Saturday, 10 March 2012

I promised my son a family..

Jiedyn was three when I sat him down and promised him a new family. The conversation came a few months after a second intervention order went out on his father and he didn't understand why he couldn't see his Dad anymore after a few "evaluation" visits. Jiedyn's relationship was never solid with his father, the man would come and go without any real thought in how his actions would effect his son. He would buy Jiedyn's love with gifts which were oh so good at the time but didn't fill that pain of not having a real father to look up to and learn from. Jie struggled and would pray about his Dad a lot. When he would ask why he couldn't see him I would say things like "He is not ready to be a Daddy yet" or "Once Daddy finds the help he needs to be the best daddy he can be you can see him again" I never put him down or would have negative conversations about my relationship with him in front of Jie as I think that when the time is right, his father can explain the things he did to divide our family and explain why he did them.. I let go of the past rather quickly and was now moving forward with another man soon after the break up.

Before having Nevaeh to my now fiance Matthew, Jiedyn and Matt had an awesome friendship.. Matt was everything I'd ever wanted in a man and a great father figure for Jie. His Father knew Matt before we got together and gave his approval early in our relationship and even supported the fact that when baby was born, that Jie would have two daddies. It was never hidden from him that Jie would soon after start calling Matthew "Daddy-Matt".

After Nevaeh was born Matthew relapsed into who he was before I'd met him, fracturing mine and Jiedyn's relationships, trust and love for him. Resulting in me having to let him go when Nevaeh was 2. We were apart for 11 months and I became a single Mum. Although it had it's struggles I had a lot of support around me and never stopped praying for the man who stole my heart from the first time I'd met him. 

On the 13th of January 2012 Jiedyn was so excited to have his Daddy-Matt home! Although he wasn't staying with us full time, just the fact of him being there, kicking the footy, watching movies and having a lego buddy made all the difference to my little boy and had me see how much Matt had changed and wanted to make us work again.

We wiped the slate clean, left the past in the past and were now focusing on being a Christian family and for the very first time centering God in our relationships and making him the core of who we were as individuals. 

Matthew Proposed to me on the 2oth of February and together we were baptized on the 21st!

Within a week we had half of our wedding planned and the celebrant booked in. We felt like God was telling us to marry and we embraced the situation excitedly! We have been blessed up until this point, how everything has so amazingly come together for our wedding had been phenomenal!

As part of the ceremony Matthew will dedicate himself to Jiedyn, and after a long thought process, countless prayers for Gods guidance, speaking with close friends and Matt we have decided to give Jiedyn the family he so deserves.. The family I promised him three years ago and the family he has only ever known.. On the 18th of March Matthew won't only pass his name onto me but to Jie too!  Jiedyn then will become Jiedyn Baker and will forever be accepted as Matthews son. He too will have the privilege to finally call Matt "Dad" and will never have to worry about where his Dad is because he will be right where he has always been.. beside him!

What a marvelous blessing.. Thank you LORD for the most amazing little boy, a wonderful fiance and for our forever family!

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Penny said...

I'm bawling!!!!! Great decision.

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