Sunday, 16 August 2015

A New Bed

For just over a month now my niece and nephew have been staying with us. Justine, my three year old niece is shy but a very sweet girl. She loves Frozen, watching nursery rhymes on YouTube and is very curious and playful now that she has settled in. Nevaeh has had to get used to sharing her life with her baby cousin and at times that has been hard for her to be the big cousin as she is so used to being the baby in our family. The two of them will fight about just about anything. Who sits where at the table, in the bath, on the couch, in front of the heater the list goes on.. It's like they can't just find a happy medium and it's very exhausting being the referee sometimes. Both of the girls have walls up with each other at least 70% of the time but occasionally I find them surprising me playing happily outside or in Nevaeh's room. I constantly have to remind both of them that we love and care for each other here at home and that we're not nasty, that we play nicely together. But I find it only works best if I am there to show them how.

For the past three weeks Justine has been sleeping with her brother Hiram. Before that she slept with her sisters, my elder nieces Jeanette and Janai when they stayed here. But as of today Justine finally has her very own bed and her own space in the corner of "The Girl's Room".

To see how excited and happy she was made me teary today. I didn't realize that having a bed of her own would cause such happiness to this beautiful little girl. She could hardly get her words out as she dragged my sister into the room to show off her new bed.

The bed was given to us by a member of the community for free.
She wanted to see it go to someone in need and I guess we both won.
But the happiness and joy it bought to my home today will be forever remembered.
The day Justine got her bed..

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