Friday, 31 May 2013

My Mum

I love everything about these photos.
So young.
So free.
I think Nana said she was around 16.
These were found in a photo album at Dad's. I can't believe he has kept them after all these years. I wonder about what her dreams were, what she wanted to do with her life, if she had close friends she went to school with or how her childhood was. She has never really spoke about any of her ambitions. Everything she spoke about was negative things obviously because of the drinking and drugs. I guess too we tend to remember the bad things in our life more than the good. She may have told me but I have no memories of them. In these photo's she looks so free, I wonder if she felt that way then.. I guess I'll never know..

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#FMSphotoaday May

A photo for each day in May! 
I did it!
Can you?..

This kicks off tomorrow. 
For full info details {click here}
Are you in?
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Wednesday, 29 May 2013

A peep into our Wednesday night..

Bubble and Squeak Slice baked today while Nevaeh was at child care.. 
Vanilla Ice-Cream with Pomegranates for dessert..
and a puzzle before bed..

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Friday, 24 May 2013

Flashback Friday: First Words

Oh, I have been digging through Jiedyn's baby book this week and found something pretty perfect for this weeks meme. Who remembers their child's first pronunciation of words? I definitely do! But first, let me tell you about his first word.Somewhere between 3-6 months, Jiedyn said his first word. "Yeah". I guess you never really notice how much you say a word until your beautiful baby comes out with it. "Yeah-yeah-yeah". If you think about it, when you speak on the phone you say yeah, agreeing with the person on the other end. While down the street I'd always say yeah. While talking to neighbors or people doting on Jie down the street "Yeah" was always my word of choice. I also used it to agree with myself when I would speak to Jie. "He's a clever boy.. yeah!" or "Your going to have a bath soon.. yeah!" I still say it a lot but I never quite realized until he said it as his first word. Then it was "Da". "Da-da-da-da-da......"

Other word developed, Mama was in there somewhere and when he said it I melted. There is something special about heaing who you are to your child for the first time. I'll never forget that proud feeling.

As for pronunciation, Jiedyn had it all wrong.. (get ready for a laugh). At two Jie said these..

Fuck - For truck.
Fucker - For tractor.
Pee's - For please.
Up Key - For cuppa tea.
Tuggle - tunnel.
Fing - For swing.
Dickie - For Bickie.
and Die-Dan for Jiedyn.

Jie loved Dropped Dead Fred, he used to always say "Oh.. yulk!"
Dad taught him how to say "Der 'e is" {for there he is} and "sausages" {for sorry}.
He used to go to run away when we were out but turn around and say "Bye-bye" first.
And Uh-uh.. was taught early on, by Aunty Kristal for telling everyone off.
And boy did he master that!..

So many special memories about my precious baby boy. Now seven he is spelling these words he once said for the very first time. I cannot wait for him to one day read this post. Maybe we can have a laugh at it together.

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Wednesday, 22 May 2013

How much I love you..

I love your beautiful eyes,
of browns and greens and blue.
I love the way you trick me,
in almost every thing you do.
I love it when your gentle,
loving, caring and sweet.
I love it when you try not to laugh,
but giggle when our eyes meet.
I love that belief you have in yourself,
I sometimes don't have that trait.
I love that you go out of your way,
to learn, to try, to create.

Nevaeh you mean so much to me,
your smile lights up my world.
I love sharing my days with you,
you'll always be my favorite girl.
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Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Home made fun.

This morning I cut out pieces of blue fabric to make roads. 
I drew lines of them and had Nevaeh set them up.
I then grabbed the tissue boxes piling up in the linen cupboard.
Usually I save them for Jie's school but today they made a Zoo, a coffee shop, a car wash and a home.
I labeled each one and used numbers that Nevaeh could identify for me.
For three hours she was completely amused.

And for three hours I could sit back, relax and enjoy her childhood.
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My Carabox arrived today!

