Saturday, 26 February 2011

Meet our little Artist

Born in the small town of Bacchus Marsh, Victoria in 2009 this little artist was first discovered by her fabulous Mum who decided it would be fun to cover her daughters hands with different coloured paint. We have decided to call this painting the latest phase to come from this little angel's sweet lips.
tricked ya - By ɹǝʞɐq ɥǝɐʌǝu
Not only is this young lady fantastic at creating hand paintings, but she is also talented at creating other things too.. 

Such as the art of making a mess. You name it - she's messed with it. Everything from toothpaste to hair gel, books to dvd's, saucepans to the utensil's drawer. Actually today she got an egg out of the fridge.. oh yes.. she is always creating something!!

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Thursday, 24 February 2011

Nurse on Call

We had a shocker of a night last night. Both the kids went to bed early as uʎpǝıſ is still sick and Nevaeh was just so tired. By 3am uʎpǝıſ woke up and threw up the tiny bit of dinner he had in him and we ended up having to give him a shower. He was so sick but still managed to smile and not cry. Matt offered to sleep on the couch so he could sleep in our bed after we heard him making weazing sounds in his sleep.. It sounded like he couldn't breath. Jie turned us down of the offer (which was very unlike him) and went back to sleep in his bed. Again once he was asleep he made this unbearable noise. I did get a video of it but it won't upload. I ended up calling Nurse On Call. She listened to his breathing before having me wake him up and check to see if he could breath okay while he was awake. She was so helpful telling me to prop him up on a pillow and have him sleep sitting up because he had mucus on his chest which was making him make that horrible noise. She also told me if it got any worst to take him to the hospital and to put his vaporiser on to keep the mucus moist. She was lovely and very helpful.. I have called them in the past and they always have such great advise.. Beats sitting around in a hospital waiting room for hours with littlies that's for sure!! I'd recommend them to anyone!!

Update: We took Jie doctors this morning and found out he is on the mend. The worst is gone and although he isn't eating much I am happy to say he has not thrown up since 3am so that's a good sign! He has been so brave.. 
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Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Phone Home!

Before dinner tonight I called my Dad. I love calling him because in a way he eases my separation anxiety. I have nothing to do with anyone else in my family so just hearing his familiar voice gives me a well.. sense of belonging.

It was a quick chat, a hello, hows things, a few giggles and a touch of serious encouragement from a father to his daughter finished with a talk to you soon and never a good-bye.

I wouldn't have it any other way.. 5 minutes is all it takes once a week to let your parents know you love them.

It's Kind of hard to explain how I feel about my Dad.. I miss him with all my heart and want to make up for lost time although I know I can't. He is my rock in life and I know whenever I need anyone I'll always have him. I honestly couldn't imagine my life without him.

That's all for tonight, thanks for reading..
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Sunday, 20 February 2011

Is there such thing as praying too much?

Lately uʎpǝıſ has been praying a lot.. and when I say a lot I mean A-lot!! He prays about every little thing. For example today Jie woke up sick, he couldn't stop throwing up and just couldn't stop. He asked me to pray to help him feel better so I did. Within half an hour he was fine jumping around and playing hide and seek.

Then later he got the hiccups, I told him to hold his breath.. when they didn't go away he had another one of his brilliant ideas and asked his almighty God to take them away.. and straight after the prayer we waited for a hiccup together but they were gone!! I was gob smacked!! uʎpǝıſ just smiled at me then said "I told you God listens to me Mum"

Before dinner ɥǝɐʌǝᴎ was playing in his room with him today when next minute I hear. "Dear God, can you please tell Vaya to stop touching my good cars because I gave her my old ones but she still keeps touching these ones and when I tell her to stop she just gets angry at me and I don't want her to be angry - Amen"

Today alone Jie prayed around 6 times!! Is this normal and should I limiting his prayer times?

Thanks in advance
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Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Preschool for Sonzie!

uʎpǝıſ and I had a great conversation while walking to preschool today! One how he would miss me, I would miss him and how he wanted me to stay with him or otherwise he would cry.

As I put his bag in his rack and told him not to forget his hat when he goes outside I turn around and he is gone!

Peeping through the class room window I catch a glimpse of him showing off his Ben 10 t-shirt to his teacher Liz. I walk in the class and just watch for a moment. "Ben 10 has to twist his watch to turn into all different aliens" he was explaining to her. I whispered that Mum was going and expected him to beg me not to. I slowly walk away when I hear him say "Mum, you forgot to give me a kiss" I turned around and leant down to kiss him, he turned his head last second and I planted it on his cheeky cheek.

Bye son I say as I leave the room.. I'll miss you!

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Saturday, 5 February 2011

Not Again..

I have chosen to keep uʎpǝıſ back in kinder this year. It was a joint decision between me and his preschool but after the decision was made I had a lot of people looking down on me. I had protective services asking questions, his Grandparents thinking I made the wrong decision and when his Father found out lets just say he wasn't happy. Matt even second questioned me.

I went to the preschool a few times and I always saw the same thing. uʎpǝıſ would be sitting by himself playing. Happily may I add. But I never seen him playing with others. One day I went early to pick him up just to watch him playing and he was in the sandpit with others.. but still playing by himself.

I found it weird because he always come home talking about little kids in his group. I started to question myself about pushing him into school the following year. After talking to his teacher she said that he finds it hard to make friends and that she didn't think he was socially ready for grade Prep.

I had an inkling he wasn't ready.. a mothers instinct if you like! Although he knows his numbers, shapes, colours, opposites, alphabet etc. another important element for school and in life in general is communication. People look down on me for holding Jie back and I have stopped explaining and just smile because I know I am making the right decision for my son.
Fact is - I would rather my son be ready for school then to be pushed into it  because his age says he should me in grade prep. I'd rather him go to school a year later so he can actually enjoy it and build life long friends who he can sit alongside his whole school years. and finally I'd rather that either people in our lives support my decision or keep their opinions to themselves.

Sorry for the random rant..

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