Monday, 6 May 2013

Saturday Morning Fun

Saturday just gone Jie had Karate pracise.
We got there an hour early so we played at the park together.
It was a great chance for both of the kids to show off their skills.
Nevaeh begged me to watch her climb up a really high ladder. 
Then wanted me to catch her at the bottom of the slide.
Jiedyn showed me how he could cross the high monkey bars.
Then wanted me to push him on the flying fox.
I even got Jie to take a photo of me..
 And then I got a photo of him from my view..
 The kids sea-sawed together, 
sung together, 
laughed together 
and there were a lot of challanges thrown around such as..
Hey Jiedyn, can you do this then?
Hey Nevaeh, I bet you cant do this then..
But under all that brother and sisterly bickering.
There is nothing they wouldn't do for one another. 
Nevaeh taught Jie to swing his own swing for the first time.
Although he is her big brother there is still an apreciation for little sisters.
Especially ones with a heart like Nevaeh's.

Proud moment!

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Lisa Gullion said...

Hi Girl!! can I highjack the photo of you on the ropes?? for the blog hop features. there were only five entries so I am giving a small blip to each blog and need a pic for yours! This is such an adorable picture!

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