Friday, 30 November 2012

Christmas Advent: Day 1

So, we have started our Christmas advent a day early! The kids want to have a late night tonight and Jie has his birthday hour tomorrow so I thought why not take the stress out of tomorrow and do it after school today! Oh, how I LOVE Christmas!! Joyful Joyful Lord we adore thee..

Full list of our Family Advent Calender {Click Here}
Full view of our Christmas Tree {Click Here}
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Thursday, 29 November 2012


Jiedyn is experiencing a birthday like none he has ever had before. He is spending it with people he spends most of his days with, people who love being around him, who give him gifts almost every other day, who makehim feel special and most of all treasured . Jie is spending his 7th birthday at school with his besties Jess and Kaitlyn.

Jess has been a big part of Jiedyn's first year of school experience. They have been best friends right from the start. His teacher knows that wherever one is, the other is never far behind. Kaitlyn {on the far right} is also an amazing friend to Jie. These three are always together, always laughing, always joking around and having fun. I am so thankful to these girls because without them Jie's days at school would not be what they are today!

Today, as a special treat for Jies birthday I went to the school and shouted his whole class a yummy chocolate paddle pop!

It was worth the smiles..
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Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Jiedyn's School Report

 Today is Jie's last day of being six, and what better way to spend it than to show me around his classroom at all the hard work he'd been doing this year. Being a student at Bacchus Marsh Primary, Victoria's oldest school, Jie has made countless friends, learnt to be brave with the bigger personalities in his class and has repeatedly shown great work ethic. On Jie's report he is at the top end of grade prep level in all of his subjects including Art, Health and Physical Education, Interpersonal Development, English and is at a grade 1 level Math.  He loves working with numbers and practices his writing every chance he gets at home. He loves learning Chinese and enjoys PE. Jie's teacher, Renae, had this to say about him:
Jiedyn has made pleasing progress during his first year at school. He is a friendly, happy student who works at completing tasks to the best of his ability. Jiedyn has become a valuable class member because he generally cares for his friends. Well done on a great year in Prep Jie. All the best for grade 1!
There is no greater joy than to see your child not only thriving, but thriving well. Jie is very self sufficient when it comes to school. He is eagar to grow up and be a "big boy". Although this year he has endured a lot of issues within our home environment, he has not let it effect his schooling. Renae said that he always comes to school with a smile and an eagerness to learn. She said if I hadn't have told her about the issues going on at home she would not have known because he has not changed at school. I was delighted to hear that because that was one of my biggest concerns. Jie is really an awesome son and I'm so super proud of his achievements at school this year. I'm so honored to be his Mummy.

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{Wordless Wednesday}


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Tuesday, 27 November 2012

My Seventh Heaven

Let this be a time to reflect on the last 7 years of Jiedyn Karl

Jiedyn was born in 2005, he shares his birthday with little Miss Mia Hewitt.

Jiedyn's first word was "yeah"

Jiedyn's best friend until he was two was our pet dog Nig.

Jiedyn went to Circus Royale for his 2nd birthday.

A couple of weeks later he went with friends to see The Wiggles.

Jie's favorite sayings when he was three were "Wanna fight Mikey?" quoted from the TMNT and
"I did that.. last night"

Jiedyn's favorite TV show was Merlin, and he used to enjoy watching it with his Nana before she passed in 2010. He still loves it today.

Jiedyn knew his numbers, shapes, colors, patterns and more by the time he was five.

Jie did pre-school two years in a row and enjoyed it a lot more the second time.

On March 26th, 2011 Jie got invited to his first birthday. Photos here.

Jiedyn had his very first birthday party last year, a pirate hat picnic party!

Earlier this year Jie had a day off school to stand  up for something he believed in.

And last month Jie performed in front of his school. Check this out.

Jiedyn has come along way. He has manners, shows respect, loves Jesus, has a handful of really good friends, looks out for his sister and is always willing to help others. I have a three way (parent-student and teacher) interview tomorrow and actually look forward to it.

In just two days time Jie will be seven and the chapter of being six will close and a new page will open. I only hope that he'll continue to be my seventh heaven.
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Saturday, 24 November 2012

A [Mum] and [Son] day..

Milkshakes made the best late breakfast!

Reading and playing is how we roll..

Maccas made the best dinner..

before Jie was out-of-control.

But one thing we do know
this Mum and her son..
Chocolate, Skittles and Merlin
are things that will make our Saturday night fun!
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Friday, 23 November 2012

Jiedyn's last Friday of being 6ix.

The Kazoos on play..
Board games 'til bed..
Fish 'n Chips for tea..
and Pepsi Max too..

