Saturday, 31 March 2012

Another Prayer Answered.

Tonight these guys are at the footy. My Dad invited Matt to go along to the Medallion Club with him at Ethiad Stadium to watch Essendon vs. North Melbourne. Matt, a mean Bomber supporter, just couldn't refuse and was so excited to get dressed up for a night out with his Father in law..

Before the wedding there was a lot of tension between the two. I thought they would never talk to each other, the week before our big day when Dad came over for dinner, there was just this awkward silence which lingered after ever conversations faded.. 

Tonight was different. When Dad got here today Matt was at his step Mum's house helping her with a few odd jobs which gave Dad and I a bit of time to have a chat. He was actually excited to be spending some time with Matt. He admitted that he has always liked Matt, he really genuinely likes him.. Just has trust issues. 

Tonight I'm again thankful to Jesus.. It comes as no surprise to some that this has been one of the things I have deeply been praying for.. My husband and my Dad in the same room at the reception was amazing.. but this, just proof that someone is looking after my heart!!

And now I have a new prayer.. 

For many many more nights like tonight!!

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Susan Evans said...

That's wonderful that your dad and your husband are getting along! Yay!

maxwell said...

Just to wish you a blissful married life. I'm your newest follower from MBS. I'd be glad if you return the favor. Tnx!

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