Wednesday, 30 May 2012

World Environment Day Preparations..

Jie had the day off school today. This cold weather on this side of the globe has gotten us all sick. Last night seemed to be everyone's sick night. First Matt was sick, then Jie and then Nevaeh. Within 3 hours I had done two loads of washing, worn three pairs of Pyjama's, stript and changed two lots of sheets, doona covers and pillow cases, scrubbed floors, buckets and kids clothing, sang almost every nursery ryhme I was ever taught, told the most amazing make believe stories and prayed with and for my kids and my husband. Life's like this sometimes, but the feeling of being needed, tight gripped cuddles and getting lost in each of their eyes make being chucked on just that little bit worth it..

Anywho.. Today Jiedyn had his very first day off school. The first half of his day was spent resting in bed. Then the remainder was partly spent creating posters for World Environment Day coming up on the 5th of June and getting up to mischief with his sister.

Before we started on our posters and while Nevaeh was having a snooze, I was flicking through the channels and found a documentary on Logging and poaching in Africa! I encouraged Jie to watch it with me and it wasn't long before he realized the effects that Logging in particular had on native wildlife. I turned it off and got him to tell me some animals that live in Australian Forests.. His little heart broke once knowing that they'd lose they're homes. We then spoke about the Indigenous people who live on that land who too would loose they're homes. He understood everything and now had a reason to WANT to go to the event in the city on Tuesday.

When Nevaeh woke up I told her a few basics in a way which she would understand then asked her and Jie what they would say to the Men in the trucks if they saw them.

"That My Trees" - Nevaeh, 3 years

"Leave Our Trees Alone!" - Jiedyn, 6 years

So the slogans for they're posters have been approved!

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Sunday, 27 May 2012

Just another date night..

I have been sick in bed all day, my intentions when I went to bed last night was to use my whole day today spending some quality time with the kids, but waking up with cold and flue symptoms at their finest this morning, I soon realized that a special day with my babies just wasn't going to happen.

I went back to bed at around 1pm when Matt returned back from shopping for school pants for Jie in sunshine. Would you believe that in a term and a half Jie has put holes in four pairs of school pants? I know right!!

So as I woke up from my much needed rest the kids had been bathed, had dinner and I walked into Nevaeh's room and found them both listening to Daddy read a book before bed. They squealed with delight and jumped in my lap as I too sat down on the bed. Matt kissed me on my forehead and the kids both copied. It was a little bit of wonderful.

So with the kids books read and them both tucked up in bed, Matt debriefed me on what had been happening. Nevaeh had spewed twice after dinner and had nothing in her stomach. Our poor girl is sick needing a little more TLC tonight than usual.

I decided to cook my amazing husband a special something for all his hard work and effort today.

Chicken & Cashew Nut Stir Fry
We sat down to eat together, just the two of us. It was nice, then out of no where Jie ran in screaming "HELP.. Mum! Dad! the whole house is going to blow up!".. "There is a fire and flames in your room, Nevaeh did it" Matt and I rushed up to find the whole hallway smoked out. We saw that Nevaeh had put tissues on our bedroom lamp and it was smokin' but no flames thank goodness! 

With all things considered we did have a rather eventful night reminding us that there is a reason why date nights are just meant to be spend out.. 
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We all matter.. Leave no-one behind.

Before last night I had a heart but never felt it.. Last night my heart ached and I cried more in two hours than I have the last two months.. Last night, I watched the movie, Machine Gun Preacher which was based on a true story.

If you have been following my blog for a while you would know that I have never done a single book or movie review. This blog was created to capture the everyday blessings that God has put into my life. But today's post is not about me, it's not even about Sam Childers, an ex junky, God saved and called to save the lives of kids in Africa. Kids who were stripped of their families by the LRA at night then captured to become sold into sex slavery or used as child soldiers forced to not only kill people in their country but their family members.

This blog post is about you and the over 500 people who follow and read our blog.

Together with Sam Childers and The Invisable Children we can all unite together to stop this war in Africa and bring the LRA leader Joseph Kony to justice.. 

Please watch this:

Where you live should not determine whether you live or die . \
Every child deserves the right to have a childhood.

Join with me and my family as we demand equality among all nations and the safety of the children of the world!
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Wednesday, 23 May 2012

ABC/Wordless Wednesday

Thanks for tuning in tonight, here's what's happening around our home at this moment..
Matthias ia up with mummy while..

Jie and Charlie bear are comfy and cosy..

Matt was asleep before the kids tonight.

& while Nevaeh had her puppy Ralph look after her dummy and she caught up on her beauty sleep!
Not a word since everyone went to Sleep.. Making my Wordless Wednesday very Quiet!!