..and best of all one-on-one time with Mum!

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Thursday, 22 November 2012

One Picture of yourself.

Me, Me, Me-Me-Me!

So I hope you have enjoyed the journey with me doing the 

with me! I'd highly recommend you try it yourselves! 

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Our Family Advent 2012

This is what Our Family Advent Calender looks like for 2012 including bible verses, Family Activities, Craft and Hymns to do and listen to every day! I did this all in a matter of an hour so it's not too late to get yours done too.. I'm now that extra bit excited about December knowing that every day I will be spending time with my kids in learning a celebrating our wonderful King of Kings. Bring on the Holidays I say..

Last year's Christmas Tree
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Two Songs.

Two songs I can't get out of my head ever are..


Click on the titles and watch them at your own risk..

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Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Three Films.

The last three movies I downloaded were..

The Grace Card


Out of the three I highly recommend you see The Grace Card!

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Monday, 19 November 2012

From the bowls of Bacchus Marsh

A yummy banana split with fresh local picked Strawberries! 

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Four Books.

Okay so this one is easy! Four books. Let me split these up though. Two of my most favorite books and the last two books I brought. Books are big in our home, I read daily to the kids and Jie reads daily to me. We don't have a big book collection but the few books we have are in Nevaeh's room because she is our little book worm.

the two books I love are..
Redeeming Love
by Francine Rivers
Water For Elephants
by Sara Gruen

And the last two books I brought were.. 
by Mary Pope Osborne
by David C Cook

Each of these books are unlike the other. The two I recently brought are for Jiedyn's birthday next week. The Action bible will be his first ever bible to love and treasure and the Magic Tree House series are easy to read chapter books that I just know he will fall in love with. 

Do you remember your first book or bible? Tell us about it and join in the 

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Sunday, 18 November 2012

Best Friends Day 2012

Today our Church {Enjoy Church West} celebrated Best Friends Day!
After a dreadful week of the flue and asthma taking over our home it was exactly what we needed.
Jiedyn and Nevaeh love Kidmania and that they can enjoy it every week with friends - best friends!
I love our snr Pastor Shane Baxter's way of delivering his message and most of all the worship!
Today's message was on Marriage with a guest panel. 
It was everything I needed to hear and I learnt a lot about myself.
After Church I nicked into the bookshop to buy Jie his very first bible to give him on his 7th Birthday.
Penny and I agreed that we weren't ready to go home and planned chips at Hannah Watts Park.
It was so good to see the kids being kids.
Chasing ducks, helping each other, taking turns and enjoying they're time together.
Even Penny and I played on the equipment!
Such fun..

Sunday's have turned into my favorite day of the week!
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Five Foods.

So lets not just say "five foods", lets say five essential foods. Foods on my shopping list every week. Foods that the kids and I eat reguarly. Let say these..

Nutri Grain
Chicken Breast 

I know, not so exciting on they're own but there they are!

This post has been part of the

What are the first five foods you put on your weekly shopping list apart from the obvious?
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Saturday, 17 November 2012

Six Places.

So for this one I thought I wouldn't bore you with just any 'ol places, but with places that mean something to me. Places I love and would love to show my kids one day. All these places are in Australia as I have never left this amazing country, in no particular order we have..

Glass House Mountains National Park, Queensland

Mutton Bird Island - Coffs Harbour, New South Whales

Jackson's View - Drouin, Victoria.

Little Yarra River - Yarra Junction, Victoria

South Bank - Brisbane Australia
Great Keppel Island, Queensland
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Friday, 16 November 2012

Seven Wants.

As a mother it's strange that your wants are generally matched with your needs. What you need is usually what we want. We're selfless like that. Most of my most precious wants are under the Check List heading above, but aside from those..

I want..

A world without poverty, a world that we can all stand proud in together.

Fresh water for all, it's still so hard to believe that there are still people in the world without clean drinking water.

My kids to go to university. To be successful and enjoy life.

The free way, a life without money.

My friends and family saved.


To be able to speak openly about Jesus anytime I want, without feeling judged.

Have you done the
I'd love to see the bigger picture of you heart so why not join in?
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Eight Fears.

 Living alone had its advantages, but my fears far outweigh them..

I Fear..

That while putting the bin out someone can walk into my home.

Suffocation. It used to haunt me a lot more while my kids were younger.

My kids not having good wholesome role models and family.

The unpredictability of life and death.

Driving, but mainly being responsible for two other lives.

That I'm not good at being a Mum and sometimes resemble my Mum.

Death, because my kids have no one else and would be split up.

Leaving my kids on their own for more that 5-10 minutes. I would be lost without even one of them.

