Sunday, 30 September 2012

School Holiday Dress Ups!

Jiedyn as..
The Hulk!

Toby as..


 And Jacob as..


..:: MY HEROES ::..

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Thursday, 27 September 2012

Three Days, Two Nights..

 Day 1
 We set off for a small adventure to my brothers house in Ballarat.
Two buses and a train later we arrived excited and ready for some fun!
The kids played out the back before dinner.
Nevaeh lost her shoe in the massive backyard of waist high grass.
It was awesome to see them so free and just being kids!
For dinner we ordered fish 'n chips and the kids went to bed early.
They were exhausted from the train trip!
Allan, Meagan and I stayed up until 3am talking and messing around.
It was exactly what I needed.

Day 2.

Day two started at 7am!
The kids woke up and had breakfast, cheese on toast.
All day the kids we're snacking and being spoilt by they're Uncle.
After pies for lunch we headed out side to play hide and seek.
Before dinner my brother and the kids baked a cake.
After that we played four square.
They ate all of they're chicken, chips and gravy for a piece after dinner!
The kids went to bed after big brother.
I took advantage of my brothers spa after watching big brother and cleaning up after tea.
Accompanied by bubbly and chocolate!
I fell asleep feeling so relaxed before 10pm.
Allan stayed up installing game-droid onto my phone so I could play Mario.

Day 3.

Kids were up at first light.
They couldn't wait to get outside and play and did so straight after breakfast.
Yoga came on the telly and both the kids were soon copying!
After yoga came milkshakes!!
We left around lunchtime for the trip home.
Because Nevaeh lost her shoes, she scored a new pair from Big W.
I got a little crazy in Big W buying the kids clothes, shoes and toys!
For the train ride home the kids got a special treat..
Chewing Gum!!

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Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Self Serve Pasta For My Fussy Boy..

Jiedyn is six year old and has always has been my fussy eater.

Mince, Rice and veggies have never been touched no matter what dish they're put into. Rissolls, Pasta and Fried Rice are all dishes I I love but tend to avoid when meal planning for the week.

Last weekend I watched the box set of Supernanny to find new ways to cope with my strong spirited three year old but not only has it helped me bring schedule, structure and routine to our home, It has also allowed me to get on top of bedtime, behaviour in public and eating issues I have struggled with up until this point with both of the kids.

Using the "Good Eating Technique" last night was a massive success. Rissolls, Mashed Potato, Mixed Veggies and Corn on the Cob was for tea and by simply counting bites, encouraging the kids and getting excited with every mouthful was all worth the sight of an empty plate and knowing my kids had full bellies.

It was so encouraging in fact, that I decided to try the nightmare food tonight!!

 Just me saying that we're having pasta starts off the moans and groans. Up until this point every time we've had pasta Jie ends up only eating pasta with melted cheese. Tonight I made a "Self Serve" night of the most undesired dish - ever. With a lot of encouragement check him out!

Nevaeh struggles to stay put in her seat at dinner time but with me getting excited at every bite Jie was taking tonight she actually wanted to sit and eat. I use the age-per-mouthful-before-leaving-the-table-technique with her and it works a treat. She has always been a good eater, eats anything without hesitation but its just the sitting and staying at the table that she has trouble with.

Not tonight!

If you haven't checked out the Supernanny DVD's I would highly recommend them.. I just borrowed the box set from the local DVD shop and trust me when I say - It's the best thing I have ever done!
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Splish, Splosh, Splash!

It seems that the most fun Nevaeh and have together is while picking Jie up from the bus stop in the afternoons. Yesterday, come 3 o'clock, the rains came and instead of trying to fight Nevaeh to stay off the wet grass, out of the mud and out of the puddles I embraced the opportunity have Nevaeh pull on her gum boots and step in them all!

The best puddles seemed to be on the side of our road and so it wasn't much fun until I allowed her to jump around in a few while there were no cars around. When we got home she stripped at the door and said. 
Thanks for letting me jump in the puddles Mum! 
Makes the rinsing, scrubbing, washing and drying of her bottoms worthwhile! 
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Monday, 17 September 2012

A Whoomping Willow?

Nevaeh bird watching while waiting for Jie's bus this afternoon.

The tree across from Jie's bus stop that I convinced the kids was the flesh eating Whoomping Willow Tree out of Harry Potter.

Months of fun came to an end today when the kids climbed it!
I guess I can't fool these kids as well as I used to..
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Friday, 14 September 2012

Kiss and Make-Up!

Nevaeh, since our girls weekend, has taken a liking to Make-Up. I think its cute and so I brought her a childrens beauty pack from the local store.

Today we sat in front of her dresser mirror and beautified each other. Nevaeh, I discovered today is a lips girl. She mixed lipgloss, sparkles and eye shadow to make a shiny blue lip stick. After applying it thickly onto my lips this came out of hers..

