Friday, 3 May 2013

My 1st Henna

Above this post you will see the words "Check List"
After you click on it what you will see are things I am wanting to achieve in my life.
One of those things was to get the ancient indian bodyart called Henna.
Yesterday I did this. 
Right here in our small town of Bacchus Marsh.
I loved every moment of the experience.
Here's what it looked like as it was getting done.

After having it painted on my hand I went on to do some shopping.
As I wondered through one shop after the other and people asked me a few different questions.
Did it hurt?
Does it hurt now?
How long does it last?
  The answer to the first two questions is no.
Waiting for it to dry actually feels similar to having Vicks rubbed onto your skin.
It feels like a cold peppermint feeling.
To understand what I mean you'll have to try it yourself.
But no, it didn't hurt.
And the answer to the 3rd question is that it all depends on how long you leave it on.
The design can last up to 4 weeks on the skin.
I was encouraged not to wash with water for 5 hours for it's full effect.
Best excuse not to do dishes though I did hang two loads of washing out.
Here is what it looks like now.
I loved every moment of my experience. 
I can't wait to do it again in a few weeks with a different design. 

3 replied:

Lisa Gullion said...

I have always loved Henna! it is so amazingly beautiful. I have never had it done though. I am too pale skinned that it wouldn't be a subtle design like it is on tan skin.

Ashley @ Downsizing said...

I got to your blog from the I Love my post blog hop and just started following on google friend connect. I got a henna done at a cultural fair once and my mom freaked out because she thought it was permanent!

Ashley @

Renu said...

I am happy you liked it :-) Hena is always great as its not permanent... but trust me a good artist can create some truely great designs!!!

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