Tuesday, 4 December 2012


Bursting off the bus with a lit up face, rosy red cheeks and a green ribbon hanging on his chest,  Jie was filled with joy and excitement to tell me everything he had achieved in his very first Junior Sports Day at school.
I came third Mum! I really did! We did a long distance run, we had to go around two times and I came third!
 Very proud and excited Nevaeh and I listened as he told us of the different events he took part in.  On his ribbon it read "Jie, Athletics, I have won 13 points for Mirrimu" I shared with him that I too was in green house when I was in primary school. He went on to tell me that he came 2nd in his class in achieving the most amount of house points. I could see how pleased he was with himself. I just sat and stared for a while, soaking in the goodness, the energy, full aware that this was the beginning of a life full of great things. Way to go son.

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