Monday, 31 December 2012

A rare 'Yes' day

Today I am giving my children a 'yes' day. 
So far they have both asked for lollies and to paint.. 
Jiedyn has asked to spend New Years with his friends (and not mine)..
And Nevaeh has asked to use my camera..
Here's to hoping they don't ask for anything too extreme..
Because today the answer is Yes!
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Sunday, 30 December 2012

Neighbour blessings 2012

I have resided in Bacchus Marsh for a little over 7 years. In this time I have been blessed with wonderful neighbors who have always been there for me and my children.

As a single Mum, living alone, we have two "safe houses" in our area. One, two houses up and one, across the road and around the corner. I first introduced our safe houses to Jie when he was three and while my husband was going through alcoholism and substance abuse. Because he wasn't living with us and because he was unpredictable. The two people in each of our safe houses are amazing people always willing to open their doors day or night. For them we are blessed.

Within the seven years living here I have gotten to know the neighbors really well. This year, while walking Jie to the bus stop everyday for school we have met a lot more up the other end of the street. All year two neighbours have brought the kids special little things here and there. Mostly books and lollies but on hotter days icy poles and chocolate. These generous neighbours have been amazing and after Matt and I broke up back in September, they made me know, that they were there for me. Because of their kindness and generosity we are blessed.

On the right hand side of my home lives an old man named Trevor. He has grown up in this street since he was a boy, he is now 80 years old. He is one of a kind. In the seven years I have been here I have seen him climb roofs and ladders to fix things, I have seen him drive his ute, sell his ute to buy a bike, sell his bike to buy a mobility scooter, and although he has his mobility scooter, we very often still see him on his bike! Trev is the kindest, gentlest, oldest man I've been blessed to know. He fitted my washing machine in for me back in 'o5, when he saw my antanna needed fixing in 'o7 he got on my roof to fix it, when the fence was half blown down in 'o8 he staked it, and this year, when I got bikes for the kids for Christmas, it was Trev we turned to for tools to piece them together. He is such a selfless man willing to do anything for anyone. Because of him we are blessed.

Our neighbors on the other side of us, an elderly couple, who brought the house from our previous neighbors only 5 short years ago are lovely also. Bob, the bloke, brings us peaches and mangos from his tree's out the back. This summer he has also grown tomatos and boy are they juicy. In recent years, since doing our advent calenders, these guys have become really friendly towards us. A few weeks ago, noticing their lawns growing tall I decided to mow it, unbeknown to them. I know they appreciated it wether they knew it was me or not. It's what I do now. They dont own a lawn mower and even if they did Bob suffers with back aches (being in his 60's). I actually enjoy doing it for them. It teaches my kids kindness and because of that we are blessed.

Tonight I made Trev some dinner. In the late afternoon Trevor has a chair on his veranda in which he falls asleep on. His brother owns a farm on the outskirts of town and most days that is were you'll find him. He rides his bike out there to help his brother and always ends up having a nap on his veranda after a piece of fruit around the time I pick Jie up from school. He is always busy and wearing himself out. Tonight Trevor had what we had for tea. Snags and salad. For once we got to bless him back. I've always wondered what I could do for him as he has done so much for us. What to give a guy who has everything. What to buy an 80 year old for Christmas. Well you know the saying, "the way to mans heart is through his stomach" Judging by the smile and appreciation he showed tonight, he was happily satisfied. Merry Christmas Trevor!
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A summers drive..

with Poppy out to Queenscliff..

Nevaeh fell asleep..

while Jie took selfies all the way home!

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Friday, 28 December 2012

Sibling love..

This holiday season has brought Jiedyn and Nevaeh closer together more than any other. 
Here they are asleep in my bed tonight. 
I adore these two..
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Wednesday, 26 December 2012


Our Boxing Day tradition is usually spent with my Dad, the kids grandfather. But today we've been eating Christmas lunch leftovers, a few lollies and playing the wii whom we have named Walter!
What started off as a game for three, soon became a bowling dual . 
It was a close match between Mum and son, resulting in us both being Number 1!

We love Christmas!
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A very merry Christmas day..

 God's gifts to me this year were..

