Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Nine Loves.

I really am a simple girl. I look at how the world promotes girls my age on billboards and in movies and it sickens me how much is fake.  Even music videos and lyrics have gotten outrageous. Whatever happen to wearing what you like and not being judged? Or pulling out those really old second hand pair of overalls at the back of your wardrobe? I don't know about you but I just love being me. Sometimes it's hard to live up to my role as a mum, a daughter, a wife, a christian or even a woman in society but here are 8 of my loves..

 I love..

  1. The wind in my hair when I go for long drives.
  2. The person I can be when no-one is watching.
  3. Eating my dinner at a table my kids set out.
  4. Listening to prayers.
  5. My neighbors who have never judged me.
  6. Scented candles.
  7. People.
  8. Living and breathing country.
  9. Feeling loved..
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What do you love most about me?

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Surinder Singh Darvesh said...

Melissa, why be a pessimist ? It is difficult to be yourself in this age of brand culture and consumerism.Please don't loose heart and never judge yourself by the standards of these two demons.It is alright if you just do your best in every situation.

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