Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Phrases I've Googled this last week..

As most of you are aware, the kids and I have been home sick for this past week. We have been out of our home only two times this week. Once to do shopping and again today for lunch, so I think it's safe to say that we're all slowly going insane!!

Jie has been begging to go to school and although he is fully not better he has to go back. He's missing out on so much already..

So because we havent been out of the house and have had very little contact with the world outside our four walls I have had to rely a lot on Google for answers to the tough questions.

Here are some things I have searched this past week..

What video settings does the Nikkon D5000 need to be on for Instagram?
Yes, I cannot work this out and Google wasnt very helpful. If you know someone who knows someone who knows how I can successfuly transfer videos taken on my Nikkon d5000 onto my Instgram please pass on my details.. I'm not winning with this one!

Kids Encyclopedia
The other day the kids were driving me nuts with questions about animals. Gorillas in particular. While I do know a little but about gorillas their questions were bugging me. What do they eat? How much do they eat? Do they eat three times a day?.. So I found the Encyclopedia Britanica website and signed us up! We were all pretty excited and spent about an hour finding out cool facts about Gorillas.

Dominos Online
Oh yes she did!

Focus on the Family
I listened to segment about co-parenting last week on the radio and wanted to know more. I feel like Nevaeh is in the middle of mine and my husbands seperation and issues with each other constantly. I found some great ways to co parent which I have already put in place. I have also purchased "Co-Parenting Works!" by Tammy G. Daughtry and two other books..

Garlic rice recipe
And I nailed it!!

Lemon, ginger and honey tea recipe
Yet to master this one..

How to stop coughing at night
No conclusion..

How to unblock your ear
My ear is still blocked.. 3 days and counting..

While Google did answer all of these questions and more, some of its answers didn't work for me..

What was the last three things you asked Google?

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Sammy said...

How do you check the last three things?

- the Nikon question: i'd say you need to have it on the LOWEST quality you can find - as instagram wouldn't allow BIG video. I wouldn't worry about compromising the quality too much by doing so as it has to be compressed to such a small screen you probably wouldn't realise.

- tea: we often make a pot of green or white tea (T2 = awesome!) and slice about 1cm of FRESH ginger in. This is really good if you're not feeling well. IN Indonesia they drink it for a lot of different remedies and it has been a real hit in this house!

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