Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Wordless Wednesday

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Monday, 29 April 2013

Blessed with a meal + Dessert

Flue is yuck.
But these we're yum.
Thanks Kez for making life just a little simpler tonight..
[though with treats like these, I may have to whinge about being sick more often.]

Also tonight, just now while writing this, another friend dropped over 4 loaves of bread and a 3ltr milk.
I have the most amazingly amazing friends ever.
I am blessed and exactly where God intends me to be.

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Saturday, 27 April 2013


Oh my goodness. I am loving Jiedyn at this age. That's not to say I didn't love him during previous ages, but I love being able to connect and communicate with him now that he is older and understands more.

Last night after Nevaeh left to go to her fathers house, Jie and I switched off the TV's and radio's to read scripture and journal together. Jie has his own bible study journal while mine is a blank book I like to write my own thought and feelings into. Sometimes, I don't write at all. I draw my thoughts. I love the release.

Today, Jie and I we're at home with no real plans to get off our butts. Then, looking at his hair which was really long over his ears, I asked him if he wanted a hair cut today. Within a few minutes of asking and him excitedly agreeing we were putting our shoes on to leave the house.

We stopped in a Gorges Fish Shop for lunch before making our way to the hair dresser. Jie chose to get a Mohawk. I think it rather suited him. After his hair cut he convinced me to buy him a new game and then it was off to Blockbuster for a few new videos. I saw a movie I had been wanting to see on the new release shelf so I decided to also get a DVD movie combo too. Lucky for us it came with freebies. Chocolate and Mixed lollies freebies!! We're set.. Enjoying this Mum and son time with Jie. I just love it.
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Friday, 26 April 2013

Happy 4th Birthday Princess!

We love you precious girl.
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Thursday, 25 April 2013

Be{four} Her Big Day..

Tomorrow Nevaeh is turning Four.
Jie will be at school and before he comes home Nevaeh will be off to spend the weekend with her Daddy. I wanted him to be a part of the celebrations of her four years in our lives that I decided to bake and decorate all day to give her the birthday she so deserves. 
Both the kids helped with making the mini cupcakes and soon were sticky enough to jump in the bath, leaving me able to decorate the table and put some streamers up in the lounge room.
The plan worked perfectly, they didn't suspect a thing!!
Here are some of the best photo's taken tonight.. 
The kids blowing party blowers while waiting for our Pizza to cook.

Nevaeh taking a peek at her new pop-out fairy book.

Cupcakes well done by me.. {Not bad for my first time}

A quick snap while she was up.

My sweets behind the sweets..

He is such a good big brother to her..

A classy pizza pose!

It's her party and she'll blow if she wants to..

Nevaeh's favorite book is Koala Lou. 
In the book his Mum always says
"Koala Lou, I do love you!"
and so I always say
"Nevaeh Noo, I do love you!"

The kids finished the night with lollipops..

As sweet as sugar!
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When an awesome Idea doesn't come to life..

Nevaeh's birthday is tomorrow (Friday, 26th April). She will be four. Because of her love for books, I had planned a "Book Swap Birthday Party" for her and a few of her little friends. It was going to involve them all bringing a few books to swap with each other. I thought it was a great idea for my angel who absolutely loves reading to herself and having me read to her.

Unfortunately, it was not to be. I couldn't afford to throw a party for her and so it was cancelled.

All the thought and effort into filling library bags for each of the children attending are sitting in my cupboard. I don't want to get them out. I don't want to feel like I can't give my child what I never had. I don't remember a single birthday party of my own. In fact, I don't remember my mother or father ever going to any effort for me or my siblings at all. I would have loved nothing more than to see my little rosy cheeked princess having fun, opening books with her friends but because we barely have the money to live week to week we won't be celebrating four years of her life with a party, with a fancy cake or with other pretty princesses.

Sometimes, a thought just stays a thought..
Sometimes, a Mum is only a Mum and not a superhero.
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Sunday, 21 April 2013

Meet their cousins.

