Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Ten Secrets.

One thing you might or might not know about me already is that I don't hold back with my life situations. I post a lot of my thoughts and feelings on my twitter and so everyone can get to know me and gets a feel for the real me. I don't have any dark secrets, I have dealt with certain areas in my life I kept from people in my adolescents and will be flashing back on Fridays here on my blog to times and places which had an impact on me. This is not only for my readers but so that my kids have a better understanding of who their Mummy really is and was. Sort of like, family history. But here are a few I thought of here on the spot..

  1. I cannot watch scary movies alone. Sometimes even CSI scares me.
  2. I perfer videos over DVD's. I'm sure I'm not the only one..?
  3. I drink wine almost every weekend, it takes the edge off.
  4. I plan on stealing my Dad's secret recipe to chow mein one day..
  5. I'm not a very good blog follower. Unless the title or photo catches my eye I don't click in.
  6. I don't own a pair of runners.
  7. I still call bathers - togs.
  8. When I am stressed I eat. Usually late at night when things weigh heavy on my mind.
  9. I have four real friends. 
  10. I get lonely, which may be another reason I blog.
This is my first post of the

come join me..

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Two Rivers Retreat said...

Barring stealing your dad's recipe and calling brothers togs, sounds about par. What is exceptional is that you have 4 people in your life whom you can call friends, which places you above average, and I'm a little jealous )
Best wishes for a lovely week.
Not sure who I post as these days Nashvegasgal or Teressa.
See ya 'round.

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