Join in

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School Lunches, home made..

Plain old school lunches is what I remember at school. Same old peanut butter, a plain packet of chips, an apple and a muesli bar.. Who remembers what they're parents used to pack? Do you remember you parents asking you what you wanted?.. or did they just assume judging from whatever was left in your lunch box? Well this year our oldest son Jiedyn started School. I promised myself a long time ago that I never ever wanted to be like my Mum.. I 'm still working on that! Before grade prep began this year I brought the kids each a lunchbox from the Easy Lunch Box Website and soon started creating yummy lunchbox variety in Jie's lunchboxes. Today he is taking to school..

Mandies, teddies, celery and carrot with peatut butter and honey and a ham sanga!
Creating lunchboxes has been so much fun for all of our family and Jiedyn likes to request things every now at then. His most requested food to date would have to be..
green grapes!!
If he could, he'd have them every day of the week. He loves grapes more than yogurt!! 

I love the feeling of knowing what my son is eating at school. It is the one and only thing I have any say over while he is away from home. I thinks that might be why I enjoy it so much but I have noticed that with Nevaeh eating at home that she is not getting a great eating habit. It's just so much easier to put a few dim sims in a pot or a packet of noodles on the stove than to create a fun little meal for her. It's also so easy to give her what she wants when she wants it which sometimes has her in and out of the fridge a few times a day.. So thats why I have decided to start creating lunchbox fun at home for her too. Breakfast, morning tea and lunch! Do you have restriction on eating times with your young ones? and do your older kids lunchboxes reflect who you are and what you really want them to eat? 

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Sunday, 20 May 2012

#WorldTurtleDay Family Fun!

Mum made turtle..

We ate turtle..
We created a turtle..

We had a photo with our turtle..

Nevaeh gave our turtle eyes..

then we played!

"World Turtle Day was launched 12 years ago by American NGO, American Tortoise Rescue. The aim of the day is to promote respect for turtles (and tortoises) globally, and to encourage humans to behave in a way that helps these special creatures survive and thrive." - Wilderness Society 
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Scripture Sunday: 19 Ephesians 5:19

Speak to one another with psalms, hymns and spiritual songs. Sing and make music in your heart to the Lord,
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Friday, 18 May 2012


This is the letter I wrote to Jiedyn's father today..

First of all, I’m sorry to hear that you have put yourself behind bars again. It’s not karma, there are laws in Australia and you are the example of what happens to people who don’t abide by the laws of this state.

Let me get a few things sorted with you before I say anything else. I am completely and utterly appalled by your absents in our sons life. He does not deserve to be pushed to the side of your life as you go about thieving and drugging yourself daily. Jiedyn would have loved to have seen you, had you at his pirate birthday party last year or even just a Christmas card at Christmas.. But it seems that the only time you want anything to do with him is when you have no one else. He only hears from you after you’re locked up in a cell for the things that YOU chose to do and made priority in your life above him. So no, you won’t be hearing from Jiedyn while you’re in there. He is enjoying school and a great childhood without having to worry about you’re self inflicted situation.

As for me being your friend.. No, it doesn’t work like that. I have forgiven you for bashing me while I was pregnant with Jie, leaving me in a junky infested house while you went to get off your face in Brisbane, while you spoke bad to your darly mates about me, for bringing drug addicts into our house while Jie was little. I have forgiven you for cheating on me with numerous women and little girls,  for all the times you stole my key card and left my bank empty without even a dollar for nappies or formula for our son, for all the times you had me lie for you, stealing cars, TV’s etc. I even forgave you when I found needles and tablets around the house, when you promised you wouldn’t be long then would spend all your time and money on your dealer than me and your beautiful son and even  when I had a dealer from Sunshine on my door step grab me by the thought demanding money you had owed him for Heroin.  I have forgiven you for anything that you ever did and said to make me cry. No-one will ever know the pain, loneliness and worthlessness I felt while you cheated and lied your way though our relationship. I loved you and waited on you wasting 2 and a half years of my adolescence with you. I’m sorry. Although I have forgiven you with complete forgiveness there is no way on God’s glorious earth I’d even remotely allow you anywhere near my heart or within my life again.

Jiedyn has a great Father figure in his life. He enjoys the one on one time with the only Daddy he has ever known. Matt has never missed a birthday, a Christmas or so much as a goodnight kiss. He has a man to tell secrets to, play games and read books with, to walk to school with and an amazing dad who respects his mother. Matthew and I got married on the 18th of March. It was a beautiful wedding shared with our close friends and family. As part of the wedding Matthew dedicated himself to Jiedyn too promising to always be there for him, to respect him and to help raise him to be the best man God created him to be. He has held that promise, it’s so easy for him because he loves and has raised Jiedyn since he was two. He has this unbreakable bond with his Dad which you could have had too if you would have just put him first.

