Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Jiedyn's School Report

 Today is Jie's last day of being six, and what better way to spend it than to show me around his classroom at all the hard work he'd been doing this year. Being a student at Bacchus Marsh Primary, Victoria's oldest school, Jie has made countless friends, learnt to be brave with the bigger personalities in his class and has repeatedly shown great work ethic. On Jie's report he is at the top end of grade prep level in all of his subjects including Art, Health and Physical Education, Interpersonal Development, English and is at a grade 1 level Math.  He loves working with numbers and practices his writing every chance he gets at home. He loves learning Chinese and enjoys PE. Jie's teacher, Renae, had this to say about him:
Jiedyn has made pleasing progress during his first year at school. He is a friendly, happy student who works at completing tasks to the best of his ability. Jiedyn has become a valuable class member because he generally cares for his friends. Well done on a great year in Prep Jie. All the best for grade 1!
There is no greater joy than to see your child not only thriving, but thriving well. Jie is very self sufficient when it comes to school. He is eagar to grow up and be a "big boy". Although this year he has endured a lot of issues within our home environment, he has not let it effect his schooling. Renae said that he always comes to school with a smile and an eagerness to learn. She said if I hadn't have told her about the issues going on at home she would not have known because he has not changed at school. I was delighted to hear that because that was one of my biggest concerns. Jie is really an awesome son and I'm so super proud of his achievements at school this year. I'm so honored to be his Mummy.

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