Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Cuddling Koala's with Nevaeh

Today, I gave Nevaeh a dayoff school.  Well technically the kids had senior sports day today, so she didn't actually miss out on any classwork.

Nevaeh was feeling pretty crappy heading into sports day because she is not athletic at all. She is hard on herself and when she came home telling me that she came last in the sports trials and her "friends" were laughing and giving her a hard time, I saw no harm in pulling her out for a one-on-one day with her Mummy!

Nevaeh chose that we go to the Ballarat Wildlife Park, but it was my idea to get up close and personal with the Humphrey the Koala!  🐨 

Here are some photos from our day together. 


Also check out our Insta for videos

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Jie and Hiram's Senior Sports Carnival

Super proud of these boys for getting into the spirit of senior sports day today! Reppin' the green house all the way ✌🏾️ 

There is a message in all of this.. 

If you're going to do something, do it to the best of your ability!! 

Way to go boys ✊🏾
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Saturday, 3 March 2018

Jeanette's 1st ever A

What did you do to get an A?

"Okay,what I did to get an A, I did a traditional Aboriginal dance with all the animals, like the Bunjil, the eel, the emu, and the kangaroo."

How did you get an A?

"The teacher was really interested and I got the people, like the audience into it, like I got them to clap (their hands) with the sticks."

How did you feel when you got it?

"I was really really happy. I was shaking in my pants. I felt like it was going to be a good day and I was just really happy."

Who was the first person you told?

"I told Janai first, on the bus."

What would you say to others trying to achieve an A?

"Believe in yourself you can do it and try your hardest to achieve your goal."


Yesterday, after school, Jeanette burst into the front door and loud and proud announced that she had received an A in her dance class today. Her first ever A.

We are so very proud of her!!!

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Friday, 2 March 2018

Back to School

That's right, I am back at school again. I am currently studying a Diploma of Community Services through AGP Training Geelong. The course is one day a week during school hours with 100 required hours of work placement and altogether is a 14 month course.

Today was my second class and although it feels like we breeze through the days doing nothing, we have already covered the theory for the first unit.

I am excited to be back in a classroom setting and not trying to motivate myself like I was when I was studying online. The trainer seems to have a lot of personal and professional experience in the sector and our group is made up of a diverse group of people whom I think I can learn a lot from.

So yeah, I just wanted to jump on the blog today to let you guys know that I am back at school with a goal to complete this diploma and after this one, another one too.

Wish me luck..
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Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Bingo Night

Tonight I spontaneously decided to go to Bingo.

After the kids were babysat last night by a babysitter they never want again, they assured me that they didn't need a babysitter and promised that next time I go out, that they would start listening to Jeanette.

So testing that theory, I decided I would go to Bingo tonight as I have been really wanting to go, but never have because we always have plans on a Wednesday night.

Bingo itself is not what it used to be for me. I remember going with my Nana (and Aunty) as a child and it being so much fun. Nan would let me play the books that had already been played and she used to sneak biscuits home so we could have a cup of tea and eat them together before bed. If she won she would treat us to some lollies at the shop across the road from her unit. When Nana got down to one number she would nudge me to check if the number had been called yet. She would get so excited and would curse when someone else yelled Bingo and tell me how many numbers she had been sitting on, waiting for her number to be called.

Tonight I went on my own. But I wasnt lonely. Although I was sitting on my own at a table to myself I looked around to see that the place was packed with more older people than young ones like me. But it made me smile. Because I could see them enjoying themselves. I could hear the odd whisper of someone saying they needed one number, the sounds of dabbers and pens coloring in the bingo ticket, I could hear people shuffling in their seats and when someone yelled Bingo, I could hear the chit chatter about the numbers they needed or how many they needed. Although I didnt get a bungo, I enjoyed the different ways people yelled bingo. And while concentrating on my book, marking numbers and getting butterflies when I needed that one number, I remembered Nan, and how I wished I could nudge her.

She is so deeply missed by me.

Bingo was her thing and I'm glad to have such beautiful memories of that with her.

When I returned home, Justine and Nevaeh were asleep, Jie and Janai were on the Xbox's and Jeanette was watching a movie. The house was quiet and kept clean and apparently everyone was wonderful. They definitely proved themselves tonight and I'm impressed.
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