I don’t believe it’s too late. But it will not happen while your in there or around drugs.

You have to show that you want it by living a clean and healthy life. My son will never EVER be exposed to the things you had me exposed to at 16. It is my duty of care to insure that my kids have a relationship with first and foremost they’re true creator - GOD. I also want both of my kids to always have reliable family and friends to see them grow up, to always know and feel that they are loved and to show love to others and I as a mother need to live in a way that I’d want them to one day live. Kids learn from what they see..

I’d really appreciate you not contacting us again until your out and clean.

I have provided a bible and bible study in hopes that you’ll live by the word of faith once leaving that place. The best relationship you can ever have in this world is with God. If you want something in common with Jie when you get out read the book of Matthew, he loves his father in Heaven and we’ll be praying for you to repent and give your heart to Christ.

Light and Love

Inside the package I put a bible, a bible study and a few photo's of Jiedyn. In four years Jiedyn has seen his Father around eight times, most of which he was under the influence and told to leave. In six years Daniel has been incarcerated three times. The last time Jiedyn saw his father was December 2010 when the courts allowed him a supervised visit. 
Jiedyn loves and idolises his Father.

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I now do mornings..

Good morning Bloggers!
Have a wonderful Friday today!!
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Thursday, 17 May 2012

Surprises for Him..

I think surprising our son today was a great success. .

While down the street with Nevaeh and Matt, I couldn't help but feel that a pair of little feet on the front of the trolly we're missing.. Jie has been at school now for over 4 months, yet I miss him as if he started  yesterday.

Meanwhile at his School today he had two hero's off the children's TV program, Lazy Town - Sportacus and Stephanie perform in front of the whole school. He was excited to leave this morning with a lunch order and his runners on for his favorite subject at the moment - Sports!

As Matthew, Nevaeh and I were waiting for a taxi to bring our shopping home, Matt suggested I walk to the school and surprise Jie with some afternoon tea. (I know, my husband is a little bit brilliant!!) I had fifteen minutes until pick up time.. so off I went to surprise our son!!

Once I got to the school, I waited in the corridor instead of outside with the other Mum's and Dad's (it was more sneaky that way!!) I watched as the kids sat on the mat raising they're hands to tell their teacher, Mrs Newton, about what they loved about the Lazy Town performance.

As Jie was dismissed, he stood up to grab his school bag and got a sight of me looking excited to see him! His jaw dropped before a massive smile made his face glow with glee.. "Muuuuuuum!" I walked in to give him a great big hug! He pulled his wallet out of his school bag to pull his bus fare money out "Keep it in your hand, you can get something special at the lolly shop on the way home" I said. He was just so excited!!

As his teacher came back in from saying goodbye to his class mates and their families, he turned to her and said "Mrs Newton, This is my Mum!" where she said "I know Jie! That's your special Mum!" His eyes lit up and then two long arms reached around my neck for a great big hug! "I love my Mum!!" he boasted..

I spoke to his teacher for a brief moment before being pulled around his class room. "I did this Mum.." he said pointing at a laminated piece of paper hanging above his head.. "And this.. and this..." I looked up at a robot made of shapes, then a birthday cake with Jiedyn's name and birthday written on it and even a curly snake.. "Wow.. I didn't know you could do that!!" I said "That's amazing!!"

We left the class and I soon found Jie showing me around his favorite school.. "This is the sandpit I play in" he said pointing at the sandpit. "..and this is the gym where I dance at lunchtime" he said leading me to the school Gymnasium. He went on to show me the canteen, library and office (Honestly I thought I'd never get out of there). It was nice to see him passionate and confidently speaking about his school is such a positive way..

When we left we sat down for a finger bun from the bakery before, yet another surprise..

A brand new Lamp!!

I've always wanted to do a space/robot theme in his room but out of all the rooms in our house, for some reason in his room - Nothing matches!!

I thought this new lamp would be the perfect start and focal point in his bedroom..

I'd love to know of any idea's you guys may have on this new theme.. I'm going to make this my new Winter project!! Stay tuned for updates and please keep me in mind if anything comes to mind!!

I'm off to bed after making my little boys day.. More fun tomorrow.. Night xx
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Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Wordless Wednesday

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Tuesday, 15 May 2012

I am weak

I love how in a single flash of a camera a moment can stop, a memory is created and for just a second life can look so wonderful..

You can crop it, edit it, Facebook it and type a few beautiful words to describe what that moment meant to you..

Then a few minutes later, while others are commenting nice things about the photo, you step back into your reality.. 

