Thursday, 3 May 2012

Oh, I went there..

Our family went Green, I went green!!

Today I threw out all the harsh chemical cleaning products I was introduced to and fell in love with as a teen by my foster Mum and brought more natural ingredients for scrubbing my house to sparkling perfection.. 

My cleaning list a month ago was:

Mr Muscle drain cleaner
Scrubbing brushes
Ajax spray and wipe

On my shopping list today was:

Bi Carb Soda
5 Lemons
Stainless steal bowls
and a roll of Chux's

I couldn't believe my eyes after dipping a damp cloth into the bi carb soda and rubbing it onto our (filthy) stove top. When I was finished I had to call Matt over to see it!! It was the cleanest its ever been, see for yourself..
Amazing aye!

We're now officially Green!!

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