Saturday, 30 May 2015

My First Driving Lesson

I know my kids may one day look for this post so I want to explain a few things first. I was TERRIFIED of being behind the wheel of a car prior to this lesson. Take what you think is terrifying and times it by like.. 1,000,000 !! and that's how petrified I was at just the thought of sitting in the drivers seat. 

Today I conquered my fear and drove I for the first time around Masons Lane Reserve, Bacchus Marsh. A long time friend popped in for a cuppa and some lunch before suggesting I just do it. 

When I finally got into the drivers seat I was hot and flustered and my palms were so sweaty. I didn't even know how to turn a car on let alone trust myself to drive. Penny showed me how to adjust my mirrors, which pedal was which and how to use my indicators before we even left.. 

I was a bit of a Nana at first and refused to reverse. Reversing really scared me. I did it though, very slowly but I did it and was so proud of me.. 

While I was behind the wheel I couldn't believe I was actually driving!

Penny suggested that we go on the road and around to the other side of Masons Lane. I wasn't confident about being on the road but I did it and it was great! 

Here is a little map of where my first little drive took place..

I no longer fear driving and look forward to booking in more driving lessons next week!

Thank you so much Penny..

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Monday, 25 May 2015

Weekend Recap

Nevaeh spent this weekend with her Dad so the house has been a little more quieter, a little cleaner and a little less fun. It's weekends like these that make me miss her whirlwind of a personality and crazy character. Nonetheless Friday night was very relaxing which is what Jie and I both needed after such a busy week. We had an early dinner before Aunty Kel come over with loads of goodies to complement out Movie Night. Popcorn, chocolate, jellybeans and raspberry soft drink (which is a luxury in our house) was shared as we watched two movies together. I pulled out a mattress for Aunty Kel and we stayed up chit chatting until a little after midnight. Jie snuggled in with me which was a nice change and we both fell asleep pretty much as soon as our heads hit the pillow.

Saturday morning I slept in and Aunty Kel was gone by the time I got up. Jie who had already made himself breakfast was now on his tablet playing Mathletics. I called his teacher after school on Friday to get his log in details and he was looking forward to playing online so I turned the WiFi on so he could enjoy competing with other students around the world.

After making myself a coffee and calling Dad, I went on to practice my touch typing which I have been doing daily and seem to be getting better at. I'm using a free online keyboard tutor called which has 16 free typing lessons. I am up to lesson 6. Slowly but surely I'll get there and hopefully be able to check another goal off my bucket list very soon!

I got another two questions done on my assignment and promised myself time to finish it later. I called up my best friend Sheena who I knew was probably being driven mad by her 3 boys at home and invited them to Maddingley Park. She agreed and within an hour later we were all at the park kicking the soccer ball around and playing on the swings. It was fun getting active with our littlies and was what we both needed.

Saturday night I studied. I studied for hours and went to bed well and truely after midnight.

Sunday morning Jie and I woke at around 11am. I made brunch as we watched Bride Wars. After we finished eating we snuggled up on the mattress left behind by Aunty Kel on Friday night and watched BOY. Jie had been wanting to watch it for sometime but I had been reluctant as it does have swearing and drug use in it. But we watched it and I clarified certain parts of the movie, We enjoyed it.

Last night I messaged my beautiful friend Zo before I called Nevaeh and it was so good to hear her voice. She'll be home after school today and I can't wait for her snuggles. Jie is home sick so a friend is picking Nevaeh up after school. I called again this morning to ask if she was wanting to catch the bus by herself or get picked up. She chose to be picked up so I should be seeing her smiley face at around 3.30pm this afternoon.    

For now though it's back to reality.. Study..

Happy Monday!
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Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Making MYKI cards fun for kids!

Introducing Myki Fake ID cards!
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If you have a child or three who travel with a myki card regularly then you've probably gone through the frustration of them losing it, not keeping an eye on the balance and realizing that you need to top it up last minute. I hear ya! My kids drive me insane every morning when I ask them to grab their Myki cards as we're heading out the door with that same old line..

