Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Confessions of a Single Mum

Good morning Mumma! Did you have a good sleep? 
She asked me with the cutest little smile and runny nose..
It felt like another typical {cold} morning here at home.
Jie was still in bed, I could tell. The Wii wasn't on.
I looked at the time, Jie's bus was due in 5 minutes..
I guess I'd better get up.
Walking into the lounge room the heater was blearing.
Cockatoos were screeching outside and I hadn't yet seen the cats.
I asked little Miss where the cats were..
There it was..
The look..
Guilty as guilty can be.
Altius has paint all over him, I dont know who did it..
Drop Dead Fred I persume? I thought to myself trying not to giggle.
Honesty doesn't come natural to Nevaeh when she knows she is in trouble.
Especially when it comes to the cat incidents.
And trust me when I say.. There have been more than a hand full.
And somebody put glue all over the kitchen chairs..
My fault.
I left my pencil case on the couch last night.
Nevaeh had an anxiety attack and when I went to lay with her I fell asleep.
The scissors, glue, paint, permanent marker's, highlighters and pens were all right there in front of her.
I guess it was the paint and glue she had master plans for this morning.

Now back to the cat.
The now blue and red cat didn't have just a little bit of paint on him.
It was glugged on him and drooping and dripping off him.
I couldn't leave the house without washing him.

I filled up the trough in the laundry.
With one had I held his two front feet.
With the other hand I starting rinsing the paint off him.
The more paint dropping off of him, the more the the water turned purple.
By the time most of the paint was off him and in the water I was pretty much rinsing him purple.

I refilled the trough still holding our precious cat who was putting up a good fight.
The plug scared him and the cup hitting the sides as I filled it again and again made him nervous.
I tried my best to sooth him but he was not liking this experience one bit.
Putting him on the towel and drying him was easy.
I think he gave up the fight by that point and I was able to dry him as much as I could.
I popped the towels in the washing machine
and let him go and find a nice place in the sun to dry and stay warm.
He did.
But his stares since have been nasty.

By this time Jie was an hour late.
Breakfast, lunches and drink bottles had been prepared when..
I flooded the laundry.
I left the bloody plug in the trough and now there was water everywhere.
With no time to waste I grabbed the closest towel and started wiping the water up and ringing it out.
The taxi was due in 10 minutes..
I didn't have time to mop it all up.
Jie still needed to read his reader and we all had to put our shoes on.

With no time to spare we got Jie to school.
The laundry floor got a thorough rinse and clean.
and Altius dried, and is now lovely and soft..
 Ah, the behind-the scene fun of a single Mum..

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singlemumof1 said...

Well that's one way to wake up in the morning...

I now understand why the hindu goddess Durga had so many arms, she must have been a mum. You bloody well need to grow an extra set with every new child you have. I hope the rest of your day went a little smoother...

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