 Hip Hip - Hooray!
Oh my goodness, I am feeling so loved right now. So much thought went into this box and boy were we blessed! A beautiful blogger named Samantha who blogs here.. sent to me my Cara Box. 

What is a Cara Box you ask?

Back to the exciting part for those of us who know.
Check it out..

The first thing I saw was a little message on the box itself which said "Handle with care" and some sweet little stickers. When I opened it a lovely letter was sitting on the top which I preceded to open and read. While reading my daughter already had her lips wrapped around a balloon before handing it to me all slobbery wanting me to blow it up. I did and she played as I finished reading.

In the letter it said..
I have been looking at your pinterest/blog and saw that your wanting to make a garden! So, I bought you some seeds!
Samantha not only brought me seeds, but went to all the effort of creating little packets for them..  
 With packets done so thoughtfully I dont want to tear them. But at the same time with her writing about her success I just want to rip into them! I have always wanted to have a veggie garden. I guess now I have the opportunity, thanks Sam!!

The next thing I saw was a brown paper bag. Curious as I am, I opened it to find a beautiful necklace. Sam had written about this in her letter. She brought it from her church, it was made by people in Thailand living in poverty. It truely is beautiful. I will wear it with pride..

After reaching for the brown paper bag I saw a frame and a bag of chocolates.. can you guess what I picked up first?.. The frame of course! hahaha.. Nevaeh had already opened the chocolates! Clever girl offered me one and I popped it in my mouth while reading the verse Sam had found on one of my pinterest boards and framed it with Batik and a black frame. It looks great and again so very thoughtful.
I completely love it.
Finally I saw a colorful  piece of fabric. I opened it and realized that it was the balloon cover for the already blown up balloon. I saw that I actually had to put the balloon in before blowing it up - Bummer. But what a neat idea. And best of all, he friend made it! Doesn't get more community than that! 

On a whole, I love everything! The chocolate coated apricots are almost all gone, but am putting the rest up for my sweet boy who will be home after 4pm this afternoon. Might have to occupy little Miss all the more now that there is chocolate in the house. 

Thanks Sam! You did a wonderful job at representing you, the place you live and your family!

Blessings to you beautiful!
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My Community - My Problem.

Have you ever actually realized how much you impact those around you? I mean not just the people you share your home with or your Facebook page with but your whole community?  state? and country? A friend really made this clear to me this week and it was a massive wake up call for me. Every choice I make in my life impacts not only me and my family, but my actions are like a voice to say what I stand for in Bacchus Marsh, Victoria, Australia.

I recently left a great church in Melton to find a family Church right here in my home town. The church has a big vision for Melton and the more it was spoken about the more it became clearer to see that Melton was not my responsibility and nor was I interested in making it. Yes that may sound selfish but I think the people of Melton and within that church are more than capable in fulfilling their goals in that area, but me.. No.

Bacchus Marsh is my area of interest. This is where my kids took their first breath. Where I became a Mum. Where I met my husband. Where I was baptized  Where we were married. And where I plan to raise my family for the next 10 years God willing. Bacchus Marsh, I feel is my responsibility.

There is a massive need in our community. We need to start reaching out to the youth of Bacchus Marsh before the drug dealers reach them. I was a teenager in this town while pregnant with my son and it was easier to get drugs than it was to get support for a job or assistance when I wanted to study. The only friends I made in the first few months of being here were daily drug users. The community doesn't really connect at all with it's youth and still doesn't to this day.

We need to start reaching out to the older generation and start saving lonely lives. I have come to know my neighbors over the years and with every passing year their getting older and weaker. I can't help but wonder if they have a realtionship with Jesus or if they even have a bible within reach of finding His truth. I live two doors from a nursing home that I have never been to because I am too afraid that I will connect with someone there and then never see them again. Bacchus Marsh is an old community. My neighbour to my right was born here, grew up in this street and has never left his home town. I'm sure if I asked him he would have a lot of stories to tell me about his 80 plus years on this beautiful piece of earth. But does he know? Has he heard?..

