Tuesday, 20 February 2018

A Piece of Parenting Advice

This parenting gig is tough. If you're a parent you will understand that sometimes us parents rethink everything sometimes. We doubt ourselves and our capabilities. But not once would we ever throw it all in. We don't know what the future holds for the kids we raise. Heck we don't even know what tomorrow will bring. But we have now, and in knowing that we only have now let me encourage you (as i sometimes need encouraging too) to live in the now. Ask yourself what you can do right now. What you can change right now. Who and how we can inspire those around us here and now. Stop stressing about things that suck (there is always going to be things in life that completely and utterly suck) and find the positives in everything weighing you down. In the people, the situation, the stress whether it be financial, physical, emotional or mental, whatever it is rise above it. Lift yourself so high that you can lift others up with you. Maybe half the reason everything sucks is because we suck. (I know I sometimes do). Lighten the mood and watch those around you become settled and content. Happiness is contagious and infectious, allow the people stressing you out to stress instead of wearing it all yourself. I am no expert, but i have learned a few things myself recently. Somethings are out of our control. But we still have to do and be the best we can. Especially while our children are still looking up to us! 
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Saturday, 17 February 2018

Pool Side

After basketball today we met up with friends at the local pool.
I captured a few shots to share. 

Thanks for a great day guys.

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Sunday, 4 February 2018

Justine's 1st Day of School

Last Friday, a very excited girl in our home started school. Friday was day one of very many school days ahead for Justine and word was, she had an amazing first day at school.

In the days leading up to school I found Justine in her uniform numerous times and every day she asked how many sleeps there where until she could go to school. She grew more and more excited with each passing day!

After school she jumped in the car and said "Guess what Aunty Melissa? I saw Nevaeh at school today!". She has to be one of the luckiest children starting school with her big brother and two protective cousins to have her back also attending school. But I don't think it'll matter much! Justine has friends from kinder and is well liked throughout the school by her peers and her teachers. I just know she will do great!

Here she is holding my hand, apparently not nervous at all, as we walked up to the school on the first day..

Go for gold my beautiful girl 💗
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Saturday, 3 February 2018

Jeanette's Sweet 16th

On the 2nd of Feburary, Jeanette invited her closest friends and their families to help her celebrate her sweet 16th birthday party at The Royal Hotel. We hired the whole back area out and ordered enough platters to feed an army! We had her friends dress "classy" and Jeanette enjoyed her night surrounded in love and laughter. Here is a look at how she celebrated the night..

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Monday, 29 January 2018

Jeanette's 16th

Jeanette Faye Anne Hayes. Born this very day 16 years ago. The first daughter of Justin and Kristal. The first granddaughter of Warrick, Margaret, Albert and Faye. Named after her Great grandmother Jeanette. The first niece of all her Aunty and Uncles. And today, the eldest of all of the children in my household. Jeanette, today you're 16. The day you have been counting down for is finally here and with it comes new and exciting adventures. What you have gone through in your life up until this very day has shaped you into who you are today. I may not have birthed you or even seen your first few birthdays but parenting you has been both challenging and rewarding. To see where you were to where you are now darling girl is a massive credit to you! The past is finally behind you and you have the opportunity to create a beautiful life for yourself. With all the eyes in our home watching and looking up to you I am proud to be doing life beside you, guiding you and teaching you a thing or two along the way. You will always be your parents daughter, your grandparents granddaughter but I get to do life with you on a daily basis and to see you grow into a woman each and every day! I love you precious girl! You're unstoppable and don't ever be afraid to grow up. I got your back - always! xx

PS. Enjoy your new wheels 🚗💨
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