"I cant remember where I put it.."

Makes me want to tear the place apart. It's one of my triggers to scream and shout.. Especially when we've got to be at the bus stop right at that moment in time. So again I find myself buying yet another Myki card until I came up with my own little Myki Card system..

As of last week we are proud owners of 11 Myki cards.
I spent the days prior searching the house for them.
I found 11! 
On each of these myki cards there is a name. 
11 Myki cards - 11 Names 
La La
+ Katie (after princess Kate)

Each morning my Kids take on a new Identity!

 Jie loves using Jackson and while today Nevaeh is using Katie she loves using Sela. 

I have registered each and every Myki card to keep up with the balances.

While registering them last week one of these cards had $7 on it! Bonus..

In the morning while we wait for the bus they create their own imaginary life for the name they hold in their hands. B.J, Sam and J.J are unisex names so they seem to change quite a bit. But Katie is always a princess. 

Not only has this solved them losing their Myki cards but it also makes keeping track of balances online easier. Instead of shuffling through cards and memorizing numbers all I have to do is tell the kid's who their going to be each morning and they take on their new identity without the fuss of wondering if the myki card I'm giving them will have enough money on it for the trip home. 

"Jie your Sam and Nevaeh your La La today!"  

The kids absolutely love it!


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Monday, 18 May 2015

Memories: The Big Issue

If you have been in one of the main cities in Australia such as Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide or Melbourne.. you may have come across someone trying to sell you a magazine type newspaper labeled The Big Issue. While the magazine itself is not the most amazing thing to read and the national or international newspaper stand charging less then half the price of $6 they're asking you for is only a few meters up the road, let me encourage you to consider it next time your in town..

  • The Big Issue street sellers are people who are unable to be employed, are disadvantaged or whom are homeless. Whether it be because of mental issues, impairment, homelessness, drug addiction, disabilities, old age, brain damage or a reason not so obvious the people who sell these magazines are those struggling in society and in our city streets.
  • $6 is a lot to ask for a magazine you might flick through once but by buying this magazine your helping a person generate an income. They sell them for $6 a pop and of that $6 they pocket $3 and are able to buy more magazines for $3 each to sell again for $6. This is their only source of income. While you and I can get up, function normally, go to work to make the big bucks the sellers of The Big Issue don't have that luxury. This magazine was designed for them. 
  • Most of the people who sell The Big Issue are not drug addicts and it's highly unlikely that the money coming out of your pocket will support a drug habit. While living on the streets in Brisbane as a teenager I found that drug addicts will beg for money for a little while, (or simply steal it) before leaving the street to get their drugs and spend the rest of their day getting high. The people on the corners of our cities through rain, hail and shine for hours on end are the ones you should be giving your money to. Not the busker, not the one asking for money for a train ticket (a line I used to use daily) or those begging for money for food. Give to those out their busting their asses and who put in the effort to work the only way they know how.
  • On a street corner in Brisbane there was a man who had Cerebral Palsy (among other issues). He would spend his days selling The Big Issue for the medication he needed. The money the government provided was enough for rent (at a mens hostel which charged $220 a week for a small room consisting of a bed, a desk, a chair and a bedside table) his bills (a wheelchair debt and glasses debt), food and basic hygene costs (He had to pay to use the laundry and for things like sanitary pads which can be quite pricey) but was not enough for his medication. He would be on the streets night and day (as much as he could) and ask people to buy his magazines for his prescriptions. He was often picked on for being different and kids being kids would ask whats wrong with him. He often dribbled and most of the time he felt completely invisible and out of place. But he was there day in and day out waiting for strangers to buy his magazine so he could afford his medication. I will never forget that man.
  • Look at the person selling the magazine and try to distinguish their disability. If you think you can name their disability then I ask you to buy a magazine from them. 
  • Ask yourself if you would employ them. If your answer is no then again I ask you to buy a magazine off them.
  •  If they are in the cold, in the rain or are getting sunburned I encourage you to again buy a magazine off them (and maybe a hat, umbrella or scarf).

