Saturday, 31 March 2012

Another Prayer Answered.

Tonight these guys are at the footy. My Dad invited Matt to go along to the Medallion Club with him at Ethiad Stadium to watch Essendon vs. North Melbourne. Matt, a mean Bomber supporter, just couldn't refuse and was so excited to get dressed up for a night out with his Father in law..

Before the wedding there was a lot of tension between the two. I thought they would never talk to each other, the week before our big day when Dad came over for dinner, there was just this awkward silence which lingered after ever conversations faded.. 

Tonight was different. When Dad got here today Matt was at his step Mum's house helping her with a few odd jobs which gave Dad and I a bit of time to have a chat. He was actually excited to be spending some time with Matt. He admitted that he has always liked Matt, he really genuinely likes him.. Just has trust issues. 

Tonight I'm again thankful to Jesus.. It comes as no surprise to some that this has been one of the things I have deeply been praying for.. My husband and my Dad in the same room at the reception was amazing.. but this, just proof that someone is looking after my heart!!

And now I have a new prayer.. 

For many many more nights like tonight!!

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Earth Hour..

31st of March 2012
8.30pm - 9.30pm

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Friday, 30 March 2012

Friends, Family and Footy!

jiedyn's & uncle al's seat

aunty zoe's fresh salad
my beetroot salad

danny and Sanjay

baby planking

danny, sanjay and aunty zoe

best friends forever


aunty zo and her happy boy
What an awesome night we had. My best friend, her family, my brother, his partner, me, my husband and our kids all in the same room to watch the first football game of the season. Us girls prepared fresh salads while the guys cooked a BBQ.. Once everyone was full we got into the game before the kids started getting tired and Zo, Saige, Danny and Sanjay had to say good bye.. The blues went on to win and a phone call to Dad, who was at the game was the highlight of the night!! It felt like a Friday night with my brother and his partner staying and us staying up all night in fits of laughter.. I may not have much of a "family" but Zoe, Allan and Meagan make up for everyone else.. Couldn't imagine my life without each of them!!
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Monday, 26 March 2012

There is a UFO on our bench!

One of the wedding gifts we got at our reception was this baby..
 Tonight we cooked a roast chicken to perfection..
If you don't have one.. Get one!
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Sunday, 25 March 2012

Gaming with Mr 6..

He had a ball all day gaming while watching Toy Story!
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Saturday, 24 March 2012

For Nevaeh's first birthday we got her ears pierced. She wore red studs for 6 months then silver sleepers. Around four months ago one of her sleepers 'got lost' and so we pulled the other one out about a month ago. Today there is a new silver shine on her little ears.. 

She loves them and cannot stop looking at herself and her ears in her dresser table mirror. 

They're precious, as is she..
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Friday, 23 March 2012

Our Wedding/Jiedyn's Naming Day

On Sunday the 18th of March 2012 at 5pm, Matthew and I shared our love and commitment with each other in front of close friends and relatives at a stunning location in Pepper-tree Park, Bacchus Marsh. It was everything I dreamed it would be with Matt not only passing his name onto me but also to my eldest son Jiedyn who he has helped raise since he came into our lives when Jie was just 2 years old. Our wedding was a wonderful success with the help and support of our close friends and a wonderful celebrant. In just three and a half weeks after becoming Matt's Fiance, there I was walking towards my husband arm-in-arm with my dear 'ol Dad. Standing before my most treasured friends and family, looking into my husbands nervous eyes, all the pre-wedding complications were far from mind.. I was nervous but excited to commit myself to be the best wife and mother I could be. Matthew wrote his own vows which made our day that extra special, but it was Matthew promising to always be there for Jiedyn that brought the tears flowing in my eyes..

Here is a mere glimpse into our picture perfect wedding..
getting ready..
Our flowers..
Mother and Son shot..
Mother and Daughter Shot..

Nervous and my last glass of Mascato as a Fletcher..
Excited after arriving at the location..
My beautiful maid of honor and flower girl..
Jiedyn's last moments as a Cooper, my page boy..
The boys, Matthew, Mark, Anthony, David and Jiedyn..
Nearly husband and wife..
Matthew promising himself to Jiedyn..
Jie and Daddy doin' the duke..
Then Poppy welcoming Jie into the Baker family with a duke of his own..
Jie watching us have our first snog as husband and wife..
After signing our wedding certificate..
Our rings..
Presenting our marriage certificate..
First poses as Mr and Mrs Matthew Baker..
and another..
Myself and my Dad..
Matthew's Mum Robyn, Matthew, me and Dad..

Matthew's step mum and Dad, Jeanine and Leon, Matthew, me and Dad..
Me and my new little sister Jessie..
All the Baker boys..
Me and my beautiful bridesmaids, Zoe, Katherine and Penny..
All of us!
**Photo's by Lauren Cameron**
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