Tuesday, 24 February 2015

E-mailing Him..

Who would have thought a simple e-mail would have sparked such an exciting connection..

Emailing him was new to me and was new to him too.. What started as just a bit of fun on the weekends soon developed into a daily thing. A new found relationship started to form and I began hearing his heart which made us become closer.

It all began just after his birthday last year.. He being my 9 year old son of course. I opened and email account in his name and tried to get his family on his Dad's side to email him and also a few friends to ask if their children would like an e-pal so he could develop writing, typing, spelling and computer skills in general. His report from the middle of grade 2 last year showed that he wasn't as tech savy as the others in his class were so I came up with this idea to get him used to a computer.

When no-one went ahead with the idea I took it upon myself to email him. He was excited to recieve his first email but took a while to want to write back. He only wrote back on weekends with short answers to my questions about school and friends but today, three months later, we have an amazing e-relationship. He tells me everything sort of like a diary. He opens up about what he likes, what he doesn't like, prayer points and loves receiving emails back.

Although he's spelling still needs working on, he is getting better at using full stops and capital letters. He loves Knock-Knock jokes most of all.

I'm so proud of how far he's come in his language skills too. He's becoming more descriptive and intriguing. I love my boy and hope our E-mails continue for years to come.
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Sunday, 22 February 2015

My Kind of Day - Motherhood

Sunday's have turned into my favorite days of the week..  
No early morning alarms..
No rush to be anywhere..
No unexpected bills or appointments..
Just time spent with my sweet babes at home..
Don't get me wrong, our life in general is no hustle or bustle..
But Sundays have a certain chilled vibe to them..

Today, although it was hot here, we enjoyed each others company..
Sitting, chatting, playing connect 4..
It was nice..

The kids later had cool bubbly baths and stayed in until they were all wrinkled up..
Nevaeh had the first one about mid-morning and played with her animal toys..
Jie had one after lunch wearing his goggles and playing soldiers..
I got to watch an old video I hadn't seen in years - Con Air..
Then it was time to prep dinner..

Nevaeh helped with getting everything that we needed for our roast tonight..
It's turning into a tradition to have a roast together on Sundays..
After peeling the sweet potato and pumpkin Nevaeh helped me feed the worms..
She loves this job and is forever admiring the babies..

While the roast was cooking the kids when outside to play a game..
Do you remember playing "Hotter or Colder" as a child?
We Hid a teddy in the backyard and took turns finding him only using the words Hotter, Colder, Freezing and boiling..
After getting the hang of it the kids had a ball..
We also played a phonics game..
With Nevaeh learning letter sounds at school I thought Jie and I could encourage her..
Jie enjoyed it just as much as she did before they went on to play connect 4.

I dished dinner out and Nevaeh almost cleaned her plate..
Jie ate more than last week and even had a go at his beans and peas..
It's amazing what kids will do for an icy pole..

Before bed I read Nevaeh a story she has been longing to hear before tucking them both in..
I then started preparing for school lunch box snacks..
I baked Banana Muffins and froze fruit sticks for them this week..
 Baking has also become a bit of a Sunday tradition around here..

After the dishes were done, the benches were wiped I finally got to have my first shower of the day..
It was amazingly refreshing and much needed after sweating my cheeks off all day..

Tonight I watched a movie with my besty while drinking freshly squeezed apple and pineapple juice left over from the fruit salad for the kids. 
With wet hair and the fan on my face it was pure bliss..

No stress, no worries and not a care in the world..
I love being a Mum especially on Sundays!

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Monday, 16 February 2015

Dedication & Determination..

At the end of last year I had an idea of what I wanted to achieve this year while Nevaeh (my youngest) started school. It's all there in my bucket list above this post! I am well on my way to achieving most of my goals and today I can proudly cross of getting my Learners.

It's been a long wait but today, with a lot of help from the amazing man upstairs I passed the Learners Parmit Test at VicRoads in Sunshine, Victoria.

As I walked in I was packed with nerves. I filled out the application form and went up to the desk to apply. The lady behind the counter explained that I was actually booked in for next Monday. Realising my mistake I pleaded with her to allow me to get it done today. She made me take a seat while she went to speak to her supervisor. About 20 minutes later she called my name and directed me to another part of VicRoads. I was sure I was going to be turned down and asked to leave. I asked God to be with me seeing as everyone else applying had their friends and family with them. I felt very alone. I waited for my name to again be called where I was asked to pay a cancellation fee of $16. To be totally honest I wasn't sure I had $16 and told her that. She wasn't empathetic. I rummaged through my purse and to my surprise I had enough change to pay her. I thanked God quietly as I made my way back to the testing area. They called my name almost immediately and put me in front of Computer 6 to begin my test.

