Wednesday, 8 May 2013

The Little Sponges Program

Today there is a new program in town. 
It's called "Little Sponges"
It's an eight week program encouraging littlies to come together on a Wednesday.
Our children are watched by two childcare workers and get loads of attention, stimulation and free play all while your in the next building cooking dinner to take home after the session.
Nevaeh absolutely had a blast pretending, and painting, and playing with play-doh, and reading, and, and.. Well you get the point. 
I made vegetarian "sausage" rolls to take home. 
When I went to sign little Miss out, she didn't want to leave.
As I walked in the door she was listening to a book. She was way too busy getting lost in it to notice me.
We sat down and ate lunch together and talked about all the wonderful things she had done.
Her favorites were catching fish and playing in the sand.
The best part of the whole day for me was that it was all 100% FREE!
From the taxi to and from Darley to the childcare itself..
I urge you, if you know anyone in the area with littlies looking to get out once a week please give them these details so that they too can enjoy what I had the privilege to today.

Little Sponges Group Program
Coordinator - Pam  [Monday-Thursday]

This was Nevaeh's first experience at a childcare centre and she loved every moment.
She got a beautiful book to take home and I got the only thing I wanted for Mothers Day this year..

Tonight both of my kids ate the veggie rolls..
I couldn't believe my eye balls!
They actually asked for more........
Thank you Pam and team for today, you guys are amazing!


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singlemumof1 said...

I love that photo of Nevaeh with her pig tails and that gorgeous grin. She looks so much like her mum. Glad you guys had a great time, and a pretty bunch of flowers to boot. Lucky you.

Momma Melly said...

Little sponges sounds like a great program! :) Love the picyures, she's a cutie!

Samantha said...

This sounds fantastic!!

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