You look amazing Mummy, you look like me, like a princess! 

I'm absolutely loving the time I can spend with her at the moment. And I think I treasure it more knowing that once she is in school I'll hardly see her like I do Jie. 

Stamping and Baking is on the to-do list this afternoon.. Check out our Facebook or Twitter to see photos of the fun we're having later..
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Thursday, 13 September 2012

Routine, Structure, Discipline..

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Monday, 10 September 2012

Saturday night with ZoZo!

Yeah we gon' ride, ride, ride, on a Saturday night
       All the girls they just hatin' because they know we that tight
            Bout to get it poppin, bout to take a spotlight
                 So we ride, we ride, on this Saturday night..

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Saturday, 8 September 2012

International Literacy Day 2012

Because it's International Literacy Day today I thought I would share a fairly new - but genius addition to our nightly routine.

Jiedyn, 7, is in grade prep at school this year and is doing extremely well in Maths. Everything he's brought home these past few weeks has some sort of maths sums scribbled on it and on weekends I find him counting anything he can.

When it comes to reading Jie gets bored rather easily. I am constantly trying to create ways to make sight words fun and get him to enjoy reading. But him being a perfectionist does not help and adds to the stress of thinking he can't do it resulting in a major shutdown at least three nights a week.

Also, upon starting school and all through kinder, Jiedyn developed an american accent. I brought a couple of first word DVD's when he was 2 to broaden his vocabulary which resulted in him rolling his R's and sounding very american. A nurse come to his school recently and called me in regards to his accent and said that I needed to organize a plan with his teacher to be provided ways to correct his speech. Honestly I didn't see what the big deal was, so my son has an accent.. Who's it hurting?

I found this website called Literacy Planet while looking at the department of education website and instantly called Jie to sit and try it with me. Jie and I spent about an hour using the websites "Trial Mode" and I couldn't fault it. Jie wanted to play longer and if given the choice wouldn't have eaten his dinner that night to do so.

I spoke to my husband about paying the $10 a month for the full version and found it rather easy to talk him into it with the massive amount of features this site offered.

Within a week Jie was running home after school and would complete his chores to gain permission to use the program and discover new things to do within the limited time he had.

I believe in this site so much that I have even spoken to a few teachers about the program and am setting up an appointment to speak to Jiedyn's school principal to recommend that it be brought up at the next school council meeting.

My son is benefiting so much from this amazing site that any chance I get I bring it up to family, friends, neighbors and strangers!!

Today, being International Literacy Day, get on the site with your child and have a bit of fun!

That's what we're doing today!!
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Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Strong Wind & A Bee Sting

There I was, standing at the front door waving and saying good bye to my Jie, when out of no where the wind blew something onto my shoulder. I flicked it off and realized it was a bee. Then came the big sting.. 

I tried to yell out to Matt on the other side of the road, but the wind carried my voice away. I went inside and tried for five whole minutes to get the stinger out. These useless bloody nails didn't help one bit.

I finally got it out and put it in a tissue to show Matt later. Talk about YOUCHIES!

Nevaeh came over while I was sitting on the couch oblivious to what had happened. She saw the balloon on my shoulder and worryingly said..
Did a shark bite you Mum? -to which made us both have a good giggle!
So today I'm embracing spring with strong wind and a bee sting!!
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Money Spending..

Look at that toothless Grin!
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Sunday, 2 September 2012

Fathers Day 2012

Two breakfasts for their Daddy..
Our fist family photos since 2009..
Nevaeh and Matt having lunch with Poppy Leon..
Jie and I meeting my Dad/Pop at the G to watch the footy..
then home for a roast Pork for Tea!

Beautiful day for some sensational moments!
embracing spring
my Daddio
MCG playground fun

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Saturday, 1 September 2012

Oh No! Not The F Bomb..

Let me start off by saying - MY FAULT.

Jiedyn never said the F word, but when he was Nevaeh's age, when he would drop a toy, he would say shit. It was kind of humorous the first time we heard it but the second, third, forth.. times we're not so humorous! He learnt young that swearing will only get you into trouble..

Today while the kids were in the couch, Nevaeh went to pull some blanket over and left Jie bare at the other end. So jie pulled the blanket back leaving nevaeh bare.. This time, when Nevaeh pulled the blanket it wouldn't move. Jiedyn had wrapped it around himself preventing her from pulling it.
"Give me some F'n Blanket Jie!"
I stood there stunned for a moment before telling her off in a firm voice and correcting her with what she should have said. It didn't seem to work because about an hour later while Matt and I were laying on the bed talking, little miss 3 jumps between us and says says..

Move your F'n arm Dad!
 Two in one day is more than I can deal with.. But puts into perspective just how much of a sponge kids really are! Matt and I have promised to keep the swearing under wraps. We both agree it's better for ou kids if we set a good example.

Do you have an F Bomb story? Do tell.. #FBomb
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