don’t know what’s worst.. Losing a parent suddenly or watching a parent fade away.. Dad was given just 2 years to live. We are nearly half way.. But as he grows weak, my love and admiration grows strong. I’m so proud to have had such a real, down to earth, strong wonderful man teach me to rely on no one but myself. I am the strong independent woman I am today because of him! Happy Birthday to the man who named me, whom taught me to walk and ride a bike, who raised me tough and who reminds me every day that I am worthy and to be proud of who I am! No man will ever replace my Dad.. Every day spent with him is done so with gratitude and a listening heart. Everything he says to me is not small talk.. it’s him really speaking to me! Help me Jesus to lean in to all he wants to teach me before his time on earth is done.. I can’t do this alone.. Happy Birthday to the one I have the privilege to call “Dad” at least for another day.. I never say his name as if it means nothing anymore..

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Tuesday, 8 January 2019

{Day 8} Blessed

This year we have been swimming through our summer days!

Today wasn’t scorching hot, but without air con and living in a small brick house with us all packed in like sardines it does get warm. 

With a family season pass for our local pool at our disposule, the option to swim is always there.

It also gets us out the house, has the kids exercising and socialising! We always have a good time when we’re there. We know the lifeguards and there is always families we know to chat and have fun with!

While we were at the pool Janai offered to stay home and cook Chicken Parma and Chips for us all! I am so proud of her. She loves helping in the kitchen with cakes, new recipes and family faves! 

Tonight, Justine, Nevaeh and I also walked Max!

Here are some pics of our walk tonight..

Sometimes I can’t believe I have this life. Or even that not only my kids, but that my sisters kids have this life. 

A home, together. A place to feel safe, secure and free to thrive and to take every opportunity to be whomever they want to be. To have someone who believes in them, encouraging them, teaching them right from wrong. Teaching them kindness, compassion and consequences to their every decision.

Not all of us have had the privilege to have someone there for them, to have someone listen to understand and to stand beside and never behind them. My sister, brother and I were raised very different. As were our parents. But these kids are blessed to enjoy their childhood. To laugh and play and learn and thrive.

I now see that God had a plan not only for them but for me and everything I had been through too.

I believe everything happens for a reason and God gave me the tools to give these kids the life they have today. We are very fortunate although we live in a small house we make it work.

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Monday, 7 January 2019

{Page 7} Road Trip

Today we took a road trip to Brighton Beach! 
Four years ago, when Justine and Hiram were first placed into my care, this was our very first family holiday destination. This was the first time Justine had seen been to the beach, to the movies and to a fancy restaurant! 

The day was everything I thought it would be.. Hiram, Jie, Nevaeh and Justine talking about the fun we had here to Jeanette and Janai, whom at the time were living with another Aunty. 

They spoke of the pizza place we went to, the icecreamery, our fish and chip night at the beach where the seagulls ate from our hands. 

Brighton Beach will always be a special part of each of their childhood. 

And that’s what keeps us coming back.. 

Today though a few new memories were made.

Jie went off on his own to play Pokémon Go (Yes, I let him walk the boulevard on his own, I’m that parent. Judge away!) and was excited to come back to show me a few new Pokémon I hadn’t seen before.

Justine wasn’t too keen on the water this time and preferred to build sandcastles and stay close to me. 

I thought Jeanette, Janai, Nevaeh, Jie and Hiram would never get out of the water. But after throwing a dead fish they had found at each other Jie thought it’d be a great idea to bring it to show me while tourists gathered round for photos. Jie, seeing that I wasn’t too phased about a fish went one better and creeped behind me to put it down the back of my shirt. He along with the kids and the people around us all got a good laugh out of it. And I smelt like fish all the way home.

Never a dull moment in this life of mine.. 
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Sunday, 6 January 2019

{Page 4} A Blast from the Past

Yesterday was pretty amazing (although I was feeling a little drained) because yesterday we all got to see Hosanna again.

Those of our followers whom have been here for a good while reading our journey would maybe remember the Shilling family whom I used to blog about quite a bit back in the day. Our families were always together doing different things and a part of our children's first's.

These days there is a new Shilling family with Mark remarrying a friend of mine Tash whom also blogs here.. And yesterday we got to catch up with Mark's daughter whom Nevaeh was always close with - Hosanna.

Here is a photo of our girls way back when on their first day of Kindergarten..

And here they were together yesterday..

These days they are very different girls to who they used to be but they'll have so much in common one day when they're old enough to keep in contact with each other. They are both living very different lifestyles than they did back when they were besties.

Although feeling drained it was nice to spend time with Tash. She is such a strong strong woman and someone I look up to. She, like me, always seems to have her shit together but I know she too has her fair share of crap to deal with.

I loved the time we spent together yesterday. Raising little girls and teen boys have us yarning for yonks. No one prepares us for the things we get dealt in life and at times it overwhelms us all. But its nice to know we have friends we can rely on in times of absolute need. That person for me is Tash!

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