Sunday, 18 March 2012

The Honour, The Privilege..

Yesterday I asked to watch the Shilling blessings..
All 6 of them, was I CRAZY?
It was so good to have a distraction from the wedding jitters..
When doing a head count this is what I saw..
Three brothers on my bed!
Baby watching the birdies!
Girls making music!
and the eldests making army bases!
A bit later I was pondering what to feed these hungry kids..
It made me rethink my plans of having a big family..
Matt and I have discussed it before but hooley dooley..
What would they eat?
Today our friends and us shared a bite to eat together..
Grapes (which were demolished in 1.3seconds) 
and Noodles - Outside!

We really loved having them all here..
Each and every one of them!

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Penny said...

What a blessing you are to us Mel!!! Noodles are pretty much always an outside food here too! Haha!

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