Sunday, 22 June 2014

The Circus is in Town..

Yesterday afternoon the kids and I went to the circus.
This was Jiedyn's second time and Nevaeh's first.
Jie went to his first circus when he was two.
Which was also Circus Royale in 2007.
So here is how it all went down..

We got lost.
First of all we got lost.
Then I called a Taxi.
Then I stressed we weren't going to make it on time.
But we did.
We picked up our pre-purchased VIP front row tickets!!
And even had time to ride the tea cups..

 God's good like that!!
Although I stress and worry God had a plan.
Ad boy did He come through..
Before the show we grabbed a snow cone.
We were also advised that no photographs were aloud to be taken.
So away went my camera.
The kids watched with amazement at the first performance.
It was a balancing act.
I had my hands over my mouth.
My heart in my throat.
It was nothing short of amazing..
The Juggling boys were next.
These guys were good.
Nevaeh's favorite was the beautiful Contortionist.
She was gleaming and glittery flying high above us.
You could see how much she loved her job.
There were dog acts, geese, camels, ponys and even cows.
I loved them all.
Jie loved the cowboy.
But most of all the clown whom wet us at one point.
In there somewhere was a short interval.
Where we took some time to grab a drink and some pop corn. 
And a snap shot or two..

 I found the yo-yo performance a bit boring and long.
I loved the clowns.
We all did.
The fiery acts had the kids on the edge of their seat.
And the girl hanging by her head while spinning had me on the edge of mine.
A few of the acts I remembered from last time.
But almost all of it were things I'd never seen before in my life.
Including a man whom could fit his whole body into a bottle.
I was utterly and completely speechless.
After hearing of a fall the night before of one of the girls in the motor bike performance I was literally freaking out about that act.
But yet again I was blown away.
Everyone worked so well together and I could see the trust they had for each other.
The night concluded with all the performers circling the ring.
I loved that too.
How they all came together and waved goodbye.
After the show we waited to get a photo with Nevaehs favorite performer.
I snapped a few more photos and we called a taxi to take us out for dinner.

 All in all it was an amazing night.
We met some amazing people and had a great time.
Jiedyn was raving about the cowboy afterward.
Nevaeh spoke to her father on the phone and was laughing between breaths while trying to tell him about the clowns balloon act.
He didn't understand a word.
I thought that was cute.
At bedtime I heard Jie laughing to himself.
I asked what he was laughing at..
"I just cant stop thinking about the clowns" he replied.
And with that I thanked God for our night together.
Thanks Circus Royale for your visit to our home town.
Safe travels and please hurry back..

**Sorry that I haven't gone into more detail with the acts individually. I think that seeing is believing. I didn't want to give too much away to people whom are yet to see the show. Book tickets guys. Take the kids. I saw oldies in the audience almost falling off their seats in laughter. It really is that amazing!!**

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