Friday, 14 September 2012

Kiss and Make-Up!

Nevaeh, since our girls weekend, has taken a liking to Make-Up. I think its cute and so I brought her a childrens beauty pack from the local store.

Today we sat in front of her dresser mirror and beautified each other. Nevaeh, I discovered today is a lips girl. She mixed lipgloss, sparkles and eye shadow to make a shiny blue lip stick. After applying it thickly onto my lips this came out of hers..

You look amazing Mummy, you look like me, like a princess! 

I'm absolutely loving the time I can spend with her at the moment. And I think I treasure it more knowing that once she is in school I'll hardly see her like I do Jie. 

Stamping and Baking is on the to-do list this afternoon.. Check out our Facebook or Twitter to see photos of the fun we're having later..

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Mireille said...

so cute:)

my2preciousboys said...


Tina B said...

My daughter is getting into lip gloss and glittery tattoos. I love that she is finally embracing her girly side. I have tried to do the same to encourage her..

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