There were two questions I didn't fully understand, and I thought to myself, "I'd better pass after all the effort they have gone to for me." but I gave it my best shot.

After completing it I sat down to wait for my results. One of the ladies behind the counter asked if I had finished already to which I replied "I just hope I passed". The wait was the worst part. But again my name was called and they congratulated me and said I had passed. They called me Mel as they asked me to meet them around the corner for my photo. It was totally God. He knew how alone I felt there and with them calling me Mel it was like my besty was right there with me. I smiled for the photo, I thanked the girls behind the counter and walked out feeling so very very proud of myself.

I called my 2 besties and messaged the third as I walked back to the train station. 

I posted a FB status and recieved a massive amount of support.
62 likes (and counting), 16 replies and a few messages.
I am so thankful to have such a great support.

I may have felt alone today but my heart is now so so full!

I have my learners..
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Sunday, 15 February 2015

Valentines Day 2015

While the world celebrated Valentines day I lay in bed flicking through loving messages, dedications and photos on my phone, and although I don't have someone special in my life right now I am in no hurry.. I trust that God has bigger plans for mine and my childrens lives than I do for us. Yesterday was a day to celebrate love and that is something I am not short of. I have amazing friends and very affectionate children. I have a father who is always there for me and I have two beautiful cats so I am never alone. Love is everywhere in my life now that I have began to focus on myself and my children. The people I once invested my time into now show no interest in us which makes room for the friendships that have remained to grow and thrive. I have an amazing support network, neighbors who look out for me and locals who are always keen to stay up to date with whats happening with us all. My live really is the best it's ever been and I am in awe of it.

I hope you all had a fantastic Valentines day and were not short of love yesterday..

Direct me to your V day celebrations!

(leave your links below)
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Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Song Requests!

When was the last time you rang your local or state radio station to request a song? 89.9 Light FM is our families favorite radio station and we tune in daily. Because we don't have TV we rely on Light FM for news and entertainment. We love listening to Cam & Ruthie and loved Goshia and Kel in the mornings with Lucy being our least favorite and definitely the most irritating host. But Jimi Love is our favorite hands down! Jimi does song requests most weekdays after 7pm and quite often I allow the kids the opportunity to stay up a little later to request and hear their favorite songs. Here are are few of the songs we have requested over the past few months..

And Nevaeh just can't stop requesting "Cool Kids" and "Waves"

If you could request a song as of right now what would you want to hear?

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Saturday, 7 February 2015

A Very Emotional Week


That was the note-to-self I gave myself at the beginning of this new school year.

On Monday my son Jiedyn started his first day of Grade 3. He was so excited and happy to see all of his friends and that soon his sister would be starting too. He settled in well and before I knew it he was pushing me out the door. His transition between grades 2 and 3 has been amazing and so simple. Nevaeh burst into tears as we left wanting her big brother. It was beautiful to see how close they had become over the school holidays, amongst their tiffs. Here are some photo's of his first day..

after school he came home beaming telling me all about his new responsibilities in Grade 3, who he now sat next to and what he did at recess and lunch time in the yard. He still has the same besties but they are all in separate classes this year so it will be interesting to see if he wiggles out of his comfort zone.

On Tuesday I walked to school with my little girl proudly skipping along beside me in her new school uniform. With her hair in pig tails she was so excited to be "a big school girl". Jie too was excited for her giving her encouragement and some tips on how to make friends and be kind. 

It was a surreal moment for me seeing her so excited and so ready for school. She got up, had breakfast, got herself ready and packed her bag and we were now on our way to School. 

At school we took Jie to his classroom first. We snapped these shots just outside his classroom before we said our good byes and good lucks..

Nevaeh had to wait an hour before she started. It was a long wait for my little Miss who was just so eager.. Out on the playground as we waited for 10am to come she made an effort to go up to two little girls in the playground and ask to play with them. They were rude and a little nasty to her and she turned and dropped her lip and walked towards me as tears filled her eyes. It was one of the most heartbreaking moments I'd felt in a long time. I didn't make a big deal of it. I comforted her and told her to go and play again. The little girls apologised after seeing that they made her upset and all was well in the world again. The played tiggy for a little while until Nevaeh tottled off to do her own thing. A little bit later she was confronted with 5 boisterous boys trying to stand over her for the cubby house but this time Nevaeh stood her ground saying "This cubby house is for everyone guys!!" For a moment I was proud of her but then one of the little boys screamed in her face to get out.. She stayed put, turned her back to them and they ran off. I called out to her and as she turned around she was again in tears. She walked slowly towards me and I comforted her again. I told her I was proud of her but nothing I could say made her feel okay again. "I hate school, nobody likes me. I want to go home" she moaned. We made our way to the classroom and she was all excited. She put her bag away, took off her jumper and put on her name tag. We played for a while and she looked so happy! Check her out..