Last week while in the city with a friend I was reminded of the man I wrote about above when I saw a lady in a wheelchair on a street corner in Melbourne selling The Big Issue. I couldn't help but buy one for I have experienced the struggle they face on the street. I was a teenage drug addict and begged for money to support my habit and to eat. Because I have been where I've been and seen what I've seen I am all the more wiser about who I give my money to when in the city and it's DEFINITELY WITHOUT A DOUBT to these guys! Not the busker or the man asleep under the bridge. To the ones like you and I who work hard for their money.

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Saturday, 16 May 2015

Our Annual Autumn Photo Shoot..

Finally! I'm able to photograph my beautiful kids at the same place, at the same time as last year. Six trees stand in a row just around the corner from home and every Autumn when the leaves fall there is an amazing ray of colors.. We embrace these colors..
Autumn is my favorite season for this reason..
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Sunday, 10 May 2015

He Said - She Said for Mothers Day 2015

Nevaeh said:

My Mum is Melissa and she is 26 years old. Her favorite color is Yellow and her favorite food is Veggies.

My Mum's favorite thing to do is to go on the computer, but she doesn't like kissing boys.

When my Mum was growing up she wanted to be a singer and now that she is grown up she studies.

When Mum is all by herself she goes out for lunch.

Mum loves it when I hug and kiss her, but she doesn't like it when I be naughty.

Mum would love to go on a holiday to go fishing with Pop, but she wouldn't like to go to the Zoo.

I love my Mum because she tickles me when we play together.

Nevaeh knows me rather well. From Nevaeh this year I was invited to her grade Prep class on Friday afternoon for a pampering session. Nevaeh painted my nails, gave me a pizza massage, let me win a board game (twice), had me sit down so she could draw me, sung to me and danced with me for Mothers Day! Such precious precious memories to last a lifetime! Thank you Nevaeh for all the joy you've bought to our lives. ILY


Jiedyn Said:

My Mum is Melissa and she is 24 years old. Her favorite color is Yellow and her favorite food is Macca's.

My Mum's favorite thing to do is to go on Instagram, but she doesn't like smacking our bottoms.

When my Mum was growing up she wanted to be a dancer and now that she is grown up she wants to buy a car.

When Mum is all by herself she has a party.

Mum loves it when her kids kiss and hug her, but she doesn't like it when I be naughty.

Mum would love to go on a holiday to go to Timbucktoo, but she wouldn't like to go swimming with sharks.

I love my Mum because she makes me laugh and gives me yummy food.

Jiedyn loves his Mum and is not shy to tell me. Jiedyn showered me with gifts of star-burst lollies and Reese's peanut butter cups. In a Mothers day card he wrote 5 things he loved about me which included my smile, my kindness, how I made him laugh and said I meant the world to him. Thank you Jie for all you love and making me a Mum. ILY

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Saturday, 9 May 2015

Jiedyn's Gastro Hunger Cure!

Otherwise known as Chicken and Vegetable Risotto..

My precious boy has been unwell all day today with Gastro and has been complaining he is hungry. I made him cheese toasties this morning but he didn't keep them down. I tried dry toast and water for lunch but just the smell made him puke. So tonight I steered clear of bread, butter, milk, egg and cheese and made him a dairy free risotto.. 
Jie, feeling very weak managed a few mouthfuls then a few more. Now, 4 hours later he has fallen asleep with this and half an apple in his little tummy no longer complaining of hunger. 
I thought I'd jump on here to write down the recipe for future references.


