Sunday, 30 December 2012

Neighbour blessings 2012

I have resided in Bacchus Marsh for a little over 7 years. In this time I have been blessed with wonderful neighbors who have always been there for me and my children.

As a single Mum, living alone, we have two "safe houses" in our area. One, two houses up and one, across the road and around the corner. I first introduced our safe houses to Jie when he was three and while my husband was going through alcoholism and substance abuse. Because he wasn't living with us and because he was unpredictable. The two people in each of our safe houses are amazing people always willing to open their doors day or night. For them we are blessed.

Within the seven years living here I have gotten to know the neighbors really well. This year, while walking Jie to the bus stop everyday for school we have met a lot more up the other end of the street. All year two neighbours have brought the kids special little things here and there. Mostly books and lollies but on hotter days icy poles and chocolate. These generous neighbours have been amazing and after Matt and I broke up back in September, they made me know, that they were there for me. Because of their kindness and generosity we are blessed.

On the right hand side of my home lives an old man named Trevor. He has grown up in this street since he was a boy, he is now 80 years old. He is one of a kind. In the seven years I have been here I have seen him climb roofs and ladders to fix things, I have seen him drive his ute, sell his ute to buy a bike, sell his bike to buy a mobility scooter, and although he has his mobility scooter, we very often still see him on his bike! Trev is the kindest, gentlest, oldest man I've been blessed to know. He fitted my washing machine in for me back in 'o5, when he saw my antanna needed fixing in 'o7 he got on my roof to fix it, when the fence was half blown down in 'o8 he staked it, and this year, when I got bikes for the kids for Christmas, it was Trev we turned to for tools to piece them together. He is such a selfless man willing to do anything for anyone. Because of him we are blessed.

Our neighbors on the other side of us, an elderly couple, who brought the house from our previous neighbors only 5 short years ago are lovely also. Bob, the bloke, brings us peaches and mangos from his tree's out the back. This summer he has also grown tomatos and boy are they juicy. In recent years, since doing our advent calenders, these guys have become really friendly towards us. A few weeks ago, noticing their lawns growing tall I decided to mow it, unbeknown to them. I know they appreciated it wether they knew it was me or not. It's what I do now. They dont own a lawn mower and even if they did Bob suffers with back aches (being in his 60's). I actually enjoy doing it for them. It teaches my kids kindness and because of that we are blessed.

Tonight I made Trev some dinner. In the late afternoon Trevor has a chair on his veranda in which he falls asleep on. His brother owns a farm on the outskirts of town and most days that is were you'll find him. He rides his bike out there to help his brother and always ends up having a nap on his veranda after a piece of fruit around the time I pick Jie up from school. He is always busy and wearing himself out. Tonight Trevor had what we had for tea. Snags and salad. For once we got to bless him back. I've always wondered what I could do for him as he has done so much for us. What to give a guy who has everything. What to buy an 80 year old for Christmas. Well you know the saying, "the way to mans heart is through his stomach" Judging by the smile and appreciation he showed tonight, he was happily satisfied. Merry Christmas Trevor!

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Vicky Fida said...

That is so nice of you to acknowledge your neighboors and appreciate them this way. So many nice people around us that deserve appreciation!

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