I'm up to day 3, come join in the

What scares you most when your on your own?
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Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Nine Loves.

I really am a simple girl. I look at how the world promotes girls my age on billboards and in movies and it sickens me how much is fake.  Even music videos and lyrics have gotten outrageous. Whatever happen to wearing what you like and not being judged? Or pulling out those really old second hand pair of overalls at the back of your wardrobe? I don't know about you but I just love being me. Sometimes it's hard to live up to my role as a mum, a daughter, a wife, a christian or even a woman in society but here are 8 of my loves..

 I love..

  1. The wind in my hair when I go for long drives.
  2. The person I can be when no-one is watching.
  3. Eating my dinner at a table my kids set out.
  4. Listening to prayers.
  5. My neighbors who have never judged me.
  6. Scented candles.
  7. People.
  8. Living and breathing country.
  9. Feeling loved..
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What do you love most about me?
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Ten Secrets.

One thing you might or might not know about me already is that I don't hold back with my life situations. I post a lot of my thoughts and feelings on my twitter and so everyone can get to know me and gets a feel for the real me. I don't have any dark secrets, I have dealt with certain areas in my life I kept from people in my adolescents and will be flashing back on Fridays here on my blog to times and places which had an impact on me. This is not only for my readers but so that my kids have a better understanding of who their Mummy really is and was. Sort of like, family history. But here are a few I thought of here on the spot..

  1. I cannot watch scary movies alone. Sometimes even CSI scares me.
  2. I perfer videos over DVD's. I'm sure I'm not the only one..?
  3. I drink wine almost every weekend, it takes the edge off.
  4. I plan on stealing my Dad's secret recipe to chow mein one day..
  5. I'm not a very good blog follower. Unless the title or photo catches my eye I don't click in.
  6. I don't own a pair of runners.
  7. I still call bathers - togs.
  8. When I am stressed I eat. Usually late at night when things weigh heavy on my mind.
  9. I have four real friends. 
  10. I get lonely, which may be another reason I blog.
This is my first post of the

come join me..
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Monday, 12 November 2012

She makes my heart sing..

Today was like no other I have spent with my sweet little girl.
Nevaeh wanted to talk about Jesus - All day.

It started with her seeing my bible and her wanting me to read it.
So I did..

Then she didn't want to watch a movie (odd for her) instead wanting to worship
So we did..

Tonight she said a prayer that left me speechless :
Dear God, Thank you for dinner and please help me to be a good girl because I don't want to be naughty or nasty anymore. -Amen
She is an amazing little girl with God in her heart today.

She is always changing especially now that everything around her has changed.

But this change in her is by far the best!

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Saturday, 10 November 2012

10.11.12 Family Fun!

Today Jie and I had a wonderful time at the family fun day in Deer Park with the Shilling Family! The day was amazingly put together by the Living Springs Baptist Church in Deer Park. The kids running free all day in the fresh air was almost as good as the pure hearted christian families we shared it with!! And best of all, it was totally FREE! I don't know about you, but I love free..

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The real Machine Gun Preacher..

Was at Enjoy Church in Australia!
And I cannot believe I was there..
If you have not heard about this man click here..
He is inspirational and admirable!!

Numbers 6:24 May the lord bless you and keep you..

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Friday, 9 November 2012

Too little for a backpack!

She is too small for a sleeping bag and too little for a backpack, but my little treasure is on her way to her Daddies place for a sleepover. She has never been away from home without her brother or me, ever, so this is yet another first for her. 

A month after Matt left, I made an effort to arrange for her to visit her Dad. We agreed on every Tuesday for four hours and every second weekend, Friday until Sunday. I wanted to do this to add structure and routine for Nevaeh (who was wanting him to come home and was asking for him every few hours) but it was also suggested when speaking to DHS as a way to improve her behavior since the split.

This is a massive step for her today so I really hope she has a lot of fun and the two spend some good bonding time together. She loves her father so at least I know there will be a lot of smiles.

In her bag, along side her clothes, she packed her hair spray, hair brush, toothbrush, two books to read before bed and on leaving she also took her puppy Ralphy (as seen in this picture and this post) as well as her pram.

See you in two weeks Mum! 

She shouted from the back seat as they drove away..

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Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Wordless Wednesday: Dinner

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Tuesday, 6 November 2012

The Melbourne Cup 2012

Jie watched the race from the confort of the back room with his paper in front of him.
 <-- My horse
 <-- My back up
 <-- Jie's pick
 <-- Dad and Nevaeh's pick

None of us even got close to winning this year... 
But there is always next year, next year..
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