Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Australia Day 2016

At the end of last year I was nominated by my community to receive the Young Citizen of the Year award. I remember feeling shocked but absolutely ecstatic. It was a very big OMG moment for me as I didn't think I was that deserving of such an massive award. I remember calling my Dad straight away and I remember he saying he couldn't wait to tell my Pop. 

While attending the Rally the Saints Music Festival  I was notified that I wouldn't be receiving the Young Citizen of the Year Award but that I would be receiving a Certificate of Achievement at the Australia Day Ceremony in Ballan. I called Dad that night a little disappointed and flat but his pride and love for me didn't deter. 

While on holidays in Brighton with the kids, I got some much needed time away just to enjoy life. Dad called one day while we were at the beach to tell me that my Pop was so very proud of me and that he would be honored to stand beside me when I received my award. I was so excited and tried to hold back the tears of joy. 

True to his word my Pop was right beside me yesterday. 

As was my brother, his partner and my father.

It was a very emotional day for all of us. It was the first time since we were kids that we were together. Dad sent me a message last night thanking me for bringing everyone he holds so near and dear together and for the photo in which he will treasure forever. 

It was without a doubt the best day in my entire life to date.

Thank-you Moorabool for my award.
Congratulations to Steven Tandy on recieving the Young Citizen of the Year Award.
And a massive thank you to Tonia Dudzik for making it all possible for me.
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Friday, 22 January 2016

Summer Vacation: Brighton, VIC

Brighton, VIC

Where we Stayed:
Buckingham Apartments

What we did:
Movies (Alvin & the Chipmunks: Road Chip)
Brighton Beach
Brighton Beach Huts
Italiano Night (Pizza Night)
Watched Tennis
Ice Cream Parlor
Coloring Books
Built Sandcastles
Dinner on the beach

What we saw:
Star Fish
Beach Sunset
Kite Surfers
Sea Snails
Sea Sponges
Million Dollar Houses
Sea Planes

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Saturday, 16 January 2016

A Dream Come True..

Back in October 2014 I completely made over my sons bedroom. 

As a result, every day since he has been looking at a canvas of beautiful beach huts which I positioned right above his bed! We've had a few conversations about the picture with Jie always saying how he wish he could go there..


This summer.. before school goes back.. I am taking the kids on a family holiday to Brighton where this picture was actually taken! 

I so can't wait to see their faces when they actually see the same bright beach huts.

Follow my instagram for live updates!!

Have you done something fun and exciting these school holidays? 
Or are you a bit of a last minute person like me? 
Either way I hope your enjoying the break with your family..
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Wednesday, 6 January 2016

All my Love 2015

But my most favorite photo last year was taken on 29.11.2015 and looked like this..

There has been so much love poured into our lives again this year. I can do nothing but again thank the Lord for another fantastic year. I look forward to all that 2016 has to offer us.
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Saturday, 2 January 2016

A Letter to my Future Self

Dear Me,

It's the 2nd of January 2026 today! 2026! Wow.. This time 10 years ago you were sitting in your room writing this blog post, on an unmade bed with an air cooler blowing on your face. (I really hope you have an Air Conditioner for yourself now to keep cool today.) For the last two days we have had Penny and her Fiance Stewie, Ben, Zach, Jacob, Judea and Toby hanging out with us. They pitched a tent in our backyard on New Years Eve and we have all been enjoying the pool, the basketball hoop, the tennis set, the trampoline and we have had a BBQ both nights. Zach, Ben, Penny and Stewie sat up watching Guess Who with me last night. We pigged out on crackers and dip and chocolate and chips. It's so good to have company and was a really fun night. They're going home today. 

My goals going into 2016 are pretty much the same as last year.. and some. Last years goals were to 

  1. Get My License 
  2. Finish my Cert IV in Youth Work
  3. Possibly buy a Car
  4. Lose 10kg
  5. Take a Child Free Holiday (new)
However none of these were achieved. And with good reason. My priority has never has been me. My priority are my children. At this point in time I also kinship care for my sisters two youngest as well. They have both gone through and seen so much in their little lives so there has been a lot loving on them and them needing my time and attention. They will be 14 and 19 when they read this and hopefully still at school or/and working part-time. I hope I have been able to impact their lives in someway and contribute to them becoming good hearted and wholesome people out there in the world. 

It's hard to think of my kids being 16 and 20 at this present time. I am smiling at the thought. My biggest fears are hopefully a distant memory as they start their journey into independence. I hope they each love and trust in Jesus enough to follow him and to be wise in hard situations. I pray that they will always love and be there for each other and that we still come together and lean on each other in the tough times. I really hope we were together the night before last bringing in a brand new year in and sharing our accomplishments and love around the BBQ with friends just as we did this year.

As for me,my hope is that I actually got to become a youth worker and impact the community the way I have dreamt of since being on the streets myself. I hope I am happy with or without a man and that Jesus is still the head of my house. I hope I am still in touch with my best friend Zoe and my Dad is still around for me to love, spoil and confide in. I hope at 37 I am finally enjoying some time to myself and if I haven't done so already, travel overseas. I hope I continued being the best mother I could possibly be and that my brother and sister still no that I love them so so much. I don't want to be rich or have a fancy house with amazing things at this point in time. This may change. But I hope I never forget the importance of family and hope that I am still a good role model for my kids. My Happy is my kids. I hope that is still my happy in 2026.

** I have set this letter to again be published on the 2nd of January 2026 when I will be 37.
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