It's been almost three years between visits.
But their still as precious as ever.
Only bigger..

Justine {Whom I met for the first time}

Hiram {Who is still the same little man, only taller}

Janai {Who has changed the most}

Hiram & Jie {Never left each others side}

Justine {Ready to go home}

Jeanette {So grown up and always on her phone}

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Friday, 19 April 2013

Backyard Home Videos..

We don't do this quite often enough. 
Just the three of us in the backyard together. 
Amusing ourselves with just whatever is laying around. 
Last week we had a few days of nice weather. 
I got all my washing done in two days. 
Whenever I go to hang out our washing the kids plead me to push them on the swing. 
Please, please, please Mum?
And eventually I give in!
Here we are, having fun in the backyard together..

 My kids are crazy but kind. 
Nevaeh is such a dare devil. 
She has more guts than I do.

Here is one of Altius who came to play too..
And Jie talking about Bug poo..
They are such happy kids.
Lord I love 'em!
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Wednesday, 17 April 2013

A time for change..

School holidays are over and now it's a time for change. The kids each sleeping in their own beds again. Routines are back in full swing and those fresh cold early mornings none of us missed are back too.

Change is good for us.
I like to embrace change.

But one thing remains..

My husband and the children's father is still not home. There is still an emptiness within the three of us longing for him to come home. It's been 7 months since he left us. We pray for him often and speak of him daily. Sometimes the communication between the two of us is easy but most of the time he makes it so difficult resulting in me speaking out of anger which worsens the situation. Why does he push my buttons? He knows exactly what to say to fire me up and it seems like that has been happening a lot lately.

Today while at the bus stop waiting for Jiedyn's bus to pull in, I spotted a cocoon of twigs. As I looked at it, I thought about all different things it could represent in my life.

 I thought about how this could impact me spiritually. Was this God's way of telling me to wait and to be patient because he has beautiful things in store for me?

Was it freedom of some sort? Independence or possibilities..

I just stood there staring for a few moments thinking..

The only conclusion I came to is that whatever is about to happen in my life, its going to be big. It's going to change me. I have a feeling that it's going to be tough, but at the end of it I'm going to shine just like the butterfly.

I'll be constantly praying.
If God's not with me, I don't want to do it alone..

 Philippians 4:13 I can do all things through Christ whom strengthens me.
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Monday, 15 April 2013

An award from Renu!!!

Renu and I are fairly new friends. 
We met while networking on a blogging site and quickly became friends.
You can find her blog here..
And she sometimes tweets here..
She is someone extremely amazing to be friend with.
Thanks for this award Renu!

As part of this award I and those nominated must share three things we each love about motherhood.
Me first!

1. Creating ways to have fun with my children. I absolutely love the freedom of making my children happy and joyful in doing little things. Simple things like surprise lunchbox treats, sleeping in their beds on weekends, worshiping with them, kicking the footy or pushing them on the swing out the back. I also love trying new things with them too. This week I'm planning a movie scavenger hunt. Wanna find out more? Stay tuned! It's going to be good!

2. The second thing I love about being a Mum is knowing my children. Just by looking at them I know when their mad, when they're happy, when they're hurt etc. I am so close with my kids and I love the bond we have. It makes parenting so much easier having mutual respect for each other as well as established authority in our home. 

3. Disciplining. I bet you wasn't expecting this. And I bet family members of both of my children reading this will have a lot to say about me writing it. But as a parent it is our duty of care to raise our children to respect authority. When we teach our children to obey us, we're doing everyone who steps into their life a favor too. Without discipline my children would not be the beautiful, well mannered, honest little people they are today. And it is with great pride and purpose that I correct my children to be all they can be. 

So that's it. 

Now I have to nominate 3 peeps.
1. Myranda @ Pretty Living
3... Nicole @ Local Sugar Hawaii

You girls are my lucky three! 

I can't wait to hear about three things you ladies love about being a Mum..
Keep it going..