1 large pot
1 wooden Spoon
1 chopping board
1 stove top


2 tbls olive oil
1 tbls crushed garlic
1 medium brown onion
1 medium carrot
2 cups of rice
1ltr of vegetable stock
2 handfuls of cooked chicken breast
1 celery stick chopped


1. Heat oil in heavy-based pan over medium heat.
2. Add garlic, onion + carrot and cook stirring until vegetables are softened.
3. Add rice + cook stirring for 1 minute or until lightly coated in oil.
4. Add 2 cups of the stock + bring to boil.
5. Cover + simmer for 6-8 minutes or until liquid is absorbed.
6. Continue to add remaining stock (about 1/2 cup at a time).
7. Stir in Celery and chicken breast.
8 Cook stirring constantly for 8-10 minutes.
9. When the risotto is creamy + rice is soft serve it up.
10 Season with cracked black pepper to taste and enjoy!

This was my first time making risotto and it turned out lovely.
It won't be my last..
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Today my Child is Dependent & I love it!

My kids are very very very independent in comparison to other kids their ages. Since Jiedyn was 4 he could make his own breakfast and has. Nevaeh's the same. In the morning before school I hardly have to get out of bed. The kids get up, turn the heater on, turn the radio on, get their own school clothes, get dressed, they get their own breakfast, put their lunchboxes on the bench for me to fill, get their socks and shoes on. Jie brushes his own hair and all I have to do is fill their lunchboxes and put Nevaeh's hair up and walk them to the bus stop with a valid myki card.

After school I pick the kids up from the bus stop, we walk home chatting about our days and it's routine when they get in the door again. They take their shoes off, hang their bags on their doors, pull out their notices (if they have any) and put their lunchboxes in the sink. They change into their PJ's unless I tell them we're going out or that they need a bath as I make an after school snack. On warmer afternoons they play out the back until dinner but on colder days they play uno, watch a movie or play their tablets.

After dinner, we read, play cards or a board game before I remind them to brush their teeth, tuck them into bed and kiss them goodnight.

I know I have pretty amazing kids.

 Today, it's a day before mothers day. The house is quiet with the radio on low. Nevaeh is at her Dad's and I have enjoyed a wonderful sleep in. At the moment Jiedyn is asleep on the couch with Altius (cat) asleep at his feet. He is not well and hasn't been able to keep a single thing down. This is one of the very rare times in my life where my kids allow me to do things for them. When they are sick they are dependent and I get to be their mother. Holding them, helping them, loving them, watching over them. I love this time. Not for the fact that their sick but that I actually feel like a mother. Jie has asked me to get him a drink, a bucket, to lay with him and there is nothing I wouldn't do for him.

Today my child is completely dependent and I love it..

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Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Farty Pants

It was an ordinary Sunday night. Washing on the couch ready to be folded, bathroom still wet from bath-time, cat's meowing to be let outside but all that could wait as I was totally exhausted from a big weekend. So after tucking the kids into bed and snuggling up in mine I had just pulled out my phone when I hear..
Muuuum.. Why didn't you buy me those Fart Knickers?! I told you I wanted those Fart Knickers for my birthday and now it's all your fault!!
The week before a friend posted on her Facebook wall a type of pad which makes your fart's smell like mint.  Bursting out laughing the kid's asked what I was laughing at. I showed them the picture..

And explained what they were. Jiedyn said I needed a pair, I said Nevaeh needed a pair and together we laughed before going back to our movie.

But Sunday night Nevaeh was serious.
You actually wanted a Fart Pad?
I asked her. She again told me it was all my fault that she had stunk her bed out. I had to call my besty for it was on her page I first saw these farty pants. Together we laughed and laughed. Nevaeh is still adamant that she wants these pads or as she likes to call them "Fart Knickers". 
What? They make your Farts smell nice..
I'm still laughing about it today.. 
Just had to share..

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Sunday, 3 May 2015

Nevaeh's 6th Birthday Party!

Yesterday afternoon Nevaeh finally got to celebrate her 6th Birthday with friends. Because her actual birthday fell on her fathers weekend last Sunday I only got to spend a few hours with her Sunday night before tucking her into bed for school the next day. But yesterday was her special day. Here is her special little birthday in photos..


For her 6th birthday this year I went with a yellow theme. Nevaeh absolutely loved setting everything up with me. She helped set the table and fold the napkins. She cut the streamers and helped with putting party favors into the party bags for her friends..


