Saturday, 5 February 2011

Not Again..

I have chosen to keep uʎpǝıſ back in kinder this year. It was a joint decision between me and his preschool but after the decision was made I had a lot of people looking down on me. I had protective services asking questions, his Grandparents thinking I made the wrong decision and when his Father found out lets just say he wasn't happy. Matt even second questioned me.

I went to the preschool a few times and I always saw the same thing. uʎpǝıſ would be sitting by himself playing. Happily may I add. But I never seen him playing with others. One day I went early to pick him up just to watch him playing and he was in the sandpit with others.. but still playing by himself.

I found it weird because he always come home talking about little kids in his group. I started to question myself about pushing him into school the following year. After talking to his teacher she said that he finds it hard to make friends and that she didn't think he was socially ready for grade Prep.

I had an inkling he wasn't ready.. a mothers instinct if you like! Although he knows his numbers, shapes, colours, opposites, alphabet etc. another important element for school and in life in general is communication. People look down on me for holding Jie back and I have stopped explaining and just smile because I know I am making the right decision for my son.
Fact is - I would rather my son be ready for school then to be pushed into it  because his age says he should me in grade prep. I'd rather him go to school a year later so he can actually enjoy it and build life long friends who he can sit alongside his whole school years. and finally I'd rather that either people in our lives support my decision or keep their opinions to themselves.

Sorry for the random rant..

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caroline said...

it is okay to rant and let out our thoughts. hope you will feel better about your decision and gain the support of your family members. all in good time.

caroline (found you through bloggy mom)

~Nikki~ said...

You need to trust that you have made the best decision for J. I know it's hard but it's probably better for him to have repeated kinder when he's younger, than to see him repeat a primary school level with his friends going up. Chin up Mum, you're doing a great job xo

Melissa said...

Thanks for the encouragement girls!


Sharmaine Kruijver said...

I like what Nikki said and to trust yourself. It is always hard knowing if you make the right choices for our kids but I figure if we need to make a choice about something, like this, it usually means there is a problem in the first place. hugs :)

Melissa said...

Yeah your both right - Thanks a bunch!

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