  • The Kids getting up at a godly hour to open their Gifts.
  • The cats well fed, with the meat we were meant to have for lunch.

  •  An invite out, right when I needed it.
  • Cocktails and shots with my faithful friend.
  • A second lunch with the Shilling family!
  • Jiedyn and Nevaeh being spoiled with far too much candy than they could eat.
  • Little moments that made me smile the whole day through.
  • The kids spending time with Christian friends on Christmas day.
  • Leftovers. 
  • The latest night Nevaeh has ever had.
  • A viewing of "the best" Christmas light displays in our area.
  • A peaceful night sleep.

But most of all. The feeling of being loved, accepted and treasured like no other Christmas ever. I hope you guys got to experience that too.. Merry Christmas.

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Tuesday, 25 December 2012

How I spent my Christmas Eve!

As a Seamstress.

After Nevaeh took a fancy to barbies earlier this year I knew that there was no stopping her. As a child, I too liked barbies, then Polly Pockets, then barbies again. I can see why her eyes shine with glee when she see's them, the glits and glamour of it all makes them so appealing.

As I browsed through Kmart last month there were so many to choose from. As I looked closer at each box, it was clear how sexualised they had become since I was a child. I remember having a few, not a lot, but maybe four or five but nothing like the ones on display. I remember having this one, and this one and this one..

While at the pool the other day she saw a little girl, around her age, three or four in the baby pool wearing a bikini. Nevaeh was horrified.
Mum, What the heck? She's rudies!
 I agreed..
Yes Nevaeh, we can see her belly!
 We laughed it off and the kids continued to play.

Not realising it then, but I had actually brought Nevaeh a barbie with a bikini on to go with the barbie pool I also got her for Christmas. I remember looking for a barbie with a one piece swim suit on but I guess that is just not "the barbie fashion" anymore. So tonight, realizing I had also brought a few dresses for her barbies which are mini (again, all they had), I pulled out the sewing machine and made a dress out of two old shirts I was going to give to the op-shop next week.
So what do you think? You like?..

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Sunday, 23 December 2012

Christmas Advent: Day 17

Our Christmas advent for day 17 was to go to the pool. Unfortunately it fell on an overcast Monday and Jiedyn had school. So, today being 40° we soaked up the sun down at the local pool with some friends! 
It was a {fun}tastic day..
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The Real Joy This Christmas..

Oh, I am so filled with Joy right now after finding a movie that I used to watch over and over and over from the age of about 4. It was my favorite video for years, click play to see why!

Twenty years later and I'm sharing it with my kids! What an amazing opportunity!! That's the real Joy this Christmas..

Merry Christmas Everybody!
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Friday, 21 December 2012

December 16th

Last Sunday at Enjoy Church, wearing his pajamas, after worshiping with his Mama for the very first time, Jiedyn asked Jesus into his life! He prayed 
Jesus, come and live in my heart, now and forever..
while holding my hand and with his friends along side him. 

What a moment. I teared up.. My most precious son, knows the only father who will never leave him and who will never let him down. 

I cannot wait to see the Journey God has planned for him..

As a reminder of the day Jie asked God into his heart, I brought him this.
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Grade Prep Overview

Schools Name: 
Bacchus Marsh Primary School
Principals Name
Mr Wren
Teachers Name: 
Mrs Newton
Favorite Library Book: 
Grandads Gifts
Best friend: 
Jess Goodchild
Greatest Achievement: 
Winning 13 points for Mirrimu at Junior Athletics Day and Student of the week for being fast at Math.
Favorite Subject: 
Math, Music and P.E.
Three memorable events:  
Teddy Bear Picnic, Visiting the hospital and Swimming lessons.
How you get to school: 
House name and colour: 
Merrimu & Green
Favorite thing to do at lunch time: 
Spend money and have lunch orders.
Favorite game at school: 
How many books you read this year: 
290 books
Type of Schoolbag: 
Ben 10 then Nintendo backpack
Type of wallet: 
Goodbye Gift to Mrs Newton:  
The David Pelzer three book series, an angel for her Christmas tree, some strawberry and cream lollies and caramel chocolate in a hamper.