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A surprise for Jie

Jie is back at school today after his school holidays.
I thought I would surprise him with a brand new bedroom..

 Jie's magnet memo board is back up and what is a boys room without a shrine of his favorite team?

 But I know this will be his favorite change of all. 
A brand new frame for his favorite photo.
I can't wait to show him!
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Monday, 8 April 2013

A new do..

Who doesn't love a new do? 
Today while sitting on the couch watching Jie play the Wii I asked Nevaeh if I could play with her hair. She has always been funny about her hair, never wanting it touched or brushed and most who know me know I hardly even put it up. Her curls are beautiful as they are and I like to show them off.

But today Nevaeh let me play with her hair. I brushed it, made it fluffy, squirted it, made it straight (or as straight as I could) before remembering a hair style from my Deb. 

I had always liked it, and it looked amazing on, so today I decided to give it a go. 

This is how it turned out..
I think it suits her..
Dont you?

I love this sweet girl to pieces. 
I guess you never really understand how much love and beauty a girl can bring into your world until she is right there in front of you and yours to keep..
So precious to process.
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Weet-Bix give you wings..

I want Weet-Bix.
She said.
I want more.
She said.

Nevaeh and Jiedyn both love Weet-Bix. If the they could, they would eat them for every meal. This morning while eating breakfast in her PJ's, Nevaeh left the table with milk and soggy Weet-Bix all over the front of her. I took her top of her before she rushed to get another top.

At the bottom of her drawer she spotted a forgotten about t-shirt with wings on the back she had got for Christmas last year. It started her day with so much fun.. Jumping around like a fairy and skipping to get the mail feeling very pretty. 

I'm not sure if shaking her bottom was part of the fairy act but she does that now too.
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Monday, 1 April 2013

A Moving Away Gift.

Click photo to enlarge.
PAPER CLIP: To help you to hold things together
10c: To ensure that your never broke or without.
STAR: To remind you to keep shining.
HEART: To symbolize that you are so very loved
HORSE SHOE: To hold when your needing luck.
LOCK: To keep all of our secrets safe.
ANGEL: To remind you that your never alone, for protection and guidance.
RUBBER BAND: To encourage you to always stretch beyond your limits.
SPIRAL: For the happiness I hope you find in Tasmania.

Praying you find peace, love and happiness Kylie..
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Easter 2013

Hi guys! Just a quick message of Easter wishes from our family to yours. We truly hope that you all enjoy your gifts and know that Jesus loves each of you. Much love from us Bakers! 

 Yesterday was Easter here in Australia. Nevaeh went to her father's the day before to spend her very first Easter away from home. I was both sad and happy for her. Sad because she wouldn't be hearing much about Jesus' love for her but happy that she would be around family who love her.

Jie woke up at 2am in the morning and ate an egg. Then by the time I woke up he had opened every box.

My mission this Easter was to worship with someone we don't always worship with. I sent a few texts to our friends to see where everyone was worshiping before choosing to worship with our beautiful friends at the Living Word Bible Church here in Bacchus Marsh. I actually liked the lay back atmosphere and getting right into the word and breaking down a few verses with the Church folk. It was awesome.

After church Jie and I went to a few friends houses who were spending Easter alone. It was nice to just sit and be a presents in their homes for Easter. I know they appreciated us visiting too.

When we finally got home at 3pm we got right into the cleaning and cooking aspect of Easter. Frantically setting the table, cleaning the dishes and benches, vacuuming the lounge room and halways and cleaning the toilet and sinks ready for my brother and his family to come and share dinner with us.

They never showed.

Nevaeh came home not long after the news that they wouldn't be coming and so our home was filled with joy again. Everything got eaten, the house got trashed with chocolate wrappers and both of the kids had a wonderful Easter together eating Jelly beans (from church) to change the colors of their tongues.

The kids Uncle and Aunty came over with more spoils and stayed for an hour. That was nice.

Our night ended with bible study and prayer.

...and a glass of wine ;)

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