Sunday, 3 May 2015

Nevaeh's 6th Birthday Party!

Yesterday afternoon Nevaeh finally got to celebrate her 6th Birthday with friends. Because her actual birthday fell on her fathers weekend last Sunday I only got to spend a few hours with her Sunday night before tucking her into bed for school the next day. But yesterday was her special day. Here is her special little birthday in photos..


For her 6th birthday this year I went with a yellow theme. Nevaeh absolutely loved setting everything up with me. She helped set the table and fold the napkins. She cut the streamers and helped with putting party favors into the party bags for her friends..


I went with a yellow theme for the party food also, with the exception of fairy bread! There were honey sandwiches, cheese sandwiches, milk bottle and banana lollies. We all sipped pinapple juice fro yellow straws too..

The Cake..

Or cakes rather.. I ordered vanilla cupcakes with lemon creme and daisies from the local bakery. Ferguson's Plarre Bakehouse on main street did a divine job and the cakes were delicious..

The fun..

Nevaeh invited 4 of her most treasured friends from school the week before her party. During the same week I came across one of her bestest friends from Kindergarten last year's Mum while on Facebook. It was perfect timing and so her little friend Ayva was invited too but as a surprise guest for the birthday girl! Nevaeh and Ayva attend different schools this year in grade prep but have been missing each other so very much. Nevaeh was excited and very surprised to have her new school friend Willow and old pre-school friend Ayva celebrate her birthday with her..

It was a wonderful little birthday party. Nevaeh had an awesome time on the trampoline and playing with her friends all afternoon. Thank you to Renee and Bec for bringing your girls and making Nevaeh's special day so memorable..

Happy Birthday Nevaeh!

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mark lawrence said...

I am totally in love with the photos from Nevaeh's 6th Birthday Party! It looks amazing. I am going to attend a rock music themed birthday party at a local Chicago event space. It is a sweet 16th birthday bash and I am sure it will be very enjoyable.

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