Monday, 7 May 2012

The Gift that keeps on giving..

Because Nevaeh had a 101 dalmatian party, a rather creative friend thought to make polka dot play doh.. 
 The morning after the big advent Nevaeh couldn't wait to open her new playdoh, as her prior playdoh she had gotten last Christmas had dried up a month earlier.. 
Pretty cool huh!
 Every day since her party she has requested to play with her new favorite toy. Sometimes she plays for just 20 minutes before packing up while this new obsession can go on for 2 and a half hours!! 
Nevaeh's Animals!
 Last Sunday, we had our first family meeting where we had the kids, more so Jie tell us what he would like to do with each daddy and mummy in his one-on-one time. For Dad he wanted to spend the day at Nana Bakers, playing games and eating Pizza. While with me he requested to help me make dinner and.. yep.. play playdoh!!
Jiedyn's creation.
Today, we were at it again, but this time.. with buttons!!

Jie's Rooster.

my rooster..

and Nevaeh's rooster..
 I just love how something as simple as playdoh can bring us together and teach the kids how to share and use they're imaginations!! 

Thanks Penny!!

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Sara-Jayne said...

I'm so glad my son isn't the only one who loves Play Doh so much! We too were using buttons yesterday!

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