Favorite memory in Kitchen: Anzac Buiscuits.
Favorite memory in Chinese: Neehow - Hello & SayChen - Goodbye
Favorite memory in Music: Winter wonderland song.
Favorite memory in PE: The big enormous fan.
Favorite memory in Science: Caterpillars.
Favorite memory in Library: Having books read to me.

Mums Comments:
Jie lost two teeth while at school this year. He has also learnt to be brave with the bigger personalities in his class. He has enjoyed catching the bus to and from school and always has great things to tell me. He likes writing lists but most of all sums. Jiedyn often over rules my authority with his teachers. With a sentence like
But Mrs Newton said...
 Do your kids do that too?

Overall Jiedyn has had a wonderful first year of primary school. So many moments and memories to treasure this year. I'd like to just publicly thank Renae Newton for being an amazing teacher and mother figure to my son and also his best friend Jess who has encouraged Jie to shine at school. You gusy have made this year an amazing experience for Jie. And with that - Good bye grade prep and hello ONErs!
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Monday, 17 December 2012

Sew.. Excited!

I cannot believe I just taught myself to sew! No tutorials, no assistance, no worries! 
I drew then cut out two identical pieces of blue fabric. I read the instruction manual of my brand spankin' new sewing machine ( which I picked up cheap from Target for myself for Christmas), learnt how to threat the top thread into the needle and how to attach the bottom thread. Before long I was just trying all the patterns and getting a feel for my new machine. I tried using the hand operation but found that I prefer the pedal instead. The kids and I went down the street for dinner and I called into the two fabric shops on the way down. I got two meters of plain blue fabric to practice with, but on my first time sewing I created this..

A beautiful Blue stocking! 
It's not perfect and the stitching is looser than what it should be but, isn't it cool! The kids went to bed early (6.30pm early), so you guys get to see it before they do. I'm so proud of myself!
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Saturday, 15 December 2012

Santa is not real!

This was one of the first songs I remember singing as a child in front of my school at the end of the year. Gone are the days of Nativity plays and Hymns in our education systems not just here in Australia, but world wide.

If fact 20 children in my sons class last week heard of Jesus for the very first time!! The teacher had Jie stand up and tell them the Christmas Story. He loved it and was so excited that he could share his best friend with his whole class. It was the first thing I heard come out of his mouth as he hopped off the bus on Friday.

 But while he was allowed to share about Jesus' birth, he was not allowed to share about the reason He came, he wasn't allowed to share that Jesus died so that he, his friends and family could live and he was not allowed to share that he does not celebrate Santa. I don't understand, being of Christian faith, why he cannot freely speak about his beliefs. Everyone in his class believe in Santa, share Santa, love Santa and celebrate him once a year. My son believes in Jesus, should be able to share Jesus and loves Jesus all year round. Jie is learning to respect the beliefs of his friends, but is not getting the same courtesy when is comes to them. Do the parents only think about themselves these days?

So while we don't "do" Santa, Jie still participates in Christmas activities at school which consist of flying Reindeer, and elves, and the north pole and the absurdity of one man delivering billions of presents to sleeping kids in one night. If I had have chosen not to include him, he would likely miss out on the last three weeks of his school curriculum. While I tell Jiedyn of Santa and the north-pole being a "story", I can't help but think of all these children who grow up believing lies from their own parents. Sure, my parents did it but knowing the real reason for Christmas is much more real, special and magical than an old guy in a red suit! Why do you do it, if you do it at all?

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Video's of Nevaeh singing..

Your love never fails, it never gives up, it never runs out on me..
Song: One Thing Remains - Jesus Culture
Too cute not to share with you all..
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Thursday, 13 December 2012

Christmas Advent: Day 13

:Action Shots:

It has been a lot more fun this year than it was last year as we could all get involved. Nevaeh had a bit of trouble in the beginning but soon worked out how to use the whipped cream nozel. 

Last year there was a lot more running involved, but this year was way more fun!
Here is a short video of the kids washing the cream off themselves. 
Not very exciting but as you can tell, Nevaeh loves water!

