Tuesday, 25 December 2012

How I spent my Christmas Eve!

As a Seamstress.

After Nevaeh took a fancy to barbies earlier this year I knew that there was no stopping her. As a child, I too liked barbies, then Polly Pockets, then barbies again. I can see why her eyes shine with glee when she see's them, the glits and glamour of it all makes them so appealing.

As I browsed through Kmart last month there were so many to choose from. As I looked closer at each box, it was clear how sexualised they had become since I was a child. I remember having a few, not a lot, but maybe four or five but nothing like the ones on display. I remember having this one, and this one and this one..

While at the pool the other day she saw a little girl, around her age, three or four in the baby pool wearing a bikini. Nevaeh was horrified.
Mum, What the heck? She's rudies!
 I agreed..
Yes Nevaeh, we can see her belly!
 We laughed it off and the kids continued to play.

Not realising it then, but I had actually brought Nevaeh a barbie with a bikini on to go with the barbie pool I also got her for Christmas. I remember looking for a barbie with a one piece swim suit on but I guess that is just not "the barbie fashion" anymore. So tonight, realizing I had also brought a few dresses for her barbies which are mini (again, all they had), I pulled out the sewing machine and made a dress out of two old shirts I was going to give to the op-shop next week.
So what do you think? You like?..

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~Nicole~ said...

They look great Mel, nice handiwork there :D

katherine said...

Great job Mel! I've managed to only buy 'princess' looking barbies for my girls but dread the day they are given a 'sexy' Barbie as a gift! I hope you are lOving being able to create whenever you feel like it! Merry Christmas to the Baker family. I'm thinking of you all today!

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