Monday, 31 August 2015

A joyful night out..

As your all aware by now, I have been caring for my niece and nephew since July. With two extra children in the house as you can imagine things have taken a little time to come together. We've had to get used to each others personalities and have had to share our hearts and our home. My niece and nephew have had to get used to the rules, routine and structured lifestyle we have here. And while there have been no major issues I find them all craving my attention and affection constantly and show it in different ways.

During the day Justine, my 3yo niece, never leaves my side. She has to be beside me or on me. She is never far from the door when I have a shower and I find myself having to constantly entertain her just as I did with Nevaeh when she was her age. 

Hiram whom is 8yo loves hugs and is always looking to wow me. He wants to constantly impress me with his paper planes and homework books, with eating all of his dinner and showing me tricks on the trampoline. He loves hearing how amazing and wonderful he is. Which he is.. 

Jiedyn, my eldest son is getting used to sharing his room. Jie has never had to share his room and has always been precious with his belongings. He takes pride in his things and is very responsible with his possessions. Lately he has been waking up in the middle of the night for a hot chocolate with me and some one-on-one attention. 

And while Nevaeh has been spending extra time with her father, she loves nothing more than staying awake long after the other kids go to sleep just to get back up and "chat" with me. She has always loved talking about sweet nothings but since having my niece and nephew here it has magnified her want to simply chat with her mummy. Out of all the kids she seems to be taking the change in our lifestyle the hardest. She doesn't like having to share her Mummy.

So with all that being said I thought we needed something fun to do together. 

The girls had their eye on The Wizard of Oz posters which are plastered all over town and well I knew in my heart that they just couldn't miss it.

Since the first week Justine came to me she would forever point at the TV and say "gah gah gah" in a sort of tune. And for a week and a half I had no idea what she was trying to tell me. One day she said it while sitting in front of the heater and I asked Hiram what she was talking about. He said "Oh, she wants to watch The Wizard of Oz". (well dah Aunty!) When the kids went to school and after we had breakfast and a play with the train tracks I put the video on in Jie's room. She was glued just as I was when I was younger. But one thing was for sure.. She was Oz crazy! 

Last Saturday night there was a real buss in the air as we all dressed up to head to the theatre with the tickets we pre-purchased the week before. Nevaeh who was meant to be spending the weekend with her father came home for dinner before the girls and I dressed up. We put on earrings and make-up and did our hair perfectly. The boys.. well they just waited for us. 

Here we are before we left home..

Once we got there we recognized a few familiar faces. We stood by the door ready to go inside. We took our own drinks and treats and were soon ushered to our seats in row M. Justine took the isle seat, I sat next to her and never sat by my side worrying about the wicked witch. Jie was beside her and Hiram sat at the end. The boys giggled the whole way through and whispered about things as the night went by. But it was the girls that ruined my make up. Their bright eyes, wonder and amazement shone brighter than the lights on the roof. I became overwhelmed with emotion twice, not letting them see of course, but twice tears ran down my cheeks as I watched them both. I just couldn't contain it. Every little girls dream is to go to the theatre, it was my dream too once and here were two beautiful girls completely soaking up everything the performance had to offer. I dream come true for them both..

On the way home it was raining, but no-one noticed. The boys were chatting about their favorite parts and the girls were either side of me wanting me to skip with them. We all sung the Munchkinland song and the boys had this song stuck in their head for days..

Except they pronounce it OREO as in the biscuits..

It was such a joyful night in which each of us enjoyed in different ways.

But most of all it bought the fun out in us all..

A night I'll treasure forever!

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Monday, 17 August 2015

Lunchbox Delights

If your looking for a fun way to jazz up the kids lunchboxes then here are two short and sweet recipes for you to try..

LCM Bars Cupcakes

2.5 cups rice bubbles
1/2 cup of 100's and 1000's
1.5 cups marshmallows
1/2 cup butter, plus a little extra for greasing.

 Mix rice bubbles, 100's and 1000's and marshmallows in a bowl. Pour the butter over ingredients, mixing well. Pour into greased tray and pat down. Place in fridge to set, remove, cut and serve!


 Honey Joys..

3 tablespoons of butter 
⅓ cup sugar 
1 generous tablespoon of honey 
4 cups cornflakes 

 Preheat oven 150C / 300F. Heat butter, sugar and honey in small saucepan till frothy then remove from heat. Add cornflakes and mix well. Spoon into patty cake / cupcake cases and bake for 10 minutes. Remove, and cool to set!

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Sunday, 16 August 2015

A New Bed

For just over a month now my niece and nephew have been staying with us. Justine, my three year old niece is shy but a very sweet girl. She loves Frozen, watching nursery rhymes on YouTube and is very curious and playful now that she has settled in. Nevaeh has had to get used to sharing her life with her baby cousin and at times that has been hard for her to be the big cousin as she is so used to being the baby in our family. The two of them will fight about just about anything. Who sits where at the table, in the bath, on the couch, in front of the heater the list goes on.. It's like they can't just find a happy medium and it's very exhausting being the referee sometimes. Both of the girls have walls up with each other at least 70% of the time but occasionally I find them surprising me playing happily outside or in Nevaeh's room. I constantly have to remind both of them that we love and care for each other here at home and that we're not nasty, that we play nicely together. But I find it only works best if I am there to show them how.

For the past three weeks Justine has been sleeping with her brother Hiram. Before that she slept with her sisters, my elder nieces Jeanette and Janai when they stayed here. But as of today Justine finally has her very own bed and her own space in the corner of "The Girl's Room".

To see how excited and happy she was made me teary today. I didn't realize that having a bed of her own would cause such happiness to this beautiful little girl. She could hardly get her words out as she dragged my sister into the room to show off her new bed.

The bed was given to us by a member of the community for free.
She wanted to see it go to someone in need and I guess we both won.
But the happiness and joy it bought to my home today will be forever remembered.
The day Justine got her bed..

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Wednesday, 5 August 2015

A Ninja Adventure

It all started while shopping online. 
I picked up a great bargain and had it delivered weeks ago.
I store all my kids bargains up in the linen cupboard.
It makes Christmas & Birthdays easy.
It also gives me the opportunity to surprise the kids when they're good.
This was one of those days.
Girls were playing nicely in Nevaeh's Room.
And the boys were playing board games together in the lounge.
The best they have played all week.
So on Sunday night before bed I pulled out some magic.
while the boys enjoyed this Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Shaker Maker activity..

Check these out..

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Sunday, 2 August 2015

Paper Planes

On Thursday the boys watched Paper Planes and to say they loved it is by far an understatement! They're obsessed. Friday after school my nephew Hiram wasn't well but Saturday morning I woke up to both Jie and Hiram looking up YouTube videos on how to make the best paper planes and birds..

Last night, wanting in on the fun I sat to watch the movie with them and again they were both glued (and giving away the best parts). As I sit watching they begin ripping pages out of an exercise book to fold into paper planes. 

After the movie we sat making more paper planes for what seemed like a lifetime. The boys raced them down the hallway for hours making obstacle courses and giggling the night away.

Look at these faces..

Childhood at it's best!
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