Monday, 28 January 2013


Beautiful, delicate, strong and true
this is how I'd describe you..

Always there, in times of need
wiping tears the worlds not seen..

Seeing you smile, knowing your pain
praying to see you happy again..

Knowing your there, you knowing I'm here
your friendship I value, oh so dear..

Don't forget who you are, 
when he makes you crazy
your precious, above him, your a-freaking-mazing!
Two beautiful reasons to smile x

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Bring Bring, coming through..

Look at that face! One could say my son is thrilled to be able to finally ride his bike, but that would be an understatement. Jiedyn, 7, recieved a bike for Christmas last year. Because it's just me at home I put it together in a few hours but questioned the safety of it knowing my precious boy would be depending on it. After double checking everything I was happy enough to allow him to ride it for the first time yesterday. We wheeled it across the road and on he jumped. Pedalling was a new experience for him but he soon got the hang of it and after a few stops and starts he gained confidence to go faster. So fast in fact that he didnt know how to stop, stacked at the end of the street and knackered himself!! I tried so hard not to laugh but burst out laughing making him laugh too. "Mum, my balls hurt". Hahaha.. "I think you've had enough for today" I said as I picked up his bike and started wheeling it home. Although in a bit of pain Jie loves his new bake and cant wait to ride it again.   

Well Done Jie-Jie! Mama is very proud of you!
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Friday, 25 January 2013

Time to totally kick Ass..

So, this years resolution has been to get more active. I could have said, lose weight, but having PCOS makes losing weight difficult for me so just being more active this year is my goal.

25 days in I have a new best friend, a Wii fit board. So far so good!

At around 12am I smashed out 40 minutes of training. 20 minutes of which was fast paced step ups.

I pushed myself to my limits and was elated to be rewarded in sweat!

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Thursday, 24 January 2013

Fun, Family, Sun..

                                            You. Only. Live. Once

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In with the new..

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Monday, 14 January 2013

Weekend Recap


Breakfast CleaningSnacks
Wii fun Out for tea DVD shop
Zoe Saige Drinks
Music Dancing Laughter
Love Shots Movie
Wii WineSleep



Breakfast Sleep Penny
Mark Daniel+6 ♡ 
 My house Dinner Movies
Pop Corn M&M's Lollipops Fun


Breakfast Church Meagan
Dinner Sleep Blog post

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Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Thank You Father

Thank you Dad for..
  • The cuddles
  • The kisses
  • The loves
  • The late nights
  • Making room in your bed for me
  • Leaving the light on
  • Watching beauty and the beast with me
  • Driving around (at ungodly hours) to get me back to sleep
  • Teaching me right from wrong, how to be strong, how to be persistent, proud, honest, caring, humble, thankful, courageous, kind, appreciative, respectful and how to lose like a winner. 
  • Late nights
  • Working hard to provide for your family
  • Teaching me how to walk, kick a footy, ride a bike, cast in a fishing rod, fly a kite, bounce a ball, how to swim, ride a horse, spend money wisely, use the correct pronunciation, think for myself, depend only on myself, live in the moment and make the most of what I have.
  • Listening
  • Putting me first
  • Defending me
  • Saying you love me
  • Telling me I am beautiful
  • Pushing me on the swings
  • Brushing my hair
  • Keeping my secrets
  • The laughter
  • Tucking me in
  • Watching me fall asleep
  • Allowing me to make my own mistakes
  • Saying sorry
  • Keeping me safe
  • Answering all of my "But Why" questions
  • Supporting me
  • Watching me at my school concerts
  • Wanting better for me
  • Thinking of me
  • The holidays
  • The discipline
  • Holding my hand
  • Cooking with me
  • Dancing with me
  • Eating with me
  • Standing beside me
  • Loving my children
  • Teaching my children 
  • Correcting my children
  • Allowing me to be me
  • Memories abundance

Thank you Father for my father 49 years ago..

    Proverbs 4 My children, listen to what your father teaches you. Pay attention, and you will have understanding.
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    Tuesday, 8 January 2013

    It's The Little Things

    The little 
    "Good Morning Mum" 
    in the morning.
    The little 
    "Do you need any help with the washing Mum" 
    The little 
    "Can you sit next to me?"  
    "Can you please get me a glass of water"  
    and the one all mums know oh so well..  
    "watch this!"

     It truely is the little things that make as appreciate the time we have with our children. 
    I wouldn't change a single moment!!

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    Sunday, 6 January 2013

    January 5th Family Fun..

    ..because together we are one!

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    Saturday, 5 January 2013

    On A Night Like This..

    At 12am it was still 33 degrees.
    What do we do in this kind of heat you ask?
    Lay on the grass and look up at that big black blanket in the sky
    and admire God's tapestry of stars of course!
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    Thursday, 3 January 2013

    School holiday fun for next to nothing.

    Here in Australia, when its summer, the days get longer. Day light savings had our sun go down at 8.45pm tonight and the kids and I walked up to the park at the top of our hill to watch the magic happen. But before we did, I planned a night out, just the three of us. What was going to be "dinner by the river" soon turned into "slushy at our wedding location". Here are some snaps of our not-so-night..

    Sweet conversations between slurps.

    Apparently the green one was the best!

    Some poses for our blog.

    & lastly, some shots to show how much Nevaeh looks up to Jiedyn.

    The sunset was so beautiful too.
    I think I have seriously worn myself out today. This year, I aim to be an active Mum. One day down - 363 days to go!
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    Wednesday, 2 January 2013

    School Holiday Fun with Friends

     With our energy saving power board set to 2 hours, the boys were given a chance to have some fun with the Wii. They enjoyed playing tennis, golf and boxing before being interupted while playing bowling.

    The boys took it well and found something else to do rather quickly. Jie recieved a paper aeroplane kit for Christmas this year and having two mates to share it with turned it into a lot of fun!
     Jacob, Toby and Jie, cut, folded, glued, taped and decorated each of their paper planes with stickers. They tested, unfolded, refolded, made them unique until they were all happy with them.

    They launched them from one end of the hallway and flew them down into Jiedyn's room. Testing each one for speed and distance.

    Then they took the fun outside where the wind could lift the planes higher.
    Jacob was the overall winner in speed.

    Toby's went the furtherest.

    A great day full of old fashioned fun all thanks to our nifty new energy saving power board.

    And two creative friends of course!
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    Tuesday, 1 January 2013

    Bringing in the new year..

    Mexican Style.

    Highlight of the night:
    Jumping on the trampoline with two of the finest people I know.

    It was a wonderful, memorable, incredible night.
    2013 is going to be awesome..
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