Saturday, 1 September 2012

Oh No! Not The F Bomb..

Let me start off by saying - MY FAULT.

Jiedyn never said the F word, but when he was Nevaeh's age, when he would drop a toy, he would say shit. It was kind of humorous the first time we heard it but the second, third, forth.. times we're not so humorous! He learnt young that swearing will only get you into trouble..

Today while the kids were in the couch, Nevaeh went to pull some blanket over and left Jie bare at the other end. So jie pulled the blanket back leaving nevaeh bare.. This time, when Nevaeh pulled the blanket it wouldn't move. Jiedyn had wrapped it around himself preventing her from pulling it.
"Give me some F'n Blanket Jie!"
I stood there stunned for a moment before telling her off in a firm voice and correcting her with what she should have said. It didn't seem to work because about an hour later while Matt and I were laying on the bed talking, little miss 3 jumps between us and says says..

Move your F'n arm Dad!
 Two in one day is more than I can deal with.. But puts into perspective just how much of a sponge kids really are! Matt and I have promised to keep the swearing under wraps. We both agree it's better for ou kids if we set a good example.

Do you have an F Bomb story? Do tell.. #FBomb

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Michelle (VINTAGECOBWEB) said...

I can remember my Mother telling me that I used the FBomb when I was very young after hearing the next door neighbour using it, that would be about 50 years ago and it just got me thinking about how long that word has been around for.

Anonymous said...

Oh dear, I imagine that was pretty awful to hear! My daughter called someone an arsehole a few weeks ago, in front of my mum. That was embarrassing!!

Anonymous said...

It sounds really cute at first but once they over do it oh my. My youngest uses the f word and the a word alot. An believe me it's so embarrassing once they used it in public. hopefully he will soon stop saying them. cause i have put him in timeout and it hasn't work. =(

Brittney Staton said...

My Daughter says Sh!t quite a bit. It started after my fiancee came home form work one night and said "Babe, Hand me a wipe, she smells like sh!t." To which Lili repeated "Sh!t??" and hasn't stopped since. Most of the time tho she is trying to say Fish or Sit and it comes out as the other word. One time we were going thru Wal-Mart, and went by the fish tanks and she proceeded to scream Sh!t!! Over and over again at the top of her lungs. She was obviously saying fish, but that didn't keep the old lady standing on the cat food isle from looking at me like I was the worst mother of the year!

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