The Mothers need mothers.. The fathers need fathers.. The singles need to know they're not alone! Our kids need to be able to believe freely without judgement from the schools which say that they don't "need" Christ in their curriculems and the young people need a place to come together to feel understood and valued.

I am ready to make a change.. I'm ready to make an impact.. We all need each other. That is what God intended. That we all..

{Ephesians 5:19} Speak to one another with psalms, hymns and spiritual songs. Sing and make music in your heart to the Lord,...

{Ephesians 4:2} Be completely humble and gentle; be patient, bearing with one another in love.

And with God for us, who can be against us?..
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Monday, 20 May 2013

This Baker Bakes..

No trips to the supermarket for school snacks this week.. Nevaeh and I baked everything Jie could ever want today!

Perfect scones {recipe..}
Macadamia Nut Cookies {recipe..}
Banana Muffins {recipe..}

We even put a teaspoon of nutella in the middle of the muffins which oozed out the tops. So delightful.

Now to work out how to whip that cream..
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Friday, 17 May 2013

Jie and his Daddy..

I'm so glad we did this photo shoot with Jiedyn and his Father back in 'o6.
For the past 5 years this picture was all Jiedyn had to remember him by.
Last week Jiedyn saw Daniel for the first time in 4 years..
Jie completely and utterly loves his Dad.
Again Jiedyn won't be seeing him for a while now.
But we will continue to pray for him..
And treasure this photo all the more.

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Chocolate and Banana Thick-shake

Last night my sweet four year old made me and her brother yummy Chocolate and Banana Thick-shakes. She loved chopping up the banana and scooping out the ice-cream..

2 banana's
vanilla ice-cream
chocolate topping
Food Processor/Blender

Chop and blend banana..
Add the same amount of  Ice cream as milk and blend well..
Pour in topping and blend once more..
& your done!

Thanks Nevaeh for our yummy treat. So good!
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Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Lemon and Dill Salmon Fish Cakes

We served these tonight with Baked Cauliflour and fresh Corn on the Cob.
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Craft Fun

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Monday, 13 May 2013

Photo of the Day

Jie rockin' his new sunnies before school!
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Sunday, 12 May 2013

Mothers of the Earth

You are Appreciated.

 Last week I received a bunch of flowers and some chocolates for Mothers Day. But the real gift come this morning when the closed buds bloomed and shone in the morning sun. It was truely beautiful.

I spent the first part of my morning spoiling my best friend for Mama's day.
Her happiness is my happiness.
I spent the rest of my morning at Church.
With more flowers and chocolates having us Mum's feeling loved.
I spent the early part of the afternoon having lunch with the same beautiful friend.
The kids played as we just enjoyed each others company on a day that should never be spent alone.
Before spending the rest of my afternoon cleaning the 3 day old mess my house was in.
Literally, there were no cups, plates or bowls left in my cupboards.
The first part of my evening I snuck an hour snooze in while the kids played the Wii.
Much needed after the weekend and week that I had. But fed kids first of course. 
And the remainder of my evening was spent comforting a few friends who spent their mothers day feeling unappreciated and unrecognized.
I appreciate them.
I see them.
I hear them.
And I love and recognize them today.

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Friday, 10 May 2013

Flashback Friday: 2009

This photo was taken about a 2 months after our daughter was born in '09. I found it today and it made me realize how far I have come since then. Today I am simply me. I don't dress the way I used to, act the way I did back then and the growth in motherhood and as a person is way up there. I  know that I am everything I am today because I grew from a girl who hated the world and everyone in it into a girl that loves and thrives to bless anyone who steps into my life. I sometimes get hurt from my efforts and feel unappreciated but ultimately I serve an awesome God and the blessings I'll receive will be more wonderful than any I could receive in this world. I love who I have become.

