Thursday, 29 November 2012


Jiedyn is experiencing a birthday like none he has ever had before. He is spending it with people he spends most of his days with, people who love being around him, who give him gifts almost every other day, who makehim feel special and most of all treasured . Jie is spending his 7th birthday at school with his besties Jess and Kaitlyn.

Jess has been a big part of Jiedyn's first year of school experience. They have been best friends right from the start. His teacher knows that wherever one is, the other is never far behind. Kaitlyn {on the far right} is also an amazing friend to Jie. These three are always together, always laughing, always joking around and having fun. I am so thankful to these girls because without them Jie's days at school would not be what they are today!

Today, as a special treat for Jies birthday I went to the school and shouted his whole class a yummy chocolate paddle pop!

It was worth the smiles..

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~Nikki~ said...

What a great memory. Happy Birthday Jie

Nuru Nyambura Ngugi said...

Happy birthday to Jiedyn.
May he grow up to be and to achieve everything that God created him for.

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