We all cant wait for next year.
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Sunday, 9 December 2012

Christmas Advent: Day 8

Bake Cookies for the neighbours.
Yesterday was just way too hot to be home baking so I told the kids this morning that this afternoon, providing they're rooms were cleaned up, that we would bake for our neighbors. 

At one o'clock we left for the shops to by food coloring and icing sugar. We got home at around three o'clock and started mixing and cutting at four o'clock. By five we we're baking and preparing our different color icing sugar. The kids took turns painting and dipping the cooled biscuits into the 100's and 1000's. 

We made green trees, red angels, blue boys, stripy red candy canes and yellow stars & bells.

 Knowing our neighbors, we packaged the biscuits so that every one in their family could enjoy one. Three families on our street have four children, we made around 60 biscuits to share.

 12 deliveries later it was time to head home and clean up.
Dishes, dinner then bedtime..
 So much for the 'I'm not tired' excuse.

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Saturday, 8 December 2012

On A Summers Day..

We went visitin' on a summers day Uh-hum, U-hum.
We went visitin' on a summers day Uh-hum, U-hum.
We went visiting on a summers day, we wore our thongs along the way.
Uh-hum, U-hum, U-hum Uh-hum Uh-hum.

Our kids went jumping on a summers day Uh-hum, Uh-hum.
Our kids went jumping on a summers day Uh-hum, Uh-hum.
Our Kids went jumping on a summers day, kylie wet them while they played.
Uh-hum, U-hum, U-hum Uh-hum Uh-hum.

We ate with our friends on a summers day Uh-hum, Uh-hum.
We ate with our friends on a summers day Uh-hum, Uh-hum.
We ate with our friends on a summers day, before we ate we gave thanks and prayed 
Uh-hum, U-hum, U-hum Uh-hum Uh-hum.

What do you think we ate for lunch Uh-hum, Uh-hum.
What do you think we ate for lunch Uh-hum Uh-hum
What do you think we ate for lunch, snags in a roll with a munch munch munch..
U-hum Uh-hum Uh-hum.
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While other countries get snow we get these..

~ Christmas Beetles ~

This guy landed on Jiedyn's pants on our way to get some dinner tonight, he let Jie hold him for a few moments, had his picture taken then flew away with the wind.

He's famous now!!
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Friday, 7 December 2012

A Pink Goodbye..

Photo Source: Nine News

Photo Source: Herald Sun

Photo Source: Herald Sun
Myself along with five kids in my care, put our pinks on and painted our faces to walk with our community in respect for the family and friends who recently lost a friend, daughter and Grand-daughter - Sarah Cafferkey.

Last month our community were told that we had lost the 22 year old to the hands of domestic violence. Two courageous men stepped forward to unite our town as one. Together we walked with friends, family, teachers, council members and neighbors to pay our respects publicly . 

On Saturday, 2nd of December we marched proudly.
We wore pink as it was Sarah's favorite colour
and white to stop the violence against women nation wide.

Sarah Cafferkey
To view these photos and many more of the day please like Natasha Hurst Photography on Facebook.

We are blessed to live in such a caring community.

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Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Christmas Advent: Day 5

Watch a Christmas Movie.

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Tuesday, 4 December 2012


Bursting off the bus with a lit up face, rosy red cheeks and a green ribbon hanging on his chest,  Jie was filled with joy and excitement to tell me everything he had achieved in his very first Junior Sports Day at school.
I came third Mum! I really did! We did a long distance run, we had to go around two times and I came third!
 Very proud and excited Nevaeh and I listened as he told us of the different events he took part in.  On his ribbon it read "Jie, Athletics, I have won 13 points for Mirrimu" I shared with him that I too was in green house when I was in primary school. He went on to tell me that he came 2nd in his class in achieving the most amount of house points. I could see how pleased he was with himself. I just sat and stared for a while, soaking in the goodness, the energy, full aware that this was the beginning of a life full of great things. Way to go son.
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Monday, 3 December 2012

Christmas Advent: Day 3

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Friday, 30 November 2012

Christmas Advent: Day 1

So, we have started our Christmas advent a day early! The kids want to have a late night tonight and Jie has his birthday hour tomorrow so I thought why not take the stress out of tomorrow and do it after school today! Oh, how I LOVE Christmas!! Joyful Joyful Lord we adore thee..

