Sunday, 12 May 2013

Mothers of the Earth

You are Appreciated.

 Last week I received a bunch of flowers and some chocolates for Mothers Day. But the real gift come this morning when the closed buds bloomed and shone in the morning sun. It was truely beautiful.

I spent the first part of my morning spoiling my best friend for Mama's day.
Her happiness is my happiness.
I spent the rest of my morning at Church.
With more flowers and chocolates having us Mum's feeling loved.
I spent the early part of the afternoon having lunch with the same beautiful friend.
The kids played as we just enjoyed each others company on a day that should never be spent alone.
Before spending the rest of my afternoon cleaning the 3 day old mess my house was in.
Literally, there were no cups, plates or bowls left in my cupboards.
The first part of my evening I snuck an hour snooze in while the kids played the Wii.
Much needed after the weekend and week that I had. But fed kids first of course. 
And the remainder of my evening was spent comforting a few friends who spent their mothers day feeling unappreciated and unrecognized.
I appreciate them.
I see them.
I hear them.
And I love and recognize them today.

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