You feel alone, worn out, emotionally drained, weak and wanting some guidance. 

Nobody is perfect..

Picture perfect - maybe..

But not perfect.

Lately I have been struggling.. 

Struggling with a strong spirited three year old..

Every day is so overwhelming when your child has no respect for you and the only authority she takes is that of her fathers.

Life feels meaningless..

I feel like a failure..

I give up..

So, as you sit here tonight, looking at this beautiful photo, please pray for guidance for me.. 

I can no longer do it alone!

Tough kids need tough mums..

and I am weak..


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Sunday, 13 May 2012

My Special Mothers Day..

A beautiful mothers day card Jie made for me..
 I opened the card half expecting a pasted on love note but Jie wrote my card his own self! Inside the card read: Too Mum, I love you because I really love you.

Wrapping paper Jie made at school to wrap my present in.. Me and a rainbow around the world!! Isn't it creative? I thought so!!
As thoughtful as my son is, it was a big suprise to me when I opened the paper to find a brand new drink bottle. Jie said excitedly "It's for when you workout Mum! Do you like it?" My heart melted at that moment.. "I LOVE IT! I'm the luckest mum in the whole world" I said.

By far the best mothers day EVER!

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Saturday, 12 May 2012

Mock Fish

A childhood memory both my husband and I share is one of our fathers making Mock Fish.

1 egg
 2 medium potatoes peeled
1 tablespoon of Flour
half an onion
half a stick of carrot (as an extra)

You'll Need:
Chopping Board
Large Bowl
Frying Pan

  • Grate Potatoes and carrot
  • Finely slice and chop half an onion
  • Add to bowl and mix in egg and flour
  • Shake some salt and pepper
  • heat oil in a pan
  • add a spoon full or more to the pan and squish down
  • cook until brown (and crunchy)
Trust me, it's a winner!!

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Friday, 11 May 2012

Favorites on Friday Night..

Fruit in our Fruit basket perfect for sharing Fruit salad..

A Fairy skirt instead of her princess dress..

Familiar Faces to see and hang out with at Church..

 And a special Friend to watch Power Rangers till you Fall asleep with..

Oh, how I just love Fridays!
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Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Wordless Wednesday

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Monday, 7 May 2012

The Gift that keeps on giving..

Because Nevaeh had a 101 dalmatian party, a rather creative friend thought to make polka dot play doh.. 
 The morning after the big advent Nevaeh couldn't wait to open her new playdoh, as her prior playdoh she had gotten last Christmas had dried up a month earlier.. 
Pretty cool huh!
 Every day since her party she has requested to play with her new favorite toy. Sometimes she plays for just 20 minutes before packing up while this new obsession can go on for 2 and a half hours!! 
Nevaeh's Animals!
 Last Sunday, we had our first family meeting where we had the kids, more so Jie tell us what he would like to do with each daddy and mummy in his one-on-one time. For Dad he wanted to spend the day at Nana Bakers, playing games and eating Pizza. While with me he requested to help me make dinner and.. yep.. play playdoh!!
Jiedyn's creation.
Today, we were at it again, but this time.. with buttons!!

Jie's Rooster.

my rooster..

and Nevaeh's rooster..
 I just love how something as simple as playdoh can bring us together and teach the kids how to share and use they're imaginations!! 

Thanks Penny!!

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Thursday, 3 May 2012

Oh, I went there..

Our family went Green, I went green!!

Today I threw out all the harsh chemical cleaning products I was introduced to and fell in love with as a teen by my foster Mum and brought more natural ingredients for scrubbing my house to sparkling perfection.. 

My cleaning list a month ago was:

Mr Muscle drain cleaner
Scrubbing brushes
Ajax spray and wipe

On my shopping list today was:

Bi Carb Soda
5 Lemons
Stainless steal bowls
and a roll of Chux's

I couldn't believe my eyes after dipping a damp cloth into the bi carb soda and rubbing it onto our (filthy) stove top. When I was finished I had to call Matt over to see it!! It was the cleanest its ever been, see for yourself..
Amazing aye!

We're now officially Green!!
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Wednesday, 2 May 2012

ABC/Wordless Wednesday

Primary School Pick Up..

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Her 101 Dalmatian Party

In celebration of Nevaeh's 3rd birthday, we invited a few close friends and family members over to watch 101 Dalmations! We had lots of fun dressing up in our PJ's with..
Puppy Balloons..


Paper wall spots..

Plenty of party food including, hot dogs, smacko inspired red licorice, oreos, marshmallows, red jelly with some cookies and cream ice cream..

and last but not least.. Our birthday girl!!
** Thank you to all who could make it **

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