Full list of our Family Advent Calender {Click Here}
Full view of our Christmas Tree {Click Here}
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Thursday, 29 November 2012


Jiedyn is experiencing a birthday like none he has ever had before. He is spending it with people he spends most of his days with, people who love being around him, who give him gifts almost every other day, who makehim feel special and most of all treasured . Jie is spending his 7th birthday at school with his besties Jess and Kaitlyn.

Jess has been a big part of Jiedyn's first year of school experience. They have been best friends right from the start. His teacher knows that wherever one is, the other is never far behind. Kaitlyn {on the far right} is also an amazing friend to Jie. These three are always together, always laughing, always joking around and having fun. I am so thankful to these girls because without them Jie's days at school would not be what they are today!

Today, as a special treat for Jies birthday I went to the school and shouted his whole class a yummy chocolate paddle pop!

It was worth the smiles..
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Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Jiedyn's School Report

 Today is Jie's last day of being six, and what better way to spend it than to show me around his classroom at all the hard work he'd been doing this year. Being a student at Bacchus Marsh Primary, Victoria's oldest school, Jie has made countless friends, learnt to be brave with the bigger personalities in his class and has repeatedly shown great work ethic. On Jie's report he is at the top end of grade prep level in all of his subjects including Art, Health and Physical Education, Interpersonal Development, English and is at a grade 1 level Math.  He loves working with numbers and practices his writing every chance he gets at home. He loves learning Chinese and enjoys PE. Jie's teacher, Renae, had this to say about him:
Jiedyn has made pleasing progress during his first year at school. He is a friendly, happy student who works at completing tasks to the best of his ability. Jiedyn has become a valuable class member because he generally cares for his friends. Well done on a great year in Prep Jie. All the best for grade 1!
There is no greater joy than to see your child not only thriving, but thriving well. Jie is very self sufficient when it comes to school. He is eagar to grow up and be a "big boy". Although this year he has endured a lot of issues within our home environment, he has not let it effect his schooling. Renae said that he always comes to school with a smile and an eagerness to learn. She said if I hadn't have told her about the issues going on at home she would not have known because he has not changed at school. I was delighted to hear that because that was one of my biggest concerns. Jie is really an awesome son and I'm so super proud of his achievements at school this year. I'm so honored to be his Mummy.

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{Wordless Wednesday}


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Tuesday, 27 November 2012

My Seventh Heaven

Let this be a time to reflect on the last 7 years of Jiedyn Karl

Jiedyn was born in 2005, he shares his birthday with little Miss Mia Hewitt.

Jiedyn's first word was "yeah"

Jiedyn's best friend until he was two was our pet dog Nig.

Jiedyn went to Circus Royale for his 2nd birthday.

A couple of weeks later he went with friends to see The Wiggles.

Jie's favorite sayings when he was three were "Wanna fight Mikey?" quoted from the TMNT and
"I did that.. last night"

Jiedyn's favorite TV show was Merlin, and he used to enjoy watching it with his Nana before she passed in 2010. He still loves it today.

Jiedyn knew his numbers, shapes, colors, patterns and more by the time he was five.

Jie did pre-school two years in a row and enjoyed it a lot more the second time.

On March 26th, 2011 Jie got invited to his first birthday. Photos here.

Jiedyn had his very first birthday party last year, a pirate hat picnic party!

Earlier this year Jie had a day off school to stand  up for something he believed in.

And last month Jie performed in front of his school. Check this out.

Jiedyn has come along way. He has manners, shows respect, loves Jesus, has a handful of really good friends, looks out for his sister and is always willing to help others. I have a three way (parent-student and teacher) interview tomorrow and actually look forward to it.

In just two days time Jie will be seven and the chapter of being six will close and a new page will open. I only hope that he'll continue to be my seventh heaven.
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Saturday, 24 November 2012

A [Mum] and [Son] day..

Milkshakes made the best late breakfast!

Reading and playing is how we roll..

Maccas made the best dinner..

before Jie was out-of-control.

But one thing we do know
this Mum and her son..
Chocolate, Skittles and Merlin
are things that will make our Saturday night fun!
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