Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Strong Wind & A Bee Sting

There I was, standing at the front door waving and saying good bye to my Jie, when out of no where the wind blew something onto my shoulder. I flicked it off and realized it was a bee. Then came the big sting.. 

I tried to yell out to Matt on the other side of the road, but the wind carried my voice away. I went inside and tried for five whole minutes to get the stinger out. These useless bloody nails didn't help one bit.

I finally got it out and put it in a tissue to show Matt later. Talk about YOUCHIES!

Nevaeh came over while I was sitting on the couch oblivious to what had happened. She saw the balloon on my shoulder and worryingly said..
Did a shark bite you Mum? -to which made us both have a good giggle!
So today I'm embracing spring with strong wind and a bee sting!!

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Stephanie Jones said...

Ewwww. Well, at least you're not allergic!

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