I went with a yellow theme for the party food also, with the exception of fairy bread! There were honey sandwiches, cheese sandwiches, milk bottle and banana lollies. We all sipped pinapple juice fro yellow straws too..

The Cake..

Or cakes rather.. I ordered vanilla cupcakes with lemon creme and daisies from the local bakery. Ferguson's Plarre Bakehouse on main street did a divine job and the cakes were delicious..

The fun..

Nevaeh invited 4 of her most treasured friends from school the week before her party. During the same week I came across one of her bestest friends from Kindergarten last year's Mum while on Facebook. It was perfect timing and so her little friend Ayva was invited too but as a surprise guest for the birthday girl! Nevaeh and Ayva attend different schools this year in grade prep but have been missing each other so very much. Nevaeh was excited and very surprised to have her new school friend Willow and old pre-school friend Ayva celebrate her birthday with her..

It was a wonderful little birthday party. Nevaeh had an awesome time on the trampoline and playing with her friends all afternoon. Thank you to Renee and Bec for bringing your girls and making Nevaeh's special day so memorable..

Happy Birthday Nevaeh!

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Our 2nd #sosblakaustralia March + Meeting Grandma!

On the 1st of May, just two days ago we marched with great pride and in solidarity with over 12,000 others in Flinders Street, Melbourne.  This was our second march in 3 weeks and it won't be our last.

The day before the march I went into the kids school to let their teachers know that they will be having the day off and to send them home with any work they will be missing. I didn't feel very supported after telling them that we were protesting for Indigneous land and civil rights but whatever opinion they had on the matter wasn't going to hinder my spirit in sticking up for what I think is right for my family and for our people under attack. If anything it may have even sparked a conversation in the staff room at lunch time.. 

So Friday morning before the Rally I asked the kids what they wanted to write on their banners. Jiedyn wanted a speech bubble poster saying 

"Respect the Aboriginal People and their land Tony Abbott!". 

I loved his speechbubble idea! Nevaeh said sternly.. 

"STOP! Stop taking Aboriginal peoples houses and homes Tony! Stop being nasty!!".

I was proud of my kids and they were very excited to be heading into the city to March.  On the train in we sat beside another mother taking her two kids in to March also giving them they day off, we had a lot in common and chatted the whole way. The kids took in the country from their window seats before chatting with an older man about school and the protest. As we got off he said that I had lovely children and commented on their manners and said they were very smart. I was encouraged.

We sat to eat before the March and I called my Mum to see if she was going, but more so to see if she was sober. I couldn't believe my luck when she was already there and sober. We organised to meet up before I hung up and thanked God for the moments ahead. 

We met up with Mum on the corner of Collins Street and Swanston Street. Jie, who met her at the last rally for the first time was so excited to be seeing her again and embraced her warmly. Nevaeh who was meeting her grandmother for the first time absolutely loved the attention and love Mum showed her and at one stage said to me..

"She really loves me Mum, she keeps kissing me and giving me great big cuddles. I love my Grandma because she loves me so much.." 
I know this time meant the absolute world to her.. 

We marched together chanting "No Pride in Genocide" and "Always was always will be Aboriginal land". Nevaeh held Mums hand and was her shadow the whole day. I caught Mum doting on her grand-kids as we walked the streets of Melbourne. During the sit down ceremony Mum (who suffers with Anxiety) bought the kids and frozen coke spiders before heading to the outer area of the March. We stayed just two rows for the front of the inner circle. We had a great spot where the kids could really engage with what was happening.

Afterwards we went to Kings Domain where a camp has been set up over the weekend. We enjoyed live music and the kids hung out with other kids rolling down the grass hills. 

We called it a night after having dinner with Mum though the kids didn't want to leave.

We got home at 10.30pm, had showers and I tucked the kids into bed.

We'll be back in Melbourne June 1st if you want to join us. 

Otherwise find out where your nearest rally is and get involved next month..

We might see you there!


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