Tuesday, 21 May 2013

My Carabox arrived today!

 Hip Hip - Hooray!
Oh my goodness, I am feeling so loved right now. So much thought went into this box and boy were we blessed! A beautiful blogger named Samantha who blogs here.. sent to me my Cara Box. 

What is a Cara Box you ask?

Back to the exciting part for those of us who know.
Check it out..

The first thing I saw was a little message on the box itself which said "Handle with care" and some sweet little stickers. When I opened it a lovely letter was sitting on the top which I preceded to open and read. While reading my daughter already had her lips wrapped around a balloon before handing it to me all slobbery wanting me to blow it up. I did and she played as I finished reading.

In the letter it said..
I have been looking at your pinterest/blog and saw that your wanting to make a garden! So, I bought you some seeds!
Samantha not only brought me seeds, but went to all the effort of creating little packets for them..  
 With packets done so thoughtfully I dont want to tear them. But at the same time with her writing about her success I just want to rip into them! I have always wanted to have a veggie garden. I guess now I have the opportunity, thanks Sam!!

The next thing I saw was a brown paper bag. Curious as I am, I opened it to find a beautiful necklace. Sam had written about this in her letter. She brought it from her church, it was made by people in Thailand living in poverty. It truely is beautiful. I will wear it with pride..

After reaching for the brown paper bag I saw a frame and a bag of chocolates.. can you guess what I picked up first?.. The frame of course! hahaha.. Nevaeh had already opened the chocolates! Clever girl offered me one and I popped it in my mouth while reading the verse Sam had found on one of my pinterest boards and framed it with Batik and a black frame. It looks great and again so very thoughtful.
I completely love it.
Finally I saw a colorful  piece of fabric. I opened it and realized that it was the balloon cover for the already blown up balloon. I saw that I actually had to put the balloon in before blowing it up - Bummer. But what a neat idea. And best of all, he friend made it! Doesn't get more community than that! 

On a whole, I love everything! The chocolate coated apricots are almost all gone, but am putting the rest up for my sweet boy who will be home after 4pm this afternoon. Might have to occupy little Miss all the more now that there is chocolate in the house. 

Thanks Sam! You did a wonderful job at representing you, the place you live and your family!

Blessings to you beautiful!

2 replied:

Samantha said...

I'm so glad you like it! It was such a joy to create :)

Katy_Potaty said...

What a gorgeous box, Samantha. So full of love and personality.

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