Thursday, 24 February 2011

Nurse on Call

We had a shocker of a night last night. Both the kids went to bed early as uʎpǝıſ is still sick and Nevaeh was just so tired. By 3am uʎpǝıſ woke up and threw up the tiny bit of dinner he had in him and we ended up having to give him a shower. He was so sick but still managed to smile and not cry. Matt offered to sleep on the couch so he could sleep in our bed after we heard him making weazing sounds in his sleep.. It sounded like he couldn't breath. Jie turned us down of the offer (which was very unlike him) and went back to sleep in his bed. Again once he was asleep he made this unbearable noise. I did get a video of it but it won't upload. I ended up calling Nurse On Call. She listened to his breathing before having me wake him up and check to see if he could breath okay while he was awake. She was so helpful telling me to prop him up on a pillow and have him sleep sitting up because he had mucus on his chest which was making him make that horrible noise. She also told me if it got any worst to take him to the hospital and to put his vaporiser on to keep the mucus moist. She was lovely and very helpful.. I have called them in the past and they always have such great advise.. Beats sitting around in a hospital waiting room for hours with littlies that's for sure!! I'd recommend them to anyone!!

Update: We took Jie doctors this morning and found out he is on the mend. The worst is gone and although he isn't eating much I am happy to say he has not thrown up since 3am so that's a good sign! He has been so brave.. 

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Joli Smith said...

I'm so glad your little man is ok! What a scare! I hope he gets better really soon!

☆ Melissa ☆ said...

Thanks a lot Joli, He is looking heaps better today!! xx

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