Sunday, 18 November 2012

Best Friends Day 2012

Today our Church {Enjoy Church West} celebrated Best Friends Day!
After a dreadful week of the flue and asthma taking over our home it was exactly what we needed.
Jiedyn and Nevaeh love Kidmania and that they can enjoy it every week with friends - best friends!
I love our snr Pastor Shane Baxter's way of delivering his message and most of all the worship!
Today's message was on Marriage with a guest panel. 
It was everything I needed to hear and I learnt a lot about myself.
After Church I nicked into the bookshop to buy Jie his very first bible to give him on his 7th Birthday.
Penny and I agreed that we weren't ready to go home and planned chips at Hannah Watts Park.
It was so good to see the kids being kids.
Chasing ducks, helping each other, taking turns and enjoying they're time together.
Even Penny and I played on the equipment!
Such fun..

Sunday's have turned into my favorite day of the week!

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