Friday, 21 December 2012

Grade Prep Overview

Schools Name: 
Bacchus Marsh Primary School
Principals Name
Mr Wren
Teachers Name: 
Mrs Newton
Favorite Library Book: 
Grandads Gifts
Best friend: 
Jess Goodchild
Greatest Achievement: 
Winning 13 points for Mirrimu at Junior Athletics Day and Student of the week for being fast at Math.
Favorite Subject: 
Math, Music and P.E.
Three memorable events:  
Teddy Bear Picnic, Visiting the hospital and Swimming lessons.
How you get to school: 
House name and colour: 
Merrimu & Green
Favorite thing to do at lunch time: 
Spend money and have lunch orders.
Favorite game at school: 
How many books you read this year: 
290 books
Type of Schoolbag: 
Ben 10 then Nintendo backpack
Type of wallet: 
Goodbye Gift to Mrs Newton:  
The David Pelzer three book series, an angel for her Christmas tree, some strawberry and cream lollies and caramel chocolate in a hamper.

Favorite memory in Kitchen: Anzac Buiscuits.
Favorite memory in Chinese: Neehow - Hello & SayChen - Goodbye
Favorite memory in Music: Winter wonderland song.
Favorite memory in PE: The big enormous fan.
Favorite memory in Science: Caterpillars.
Favorite memory in Library: Having books read to me.

Mums Comments:
Jie lost two teeth while at school this year. He has also learnt to be brave with the bigger personalities in his class. He has enjoyed catching the bus to and from school and always has great things to tell me. He likes writing lists but most of all sums. Jiedyn often over rules my authority with his teachers. With a sentence like
But Mrs Newton said...
 Do your kids do that too?

Overall Jiedyn has had a wonderful first year of primary school. So many moments and memories to treasure this year. I'd like to just publicly thank Renae Newton for being an amazing teacher and mother figure to my son and also his best friend Jess who has encouraged Jie to shine at school. You gusy have made this year an amazing experience for Jie. And with that - Good bye grade prep and hello ONErs!

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