Monday, 5 November 2012

Old Fashioned Fun!

 Today the kids and I traded in the TV for a good game of Kick Ball in Poppies driveway.

Jiedyn was a magnificent kicker kicking the ball high over the fence three times.

Nevaeh was amazing at bowling, often rolling Jie out on her first bowl.

It was so good to find something we could all do for the afternoon.

A bin and a ball had us all enjoying each others company.

But when we were done..  ABC3 won..

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Nuru Nyambura Ngugi said...

Good fun. Physical activity is always more refreshing and wholesome than watching TV.

Michelle Vintagecobweb said...

Hi Melissa

Nothing like a bit of fresh air and some physical activity to brush the cobwebs away and spend some quality time with family.

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