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Stay at Home Mother/Aunt

Bacchus Marsh, Victoria, Australia

About the Author:
Once a foster child, street kid, teen mum, drug addict and victim of domestic violence.

Now a Christian, married though single mother of two beautiful blessings from God whom is also currently raising all four of her sisters Children and all 6 of her mothers grandchildren.

About the Blog:
A lot of little bits of love..
This is a space where Melissa can share the love throughout her daily life.. As she raises the children, this blog is an outlet of treasured moments both past and present. Mel hope's that one day, when her kids are grown and have a family of their own they will come back to this blog full of lifes precious moments. Each post is a piece of her heart. To stay updated with the latest from Mel, you can now follow this blog on these social networking sites..

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Favorite Quote:
No matter where god puts us, its up to us how we choose to live. - The Shunning

Mel loves:
Fairy tale endings..
Cathy Glass Novels..
The Loot Cafe (Bacchus Marsh)
Carlton & Croydon Football Clubs..
Family history & Ancestery..
Learning about different cultures..
Her Dad..
Her Children..
Her Neighbors..
Her Friends..
Her life..

Coming Soon:
A Family Photo Shoot

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