Bucket List (updated)

Sink my feet into the sand of my Ancesters
Find my family
Go on a P&O Cruise
Stay in all of Australia's State Capitals
 (Melbourne, Canberra, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Darwin + Hobart)
Become a Youth Worker
Swim with Dolphins
Donate $10,000
Stay in a 5 star Hotel
Travel out of Australia. (India, Italy, Indonesia, Ireland)
Buy my daughter her first diamond.
Take my kids to Wet 'n Wild, Movie World, Dreamworld and Sea World.
See Jeanette, Janai, Jie, Hiram, Nevaeh and Justine finish year 12.
Swim with Dolphins
Become a Foster parent
Move Interstate
Write a book

Get my Drivers Licence
Save $10,000
Be in a newspaper.
Own a Car
Get my learners.
Complete a Certificate.
Get Married.
Donate $1000
Be Featured on another blog.
Give blood.
Write a letter to my future self.
Create a wedding album.
Get Henna on my hand.
Learn to sew.
Be beside my Jiedyn and Nevaeh when they give they're hearts to God.
Make Lasagna from scratch. 
Have my father walk me down the isle.

make a bucket list!

6 replied:

Kate said...

Love this idea, it's brilliant :)

Cheryl Nicholl said...

Hi I just found you (or you me by awarding me a Yellow Ribbon). Your blog is lovely and I'll check in often. I like the idea of a bucket list- you have a lot do do- lucky you! PS: What is the yellow ribbon for?

Lisa Gullion said...

This is awesome!! I love all the things listed they are great realistic goals.

Marisa McCroskey said...

I love this!! I want to put a bucket list on my blog now!

LuvinXoGabby said...

I seriously need to put this on my blog!

Bee said...

Very cool list. I also have a bucket list that I started in 2013 and needs to be updated. It's funny that I also listed down making lasagna but have not yet done it. Haha. I might have to try the one about writing a letter to my future self. God bless!!!

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