Linking up for [Flashback Friday]

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Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Family Devotions

Every Wednesday night we've started having Family devotions.
Between dinner and dessert, for 1 hour we turn everything off {Sorry if I missed your call} and spend time in God's word together, encourage each other and pray together.
Tonight we spoke about creation.
The kids have really enjoyed our first two weeks.
Especially they're 10 pens!

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The Little Sponges Program

Today there is a new program in town. 
It's called "Little Sponges"
It's an eight week program encouraging littlies to come together on a Wednesday.
Our children are watched by two childcare workers and get loads of attention, stimulation and free play all while your in the next building cooking dinner to take home after the session.
Nevaeh absolutely had a blast pretending, and painting, and playing with play-doh, and reading, and, and.. Well you get the point. 
I made vegetarian "sausage" rolls to take home. 
When I went to sign little Miss out, she didn't want to leave.
As I walked in the door she was listening to a book. She was way too busy getting lost in it to notice me.
We sat down and ate lunch together and talked about all the wonderful things she had done.
Her favorites were catching fish and playing in the sand.
The best part of the whole day for me was that it was all 100% FREE!
From the taxi to and from Darley to the childcare itself..
I urge you, if you know anyone in the area with littlies looking to get out once a week please give them these details so that they too can enjoy what I had the privilege to today.

Little Sponges Group Program
Coordinator - Pam  [Monday-Thursday]

This was Nevaeh's first experience at a childcare centre and she loved every moment.
She got a beautiful book to take home and I got the only thing I wanted for Mothers Day this year..

Tonight both of my kids ate the veggie rolls..
I couldn't believe my eye balls!
They actually asked for more........
Thank you Pam and team for today, you guys are amazing!

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Tuesday, 7 May 2013

I Want to Remember this..

Mum, did you know some folks call forks Dingle-hoppers?
Inspired from the beak of Scuttle, a seagul, from the famous movie "The Little Mermaid".

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Confessions of a Single Mum

Good morning Mumma! Did you have a good sleep? 
She asked me with the cutest little smile and runny nose..
It felt like another typical {cold} morning here at home.
Jie was still in bed, I could tell. The Wii wasn't on.
I looked at the time, Jie's bus was due in 5 minutes..
I guess I'd better get up.
Walking into the lounge room the heater was blearing.
Cockatoos were screeching outside and I hadn't yet seen the cats.
I asked little Miss where the cats were..
There it was..
The look..
Guilty as guilty can be.
Altius has paint all over him, I dont know who did it..
Drop Dead Fred I persume? I thought to myself trying not to giggle.
Honesty doesn't come natural to Nevaeh when she knows she is in trouble.
Especially when it comes to the cat incidents.
And trust me when I say.. There have been more than a hand full.
And somebody put glue all over the kitchen chairs..
My fault.
I left my pencil case on the couch last night.
Nevaeh had an anxiety attack and when I went to lay with her I fell asleep.
The scissors, glue, paint, permanent marker's, highlighters and pens were all right there in front of her.
I guess it was the paint and glue she had master plans for this morning.

Now back to the cat.
The now blue and red cat didn't have just a little bit of paint on him.
It was glugged on him and drooping and dripping off him.
I couldn't leave the house without washing him.

I filled up the trough in the laundry.
With one had I held his two front feet.
With the other hand I starting rinsing the paint off him.
The more paint dropping off of him, the more the the water turned purple.
By the time most of the paint was off him and in the water I was pretty much rinsing him purple.

I refilled the trough still holding our precious cat who was putting up a good fight.
The plug scared him and the cup hitting the sides as I filled it again and again made him nervous.
I tried my best to sooth him but he was not liking this experience one bit.
Putting him on the towel and drying him was easy.
I think he gave up the fight by that point and I was able to dry him as much as I could.
I popped the towels in the washing machine
and let him go and find a nice place in the sun to dry and stay warm.
He did.
But his stares since have been nasty.