That was until the bell went and I had to leave. At the door she gripped me as I went to say goodbye. She started getting all emotional and was soon crying begging me not to go. Her teacher held her and said that it was better for me to just go. I gave her one last kiss and with a heavy heart I walked away. I could hear her at the end of the corridor and I broke down. Tears filled my eyes but I kept walking. I hadn't seen her this way since her Dad left us two years ago. I had an anxiety attack and had to sit down at the Village shopping centre on the way home. 

I was so glad that my besty had the day off that day. She works in childcare and was able to reassure me that it's okay and completely normal for her to act that way and for me to feel the way I did. I called the school just after 11am and asked about her. I was hurried off the phone with very little information as it was recess time and the kids/teachers were out of the room. I felt low all morning until just after 1pm I received a phone call from her teacher saying that she has settled and was playing with a friend just outside of her office. I could breath again and was able to relax a little knowing that she was okay.

Two days later and her second day of school was worst though. We got to school a half an hour early so that she could settle in a little bit before school started but after putting her bag in her classroom and playing for a little while Nevaeh grazed her knees while running around the play ground. And so she got introduced to sick bay by her big brother Jie who held her hand and sat with her. She relieved a band-aid and a sticker and was on her way to start her 2nd day of school. We were just about at the door of her classroom when she stopped in the corridor. "I don't want to go in there" she mumbled. I encouraged her as much as I could before a student-teacher came out to help. Still refusing another teacher came out but she just would not budge. Two more teachers came out including the Principal and I was again encouraged to leave them to it. I kissed her and told her I'd see her after school. She was held again by the teacher so that she wouldn't run after me but this time screamed "I hate school, I don't want to be here. I want to go home, I want my Mummy. Mummy.. Mama.." crying and pleading hysterically. The principal walked me out of the building as tears again fell down my cheeks. Every part of me just wanted to hold her but on I walked. It was so so hard. 

My outgoing, bubbly, confident, chatty and smiley girl was an emotional mess pleading me to stay with her. Her cries stayed with me as I walked around Coles trying to remember what I needed to get. My phone rang around 15 minutes later and it was her teacher assuring me that she was fine and now playing beside her friend from Kinder. I was an emotional mess once again but she was very supportive and told me to expect this behaviour from now on. To prepare for it. After thanking her and hanging up I didn't know if I could. I said a silent prayer asking for strength and went about my day.

Friday was a massive milestone. We walked into the classroom. She put away her bag and grabbed her name tag. I helped her put it on and together we played with the play-doh until the bell went. She turned to me and said "Oh no, now you have to go.." I said "Yes, I have to go now, I'm meeting up with Sheena today." and got up to leave. She ran around the table and threw herself into my arms and pulled me down so she could kiss me. Then she walked over to a friend and I walked towards the door. I looked back and she yelled out with a beautiful smile on her face "Bye Mum! I hope you have a good day with Sheena today". We waved to each other and a tear fell down my cheek again. But this time because I was proud of her. My big school girl..

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Monday, 2 February 2015

Goodbye January..

January 26th
January 8th

January 22nd
January 31st
January 24th

January 25th
January 2nd

January 21st

Whoa! What an amazing month! and thanks to a little insta-app on my phone (which crashed several times this month) I got to share with you all my favorite bits right as they were happening!

I still cannot believe January has come and gone so quick. One minute I'm screaming "Happy New Year" with new friends and the next minute I'm staring blankly at my phone which is telling me that it's Feb 1st!

A lot has happened this month naturally being that the kids were still on their summer break. Water fights, late movie nights, slumbering in the lounge, trips to see and hang out with friends and family, reading together, gifts, visitors, junk food, lunch dates, sleep ins, shopping, laser tag, tree climbing, car washing.. the list goes on..

The kids highlights have been their brand new bank books, and going back to school! (the start today) Nevaeh has loved spending time with her Daddy and getting pocket money and Jie is over the moon about starting little athletics and saving.

But not everything this month has been so fun and exciting. There was a family heath scare with my grandfather falling ill and quite honestly I have never seen my Dad so low. Thank goodness our prayers were heard and my Pop is making a great recovery. It;s made me realize how uch I'd love him to be in our lives but that is just not going to happen apparently. Hopefully when footy season starts back up we can see more of Pop and enjoy life with him. In the meantime it's great to know that Dad has a fall back and rang me for support. It's strengthened our relationship and has made us closer.

So as I write this the kids are all set for school, are saving with their new dollar-mites accounts and are looking forward to a brand new school year with little athletics on the weekends! Life is grand..

Follow us on instagram for all the latest and greatest daily news and until next time Happy Feb 2015!! ..

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