Thursday, 3 January 2013

School holiday fun for next to nothing.

Here in Australia, when its summer, the days get longer. Day light savings had our sun go down at 8.45pm tonight and the kids and I walked up to the park at the top of our hill to watch the magic happen. But before we did, I planned a night out, just the three of us. What was going to be "dinner by the river" soon turned into "slushy at our wedding location". Here are some snaps of our not-so-night..

Sweet conversations between slurps.

Apparently the green one was the best!

Some poses for our blog.

& lastly, some shots to show how much Nevaeh looks up to Jiedyn.

The sunset was so beautiful too.
I think I have seriously worn myself out today. This year, I aim to be an active Mum. One day down - 363 days to go!

4 replied:

xOx Sup xOx said...

awww your daughter is so cute, shes a cutie pie... How old is she?

Anonymous said...

Hey Melissa lovely day huh. I love the way Nevaeh poses. Your kids are adorable. An like most kids they love icees. Over here it snowed today for about 1 hr lol. We dont get much snow nor rain but alot of dirt. Hope your doing better girlie. Best wishes in the new year.

~Nicole~ said...

Oh how cute! They are adorable Mel, and you look like you are giving them such a memorable summer together. Love it. Hey, can I ask what program you use for your background? And is it the same one for adding your pics here? I've been fighting with blogger to add more than one pic and it's driving me nuts ;)

Marie Bulatao said...

They are sooo adorable!!! How old are they?

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