By this time Jie was an hour late.
Breakfast, lunches and drink bottles had been prepared when..
I flooded the laundry.
I left the bloody plug in the trough and now there was water everywhere.
With no time to waste I grabbed the closest towel and started wiping the water up and ringing it out.
The taxi was due in 10 minutes..
I didn't have time to mop it all up.
Jie still needed to read his reader and we all had to put our shoes on.

With no time to spare we got Jie to school.
The laundry floor got a thorough rinse and clean.
and Altius dried, and is now lovely and soft..
 Ah, the behind-the scene fun of a single Mum..
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Monday, 6 May 2013

Saturday Morning Fun

Saturday just gone Jie had Karate pracise.
We got there an hour early so we played at the park together.
It was a great chance for both of the kids to show off their skills.
Nevaeh begged me to watch her climb up a really high ladder. 
Then wanted me to catch her at the bottom of the slide.
Jiedyn showed me how he could cross the high monkey bars.
Then wanted me to push him on the flying fox.
I even got Jie to take a photo of me..
 And then I got a photo of him from my view..
 The kids sea-sawed together, 
sung together, 
laughed together 
and there were a lot of challanges thrown around such as..
Hey Jiedyn, can you do this then?
Hey Nevaeh, I bet you cant do this then..
But under all that brother and sisterly bickering.
There is nothing they wouldn't do for one another. 
Nevaeh taught Jie to swing his own swing for the first time.
Although he is her big brother there is still an apreciation for little sisters.
Especially ones with a heart like Nevaeh's.

Proud moment!

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Friday, 3 May 2013

My 1st Henna

Above this post you will see the words "Check List"
After you click on it what you will see are things I am wanting to achieve in my life.
One of those things was to get the ancient indian bodyart called Henna.
Yesterday I did this. 
Right here in our small town of Bacchus Marsh.
I loved every moment of the experience.
Here's what it looked like as it was getting done.

After having it painted on my hand I went on to do some shopping.
As I wondered through one shop after the other and people asked me a few different questions.
Did it hurt?
Does it hurt now?
How long does it last?
  The answer to the first two questions is no.
Waiting for it to dry actually feels similar to having Vicks rubbed onto your skin.
It feels like a cold peppermint feeling.
To understand what I mean you'll have to try it yourself.
But no, it didn't hurt.
And the answer to the 3rd question is that it all depends on how long you leave it on.
The design can last up to 4 weeks on the skin.
I was encouraged not to wash with water for 5 hours for it's full effect.
Best excuse not to do dishes though I did hang two loads of washing out.
Here is what it looks like now.
I loved every moment of my experience. 
I can't wait to do it again in a few weeks with a different design. 
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Memories of Nana..

After going through all the old photos, it was this one I choose to share with you all {And my children}.

This photo was taken by me back in 2009 on a disposable camera which was later scanned onto my laptop. I remember looking through the lens and capturing the perfect moment just as Jie was smiling at his Great Grandmother.

Nana loved spending this quality time with her first born grandson. And was actually quite surprised when she found out that I was having a boy.

This was because. In our family. Going back generations. The woman always birthed their daughters first.
My Great Grandmother birthed a girl, another girl, a boy and then twins (My nana was one of the twins) and went on to have more.. 
Then our Nana had two girls.
Our mother had 2 girls and a boy in that order.
Our Aunty had 2 girls and a boy in that order.
And my sister had 2 girls and a boy in that order and has since had another daughter.
I was the first to break the genetic cycle having a son first and then my daughter.
And I am the only one in my family with a pigeon pair.

Nana always said that she wanted to be around to see her Great Grandchildren and she was blessed with meeting 4/5 to date. She loved all of her grandchildren and great grandchildren and left us all with precious memories before her passing in 2009. 

I'm so happy knowing she met, loved, held and spent time with my two children. 
If only for a little while.

She was beautiful.
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Wednesday, 1 May 2013

His love..

Looking through my photos this afternoon I came across this one.
Taken this morning obviously by Jiedyn while waiting for the school bus.
He sure loves his Mama.

Made me smile..
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