Monday, 17 December 2012

Sew.. Excited!

I cannot believe I just taught myself to sew! No tutorials, no assistance, no worries! 
I drew then cut out two identical pieces of blue fabric. I read the instruction manual of my brand spankin' new sewing machine ( which I picked up cheap from Target for myself for Christmas), learnt how to threat the top thread into the needle and how to attach the bottom thread. Before long I was just trying all the patterns and getting a feel for my new machine. I tried using the hand operation but found that I prefer the pedal instead. The kids and I went down the street for dinner and I called into the two fabric shops on the way down. I got two meters of plain blue fabric to practice with, but on my first time sewing I created this..

A beautiful Blue stocking! 
It's not perfect and the stitching is looser than what it should be but, isn't it cool! The kids went to bed early (6.30pm early), so you guys get to see it before they do. I'm so proud of myself!

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~Nicole~ said...

Well done Mel... those first projects are always so exciting. And it looks pretty too.

Susan Evans said...

Yes, that is a beautiful stocking! Great job for your first time sewing! :)

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